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Crowd storms out of meeting at synagogue

Stop pandering to to Marc Schneier by copying the press release in which women can't push their prams! The Village of Westhampton Beach has NEVER inhibited anyone from the free exercise of their religious rights and if their religion does, they should petition that religion and not the Village of Westhampton Beach.Marc Schneier was NOT invited to speak to the congregation at St Marks... he lied... he was invited to speak at the coffee hour after services. He said in public he was invited to speak to the congregation and that lie... was not received well by those that had extended themselves, ignorant to the manipulation techniques of Marc Schneier.It's not the proposal of an eruv that has caused the controversy in the Village of Westhampton Beach it is the accusations of anti-semitism directed at anyone, including the jewish community, who questios whether an eruv is appropriate or necessary in the Village of Westhampton Beach. All of which accusations are clearly coming from directly from the leadership of the synagogue and the massive press machine that helps feed the insatiable ego of Marc Schneier.What we are all seeing is a community that recognizes that Marc Schneier has been lying about the parking at his privately owned synagogue; not living in the building permitted to be built as the Rabbi's House(now and for 8 years an illegal catering hall); using amplifiers, when they were specifically prohibited by covenant; keeping an unsightly dumpster when a dumpster was specifically prohibited and now sponsoring and facilitating illegal rentals in the Village to a transient population from Brooklyn. This stopped being about an eruv a long time ago, its about arrogance and flagrant disregard of the civil laws of the Village of Westhampton Beach.. and NOT anti-Semitism." Aug 29, 08 10:03 PM

Westhampton Free Library trailer opening delayed again

Paul Houlihan has never done anything in his life in one day! He has been a constant obstacle to forward motion on the Library project and has cost the taxpayers thousands." Sep 30, 08 9:06 AM

Westhampton Beach suggests land swap with Habitat for Humanity

Just to be clear... the Village of WHB is 2.9 square miles... has 18 police officers and spends half of its annual budget on the police department. That's EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS! The WHB Chief of police makes the same as the Vice President of the United States… the difference is the Vice President actually GOES to work… Ray Dean does not and is not accountable… when was the last time anyone did the speed limit in the Village? How many u turns did you see this summer on Main Street? We don’t need another officer we need another POLICE DEPARTMENT! This size geeographic area is manned by THREE officers successfully on a County level. Tellers true color is apparent and its BLUE." Sep 30, 08 8:53 PM

Legal opinion on eruv is likely a precursor to lawsuit

I certainly hope Mr. Bishop was taken out of context. We would still have prayer in schools if that logic prevailed, after all thousands of schools had prayers said everyday for decades. Unless I'm mistaken or the copy of the memorandum that is on the internet is not the same as the one Bishop is reading... there is simply no compelling reason for the Village to even be involved in a factional Jewish law. There are Jews that can not enter the area of an eruv, as a religious practice... what about their Constitutional Rights if there is an eruv that Jewish group would not be, by Jewish Law, permitted to use the area enclosed by the eruv." Oct 14, 08 12:31 PM

Despite scrutiny, Quiogue subdivision approved

It's time for the residents of Bridle Path to pool together and file an Article 78 action... since the Planning Board can't or won't do their job let's get the courts to make them! YOU ONLY HAVE THIRTY DAYS TO FILE AN ARTICLE 78 SO LET'S GET GOING!" Oct 29, 08 6:28 AM

PrivateerMatt... Get a map. We have all heard that technically bogus axiom during the push to get a sewer district in the Village of Westhampton Beach... and it has NOTHING to do with Quantuck it was Moniebogue… fortunately the facts are very different and there are studies by both the Suffolk County Health Department and DEC that contradict that very statement.
Lefty46… Seriously, do you believe that the construction crews that are currently working on the east end of Long Island employ locals? Try going to a construction site and speaking English… then comment.
" Oct 29, 08 4:26 PM

