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Hamptons Green Alliance attempts to achieve highest LEED certification

I was please to learn of this iniative here on Long Island, better late, than never. On cape cod, mass, the Association for the preservation of Cape Cod has been way ahead of us in terms of land use, enviormental issues, and building homes. I have be a 60 year resident of suffolk county, and I am dismayed, that a group of this nature had not been created after the publishing of "Slient Spring" in the early 60's. We are now only learning the carbon footprints, of energy use. The other thing, is where did all the people arrive to suffolk county from? Too many politicians, and greedy business owners, came here like some gold rush, and that Suffolk County was "Dodge City" and anything goes. It is only though private iniatives such as this organization, will be able to save our beautiful, island. I suggest you seek out the director of the Association for the preservation Of Cape Cod on how you may proceed. I wish as an individual I could joint your effort" Sep 24, 09 10:33 AM

Southampton Town looks to confer authority of peace officers on code officers

This is a true story, a person purchases a 3 house/cottage in
Amagasett, in the 1980's They rent the house year round to illegal immigrants who, work in the hospitality incudustry.
The owner, receives subsidies, through the Federal HUD program; the illegal renter in turns rents the 3 bedrooms, to like 20 illegal immigrants, all cash. The RENTER makes so much money, they build A home in east hampton.
Meanwhile, the homeower, contuines to rent to illegal immigrants, not considering the stress on the enviorment, WELL WATER, garbage, abandon cars. etc. Code enforcement needs to something to back it authortity up. The owner is an absentee landlord and just looks look the other way, as long as their mortgage is paid." Apr 3, 10 12:05 PM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

First, I have to response to the comment by Templer to compare Congressmen Bishop, to a pedophile, is outrageous, and sets a tone of discourse that is both disrepectful and shameful.
Given that, I had the opportunity to work for Mr. Bishop while he was the provost at Southampton College. During that time, he and his wife, devoted their life to keeping the college afloat, Mrs. Bishop developed a program for children at the college. Meanwhile, during my tenue there, he held the highest ideals and always prided himself in development of the college students who enrolled in Southampton.
Historical, before being elected, he was an passionate about the enviorment. When I was a much younger man, I remember driving down Dude Road heading west to the town beach, and you could see the ocean and the bay, today, that is no longer the case.
I am not in Congressmen's Bishop District, nor do I agree with some of his views, however I must come to his defense, when his character is being assisinated.
In regards, to the meeting that was held, I do not believe that the Congressmen was trying to avoid healthy debate, he just asking for respectfuly discourse in a in year of extreme points of view. I believe that he knows, he has a fight on his hands, and he never struck me someone who would want to coast along. I for one wish he well, if I lived in his district, I would come to his aid. With every good wish Congressmen Bishop!!" Apr 9, 10 8:06 AM

Razza, you statement about Tim Bishop keeping southampton afloat, speaks to your lack of knowledge about the Long Island University System Southampton campus was managed during Mr. Bishop's tenue as provost Please remember, the campus at the time of Mr. Bishop leadership, provided numerous employment opportunity for local resdents, It was Tim who I believe was behind the first U.S. Open golf tour in the early 80's at Shinncock Hill,resulting in an influx of tourist dollars and jobs again for the local folk.. He always had the local home grown interest, well before he became "MR. BISHOP GOES TO WASHINGTON" came to fruitation. It is Stony Brook University and the New York State System that failed to keep the college afloat.
It always been my belief, that the Southampton Campus would make an ideal location for a marine research center, similar to Woods Hole in Mass, to protect what has become a fraigle long island envioroment, we need something similar to Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod, which is far ahead on maintaing and preservering their fraigle enviorment. Personally I think you should be up toll booths at hospital road, in Patchogue, and any family that has more than one vehichle registered at one address, should get charged accordinly Of course if the vechicle is a hybrid they get a green pass or we could build a Monorail System down the suffolk part of the LIE to the east end, It would certainly ease traffic and provide jobs and most importantly, save the enviorment. Ok Ok I just need to get that off my chest, Now about the gum on my shoe.....ha!" Apr 9, 10 6:10 PM

gallery girl..... what nobody buying your paintings?the point is the character, intergrity of the man not the 70's; as far as the strangled highways, I think that still a problem out there in 2010 and beyond, you have those concerts, at Maurders, than the Hampton Classic, etc, no highway clogging
Just aside, the artist that was comission to paint the poster for the us open is from Bohemia, that is up island. Things must be tough for gallery owners/artists all the competition out there for the high end artists to make money.. Patchogue is ahead of the curve, building lofts, galleries for artists I suggest you stick the facts of your industry. I notice alot of your post(s) reflect your profession (visual) i.e. dilapidated college. the mansion, and the windmill are visual gems and someone saw the beauty in
Grey Gardens." Apr 9, 10 8:33 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

I had the opportunity to work for Mr. Bishop while he was the provost at Southampton College, I found him to be a person of intergrity, very hard working, which is still evident today. I regret that I do not live in the 1st congressional district so I may cast my vote for him. I rather have a congressman, representing the east end, that was born and raised there, than the "carpetbagger" Mr. Altschuler. Tim Bishop never struck me as a man, who exhibit "entitlement" to anything. Being native to Suffolk County myself for over 60 years, I particular would like to see Mr. Bishop focus on more enviormental and infrastruture issues affecting suffok county, that would help create long lasting jobs." Oct 21, 10 7:02 AM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

Congradulations Tim. I believe that you like any elected official, learns something new about the job, themselves and the issues, when they are re-elected. Tim has always been a hard woker, however, this time he may find "thinking outside the box" might be something to consider. (although that did in Michael Forbes) Felix Gucci, was not much of a leader. Mr. Atschler, is a carpetbagger, who tried outspend Tim to buy an election, that is a fact, the other fact, he outsource jobs, in time when working middle class are trying to hold on. Tim has to step up and brilng jobs to Long Island, something that did Randy in. Tim needs to vote so generations to come are not strapped with debt. Good luck, kid, I rather have someone homegrown to represent us and learn from your recent experience, like we all do. " Dec 9, 10 9:17 AM