Group files second opinion regarding proposed religious boundary

I don't know why I'm always amazed that the reporting by the SHP always misses the major point and the actual news. Instead of playing the same tired rhetoric about wheelchairs and strollers, (which notion has been dispelled by the profound lack of facts and documentation by the Synagogue) the substance of the recent release submitted to the Village by Professor Hamilton and Bruce Rosen shines the light on perhaps the most compelling reason for the Mayor and Trustees disengage from the eruv controversy. “It is black letter law that NO government may take a position on religious law or theology, especially when there is a dispute over its meaning among adherents… There are active controversies between sects of Orthodox Jews over where eruvium are permitted by Jewish Law. Some believe that an eruv does not alleviate the burdens imposed by Jewish law, but rather leads believers to violate Jewish law. The government has NO business taking a position on either side of the eruv controversy and there is no creative interpretation of an eruv proclamation that solves it’s inherent endorsement of one set of theological beliefs”.
How could you possibly miss this AGAIN?
" Nov 11, 08 1:01 PM

Samz perhaps you should educate or acquaint your self with the facts before judging others. There is not only a group in Westhampton that objects to the eruv, they are organized and represent the vast majority of the Jews that utilize the Synagogue in the Village. While the number of Jews that do not object and would utilize the eruv can be counted on one hand and are the minions of the egotist Schneier. Have you been paying any attention to the JPOE? Do you know anything about the Village of Westhampton Beach? Obviously not. The truly shocking part of your comment is that it substantiates the fact that when ever some body raises a point that is contrary to the Schneier line the “gratuitous hatred” or anti-Semite card get played. Thank you for being so typical and transparent." Nov 12, 08 6:50 AM

drbarry and samz…
You’ve illustrated the pitfall here perfectly… if I had the time and space to explain that part of keeping the Sabbath holy is to make sacrifices and that using an eruv cheapens the Sabbath and Holidays, (it makes it look like a weekday). I again, will be someone who disagrees with the Schneier party line and must be a bigot, anti-Semitic and in my case a self-hating Jew. I think both you (if there actually are two of you and not just another shill of the Schneier minion)… make the point crystal clear… none of the non-orthodox or gentile members of the Westhampton Beach community that make up the majority of tax paying residents wants to be involved in any interpretation of any religious law, live within or near the geographic confines of any religious boundary and most important don’t want their elected civic leaders involved in any way. There are NO civic laws in the Village of Westhampton Beach that prevent “African Americans, Gay people, people with disabilities” or observant members of ANY religion from fully participating and benefiting from one of G_ds gifts… life in the Village of Westhampton Beach.

" Nov 13, 08 9:31 AM

Samz… We are in agreement… “the ferociousness and the language used is unique to Westhampton”… what you fail to acknowledge is that ALL of the ferociousness and inappropriate language has come from Marc Schneier, his minion and stooges like you. When you say “There is no Orthodox group that would oppose an eruv for Westhampton”… No one has ever demonstrated that there is an Orthodox group, other than Schneier, his minion and stooges like you that would support an eruv. We Orthodox Jews of Westhampton Beach don’t want or need an eruv! We should ALL take your advice and… “stay out of matters that… we… have no idea about.” AND we should encourage our elected civic leaders (the Mayor and Trustees or “anyone who can open or close a road”) to do so too. I do not want elected civic leaders or road closing bureaucrats deciding how we, as Jews, worship! " Nov 18, 08 1:43 PM

Samz…Your comments are actually very funny. What Schneier, his minion and his stooges like you, don’t want either the gentile population, some of the reform Jews or especially the local authorities to know, is that the largest Orthodox Hassidic sect in the world stands actively opposed to eruvium. When Sam Nussbaum made his now famous statement that he had moved from his former home to our area because it was “too Jewish” what he didn’t say is that he moved from a Satmar neighborhood… where an eruv would NOT be tolerated by either the Satmar, Bobov and Litvak members of the community. Why do you think our new Shul on Dune Road is not included in the Eruv? Why do you think the Shul is there in the first place? " Nov 19, 08 8:02 AM


Services only run from Memorial Day to Labor Day... the website will be updated in the spring." Nov 19, 08 11:33 AM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

This is just more political posturing by Bill Lindsay. Mr. Lindsay represents everything that is wrong with politics in this County. His patronage hiring practices of Brookhaven political allies exemplifies the type of politician he is. He will jump on any band wagon as long as there is media coverage. Read his County website… his position of the month selection seems to contradict his noble rhetoric… wake up 8th District! Bill Lindsey has no moral compass. We should be looking to Steve Levy for leadership here and a through and honest opinion from somebody who has proven his responsibility and concern for the taxpayers of this County." Dec 11, 08 8:55 AM

Hampton Bays man can proceed with $25 million lawsuit

Campanelli… where have we heard that name before… $25M must be the only dollar amount this firm can think of…
The only way to stop this obscene use of our Federal courts is to severely sanction the lawyers and firms that practice this type of despicable law. What this story does NOT relate is the underlying strategy. Most municipalities can not sustain (especially not in this economic environment) the costs of defending Federal actions and their insurance companies always look for a “negotiated” easy way out. The windfall for these lawyers does NOT come from winning a noble cause and protecting anyone’s civil rights (When reading their complaints it’s hard to imagine they were in law school the day that civil rights were taught) it comes when the defendant has to pay the plaintiffs legal costs… so wait for the technical mistake… even if there’s no proof of a civil rights violation… payday! And that’s what it’s all about… the money.
" Dec 18, 08 7:12 AM

Proposed code amendment targets contractors' offices

The heading on this article should read…
“Proposed code amendment targets retail business on Main Street in Westhampton Beach”.

How does this make sense? The retail businesses of the Village are all ready stressed, opening up rentals/ownership to another non-retail use is inconceivably ridiculous! We’ll have Banks, Real Estate Offices and contractors offices… should make for a nice stroll in those summer evenings. The Village Attorney should stop listening to our ethically challenged Village Planner… and the Mayor and Trustees shouldn’t listen to either!
" Jan 30, 09 7:06 AM

Developer agrees to build four homes and restore historic building in Quogue

The Village Attorney and Board should insist on Mr. Lettieri repaying ALL legal costs of the actions he filed against the Village BEFORE the Village considers a code change for him! " Apr 22, 09 5:07 PM

Westhampton Beach wants access to larger pool of tow truck operators

The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM at all of the Westhampton Beach Trustee Meetings is NOT music on Main Street or the pool of tow trucks…it’s the excess of the Police Department and the Mayors illegal actions to support and help build the feathered nest of the controversial Chief, Ray Dean. The Village of WHB is 2.9 square miles… has 15 Police Officers, proportionately enough to cover 15 square miles … more cars, boats, scooters, SUV’s and pick-up trucks than any department 10 times the land and sea area. The budget for the Police department of the Village is in excess of $3 million! The Chief, whose appointment to his position was in fact illegal, makes in excess of $200K (as a comparison the Governor of New York State made $179K last year and voluntarily returned 10% because of the economy) Chief Dean has been consistently defiant of the Trustees and on a daily basis undermines the moral of his own department. The Mayor is an Ex-Chief of Police and instead of constantly supporting excessive benefits to the Chief, in opposition to his own Board, should be supporting the tax payers of the Village! The Mayor has side tracked all questions about the contract between the Village and Ray Dean because of “negotiations” … how much more do you want to give this man, Mr. Mayor!" Apr 29, 09 9:08 AM

Westhampton Beach directs attorney to rework village music permits

The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM at all of the Westhampton Beach Trustee Meetings is NOT music on Main Street or the pool of tow trucks…it’s the excess of the Police Department and the Mayors illegal actions to support and help build the feathered nest of the controversial Chief, Ray Dean. The Village of WHB is 2.9 square miles… has 15 Police Officers, proportionately enough to cover 15 square miles … more cars, boats, scooters, SUV’s and pick-up trucks than any department 10 times the land and sea area. The budget for the Police department of the Village is in excess of $3 million! The Chief, whose appointment to his position was in fact illegal, makes in excess of $200K (as a comparison the Governor of New York State made $179K last year and voluntarily returned 10% because of the economy) Chief Dean has been consistently defiant of the Trustees and on a daily basis undermines the moral of his own department. The Mayor is an Ex-Chief of Police and instead of constantly supporting excessive benefits to the Chief, in opposition to his own Board, should be supporting the tax payers of the Village! The Mayor has side tracked all questions about the contract between the Village and Ray Dean because of “negotiations” … how much more do you want to give this man, Mr. Mayor!" Apr 29, 09 9:11 AM

Johnny… I seriously doubt you ever attend a Trustee meeting because I know everyone who does. My guess is that you are a Dean lackey or a fellow card player at the illegal Wednesday night card game. The incompetent and “Mayberry” like former Police Chief was of course our own, lying, Mayor Teller, who cost the Village $1M because of his pathological lying. Who got replaced with the unqualified Son-in-law of the then Mayor. As far as a replacement for Ray Dean, anyone of the dedicated members of the force could take his place, since he rarely goes to work, I’m certain we’d all notice the difference… maybe we would have a Chief that was available when crimes were committed and not unavailable because he’s using his unearned comp. time. Remember the Post Stop robbery and the Magic’s burglary Gordie where was Ray Dean then? $3M+ for 2.9 square miles… seriously!" Apr 30, 09 7:24 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board questioned

It’s time for the residents of the Village of Westhampton Beach to step up for Hank Tucker and Joan Levan on Election Day, June 19th. While Trustees of the Village over the past two years both Jone Levan and Hank Tucker have worked to keep the campaign promises they made to the community when last elected by; Diligently maintaining the character of the village: They’ve pushed hard and continue to pass new laws for design standards so new building projects will have to be built to the character of the neighborhood; Hank and Jone have helped get the community involved in Village government by endorsing having meetings at night so the residents could have an opportunity to participate in what transpires in Village government. This has resulted in increased community awareness and involvement. They pushed and voted for an open public forum when the synagogue wanted to erect an Eruv. Both have taken leadership roles on the Board of Trustees by being instrumental in maintaining fiscal responsibility; for the past 2 budgets by trimming and getting rid of wasteful spending, while not sacrificing services to the residents. This has resulted in two of the tightest budgets the Village has seen in decades. In the 2008-2009 budget the Tax Rate was reduced to -.27%. On the 2009-2010 budget, coming during tough economic pressures has been especially challenging because of declining revenues. Thanks to the efforts of Jone and Hank the budget was cut $394,191 in expenses even though they conservatively budgeted for anticipated declines in revenues of $324,425. Protecting our Natural Resources Joan Levan has taken over as the head of the Beautification Committee, the village looks better than it ever has. Thanks in no small measure to their efforts the Village renewed activity inlargely ignored legal problems and are close to positive legal outcomes through litigations of the asphalt plant and the concrete plant. They continue to fight and lobby for the Villages fair share of Community Preservation Funds and were able to get land preserved for the Toddler Park on Mill Road, and a community park that is in the making for Glovers Lane and finally cleaning, repairing and updating the drainage systems throughout the village that have been ignored for decades. It is RARE that political figures keep the promises made during an election, we should all show our appreciation to these two fine individuals by re-electing them on June 19th by a significant margin!" May 14, 09 10:36 AM

“Whbforever”: Common sense 101, read more than just one post to draw a conclusion and try to pay more attention to 27 East postings… since this is your FIRST and only posting… I wonder what your motivations are and who you are… you’re undoubtedly not concerned about the best for “WHBforever” since you had nothing to say about the accomplishments of our two incumbent Trustees. Perhaps you feel that ALL of the Board members should be ex-cops and that we should be spending more than $1M a square mile on our Police budget. You’re probably not even a tax payer. My apology to Mrs. Levan for the sloppy spelling error. " May 15, 09 7:55 AM

Four will vie for two seats on Westhampton Beach board

THREE COPS as Trustees of the Village of Westhampton Beach… brilliant! With a Police Department that’s responsible for $3M of the $8M Village budget. One Trustee Candidate who hosts a high dollar poker game on Wednesday nights, where the Chief of Police and former “resident” Tim Laube, plot Village politics. A second Trustee Candidate who’s the single largest headache for Village Code Enforcement and the Village Attorney and is at odds with every other merchant on Main Street. An UNQUALIFIED Chief of Police that makes more than the Vice President of the United States (and wants more I’m sure!!!) And whose appointment, by his Father-in-law, was called a “violation of Civil Service Law” by Tom Spota (Suffolk County District Attorney). A Mayor who’s pathological lying cost the Village $1M when Officer Thomas Verbeeck revealed his incompetence and out right deceit. A Deputy Mayor who can’t shoot straight, A Police Commissioner that’s a dolt… If Levan and Tucker are not re-elected… maybe the Village can sell this plot as a sitcom and reduce taxes that way!" May 21, 09 8:07 AM

sent to SHP 12/4/2000.
"I write to you as counsel for the Westhampton Village PBA. At the Request of the PBA, I have gathered documentation that strongly
suggests the transfer of Sgt. Raymond Dean (now Chief of the
Westhampton Village Police Department) was accomplished in violation
Of Civil Service Law. It also appears that Dean was advanced to the
Chief’s position improperly and in violation of Civil Service Law.
The following relevant facts strongly suggest that the actions of the
Village authorities were improper and an investigation is warranted.
It also appears that the actions of this same Village board in
Appointing Raymond Dean, who has close family ties to the Mayor, to
the position of Chief of Police was wrong, improper and very
possible, illegal. Here is what information I have received from
Southampton Town and the Village of Westhampton Beach shows:
1.In or about May 1999, the Village Board of Westhampton Beach
and it’s Mayor Strebel demanded that the then Chief of Police, Conrad
Teller, submit his resignation. Mayor Strobel and Trustee Raymond
Dean were the principal parties demanding Teller resign as Police
Chief. Dean at that time was also a Southampton Town Police Sergeant.
2.On May 5, 1999 Teller submitted his resignation leaving the
Chief’s position vacant. There was also a vacancy in the position of
Sergeant in Westhampton Beach Police Department which the Mayor, Dean
and other trustees refused to fill despite Teller’s urging for months
to fill the Sergeant’s position. There were four (4) Westhampton
Beach Police officers on the active, certified Civil Service list
available for promotion had Strebel, Raymond Dean, and the other
Village trustees wished to fill the Sergeant’s position. This left
the Police department being led by Lt. David Doyle, an eighteen (18)
year veteran of the Department with six (6) years as Lieutenant.
3.On April 6, 1999, one day after the Chief resigned, the Town
Board of the Town of Southampton at a special meeting requiring no
Prior notification adopted a resolution transferred Sgt. Raymond Dean
to the Westhampton Village Police Department. The Town resolution
And CS 150 was sent to Civil Service reporting the transfer of Sgt.
Raymond Dean to Westhampton Village.
4.At the time of this transfer Dean transferring to Westhampton
Beach as a Sergeant pursuant to the Southampton Town resolution (copy
enclosed). This transfer is illegal since, as stated above, the
Village Police had an active certified Civil Service Sergeant’s list
with four candidates, thus Dean could not by law transfer over to
Westhampton Village Police Department.
5.On April 6, 1999, immediately after the Southampton Town
Board’s special meeting, the Westhampton Village Board had a special
meeting also without notice to anyone and consented to the transfer
of Sgt. Dean to the vacant position of Sergeant in Westhampton Beach
Police Department. The Board did not canvass the eligible list of
the four (4) Westhampton Village Police Officers to see if they
wished to fill the position. The Westhampton Village resolution
clearly shows Dean transferred and was accepted as a Sergeant which
contradicts the law.
6.On the following day April 7, 1999 the Village Board of
Westhampton Beach sent a CS 150 to Civil Service certifying Dean as a
Westhampton Village Sergeant effective May 6, 1999. Incredibly, the
Mayor also certified Dean on the same day as the Police Chief also
Effective May 6, 1999. Mayor Strebel also certified that he had
Requested and canvassed the eligible list for all competitive
positions. He did not do so, as he did not canvass the four (4)
officers on the active list for sergeant and did not canvass then Lt.
Doyle for the Chief’s position.
7.On April 8th Mayor Strebel, learning that two (2) of the
Officers on the eligible Sergeant’s list were now aware of what had
Occurred at these special meetings and also realizing that the
transfer of Sergeant Dean of Southampton to Sergeant Dean of
Westhampton Beach was illegal, wrote to Civil Service. In his
Letter, Strebel verified that Dean transferred from the Town of
Southampton and was accepted by the Village of Westhampton Beach as a
police officer. The above mentioned resolutions and CS 150 forms of
both Southampton Town and Westhampton Beach evidence that this was
not so. To compound the illegality the new CS 150 sent to Civil Service
shows that Dean was accepted as a Police officer (which is not so)
and the same day promoted to temporary Sergeant. Although Strebel
tried to cover his transgressions even the acceptance of Dean as a
police officer and Dean’s immediate transfer to Sergeant on the
same day is improper since a police office, even upon transfer, is
placed on a probationary status for 18 months. Dean’s probationary
status was one day.
8.The reason for the immediate promotion of Dean from Police
Officer to Sergeant on April 6th was stated by Strebel in writing to
Civil Service to be because the position of Sergeant is “critically
needed by the Westhampton Beach Police Department”. This too is
inaccurate. Chief Teller for months prior to his retirement, urged
the Board to promote one of the the four (4) officers off the existing
Sergeant’s list and the Village Board adamantly refused stating that
there was no urgency.
9.Thirty days later, on May 6th, 1999 again at a special
meeting without notice to any Village residents, Mayor Strebel, made
a motion which passed announcing that Dean completed a thirty day
probationary period as police officer (despite the prior resolutions
and CS 150’s sent to Civil Service) and advancing him to Sergeant.
Incredibly, less than one (1) minute later, Mayor Strebel urged the
Board to make Raymond Dean the Police chief in a provisional capacity
thus giving Dean a $50,000 raise in about two (2) minutes. Needless
to say, the Village Board unanimously passed the resolution.
Upon Dean’s appointment to Chief, two of the officers who were
eligible for the Sergeant’s position were made Sergeant. These two
(2) officers have told other department members that after they
Complained to Civil Service of Dean’s acceptance and/or promotion to
Sergeant the mayor told them that the plan was to make Dean a
Sergeant for only thirty (30) days and then Chief and they would then
Become promoted to rank of Sergeant.
10.Learning that the plan was to make Dean permanent Chief of
Police by passing a Board Resolution that only Dean could take a non competitive promotional exam for Chief then Lt. Doyle went to Mayor
Strebel and asked if he could, at the least, take the competitive
test for Chief. The Mayor told Doyle he did not like him and if he
pressed the issue his position as Lieutenant would be abolished.
Although Lt. Doyle backed off, the Mayor and Board of Trustees did
Abolish the Lt’s. position three (3) weeks ago possibly due to their
belief that Doyle knew the questionable facts surrounding Dean’s
transfer.In summary, the orchestrated transfer of Dean as a Sergeant from
Southampton to Westhampton Beach was not in accordance with Civil
Service Law. This being so, his subsequent appointment to Chief was
Equally improper and he should be removed from service. I ask for a complete investigation into these allegations concerning the actions of the Mayor, Dean and the Village Board." Tom Spota 12/4/2000.

" May 22, 09 9:56 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

It turns out that all anyone has to do is Google NY Open Meeting Law and READ to realize what is described in this article “the executive session” is a normal part of government and probably was the most prudent way to address these types of issues. What is very peculiar is that both the Mayor (“The Chief”) and his cousin (the Village Attorney) after attending the legal executive session (and not walking out); participating in it and undoubtedly being part of the record; have now decided it’s time to go to the Press. Perhaps the decision made by them to do THAT is the improper and possibly illegal act! Unless I’m mistaken the job of the Village Attorney is to KNOW the law that his clients (the Village elected officials) are functioning within, provide accurate guidance and observe Attorney privilege. If Chief Dean’s contract ONLY permits him to carry 200 hours in compensatory time… who authorized between 350 and 425 hours?
WHO is signing the Chief’s time sheets? Could it be Chief Teller is it the “Police Commissioner”? We should just make all the Trustees ex-police officers and let them blow the whole $7M+ budget on the Police department instead of just the $3M+ they abuse now.
" Jun 2, 09 7:47 AM

Political advertisement causes a stir in Westhampton Beach

Why is the SHP always so bent on interfering with Village of Westhampton Beach Elections? Instead of printing accurate information the SHP always propagates rumors and half-truths, paraphrases replies and deliberately distorts the truth. Frankly… Frank this is why the SHP never receives any awards for journalism… there isn’t any. Anyone with even the slightest commonsense realizes that the act of leaving a Party position means that remnants of when you were part of that party remain. This check thing is not the story… the duplicitous Mayor betraying his Party, his Trustees and his Village is the story. The Tellers, Deans and Strebels should be run out of town on a rail for the mess THEY have created. Voting for Steve or Elyse will only perpetuate the stupidity." Jun 10, 09 9:18 AM

Westhampton Beach trustee, blogger spar over residency issues

What seems to be overlooked in all of this is that while NYCOM is a recognized authority in the structures and functions of Village Government, they are NOT an authority expert in election law and should not be regarded as definitive on the topic of the election conduct during the last Village election. Why Mr. Bishop chose NYCOM instead of the Board of Election, the Attorney General’s Office or all three to be queried was probably one of the topics discussed at one of the many “secret” strategy meetings attended by The Mayor, Kathleen McGinnis, Paul Houlihan, Ray Dean and Speir. Speir’s unrestrained access to all areas of Village Hall, lack of civil control at any meeting he attends and volatile nature of his consistent outbursts, only underlie the danger of him carrying a firearm in the sanctum of Village Hall. The demeanor of Bishop and Speir at the September 3rd Trustees Meeting confirms that Speir had already seen the NYCOM reply. Nice catch on the lob Bishop… who do you clowns think you’re kidding? Elected officials that were not only not privy to access to the document but also knowledge that it had been received prior to this circus should be outraged. While the process of the election is something that indeed needs to ne examined, the sleazy tactics of The Mayor, Kathleen McGinnis, Paul Houlihan, Ray Dean and their ties and utilization of Speir should be of most concern to the Village taxpayers. " Sep 10, 09 8:36 AM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

Frank you're friends with Ray... and he probably wouldn't lie to you. Just ask him if he provides home security services to a few local summer people. It's certainly not a crime for him to do so. Ray's the one who responds if an alarm goes off at the Rolands, the service calls him... then ask Ray directly if John helped his Son get a job... there's nothing criminal about that either. " Dec 4, 09 2:44 PM

Officer makes charges of favoritism in Westhampton Beach PBA

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Steven McManus’s problem isn’t that he’s a good cop in a bad department… it’s that he can’t get along with anyone, anywhere and should never have been permitted to be a cop! That’s why he was dumped on to the Drug Taskforce to begin with… the mistake was bringing him back! The PBA should provide funds or a psych evaluation not a lawyer. I’ve heard “Jean” use that 1776 quip before… I understand the point she thinks she’s making, but remember in 1776 Jean would not have been able to utter one word, would have not been taught to read and write, would not have been able to vote, would not have been able work outside her home or use any mode of transportation except her own feet. I’m thankful that democracy evolves. The good old days were not that good… I’m grateful to be in this century and I want ideas and laws that don’t work to have the possibility of change.
The issue with this Police Department did NOT start four years ago as an idiot blogger or the local tabloids would have you believe. Mismanagement and out right lying are the reasons that the Trustees replaced Conrad Teller in 1999 under circumstances very similar to today’s fiasco. The MIRACLE of a, poor performing, flunky, junior Southampton Sergeant and who was also a Village Trustee in the Village of Westhampton Beach, with little training and credentials that would not have allowed him even in the door be coming Chief literally overnight is an outrage Ray Dean and his cronies would like us all to forget. The root cause of this situation rests with Bob Strebel who broke Civil Service Law by appointing Ray Dean and who literally gave Dean a $50k raise in ONE DAY! Bob Strebel’s relationship to Dean was never disclosed. The good cop that had a right and capability to be Chief was ignored and wisely retired out of this fracas.
The odd thing with all of this is Conrad Teller was able to lie his way into the Mayors position by PROMISING on multiple occasions that he would get rid of Dean and multiple other over paid Village leaches, all he’s done is become one of them!
If you don’t vote ROW”A” all the way… Conrad will continue to lie, the Police Department will NEVER get fixed (Ray Dean has had ELEVEN YEARS!!!) and you’ll have an Eruv because Conrad Teller is a liar and a feeble old man who can rationalize any treachery necessary to preserve his own ego.
" Jun 11, 10 8:07 AM

Jean, Jean… Your knowledge of the Village Police in the late 90’s is at best, I’m certain, second hand from the Village Crank.(his new position endorsed by Conrad Teller) The condition of this Police Department has not changed significantly in decades. You most certainly DO end up on the Drug Taskforce if you are problematic to your department, they’ll stick you any where to get rid of you, just the way Sergeant Ray Dean ended his Southampton Police career in the basement doing filing before the windfall granted by Bob Strebel. Southampton couldn’t get rid of him fast enough! The Board even expedited their meeting schedule, just in case some body changed their mind or they got caught in violations of NYS Labor law. If you think for a minute this is not about a popularity contest with-in the walls of the Police Department then you know nothing at all about the inner workings of every Police force, sadly its part of most. Our Village force is a prime example with “clicks” of officers reticent to Ray Dean, immune from any dispensary consequences (even when they leave a body on Main Street) and those walking around with as good as targets on their backs waiting for the Ray Dean knife to plunge into their backs. Ray Dean has been there ELEVEN YEARS… not four… this dysfunctional department needs the head-of-the-snake chopped, one scale at a time in NOT the answer. There is a vacuum of leadership, an untrained, incapable and desperately trying to hold on to his $200k job… Ray Dean is at the head of this Police Department and deserves to be fired for eleven years of ineptitude. A trained professional leader, qualified for his job, hardened and experienced in the field would NEVER resort to the tactics this despicable excuse for a Police Officer has fomented.
The hilarious part of all this is that the very people who campaigned viciously against Conrad Teller for his two previous elections are now supporting him… they all have his campaign signs on their lawns. As sure as I’m writing this Conrad will betray them too, just the way he betrayed every one who voted for him and every Officer he’s ever worked with. Go ahead keep Teller and his puppets in… and we will surely make it four decades of this local corruption. You do not have and have not had better police work in this Village for the last eleven year… Heck even Teller was a better Chief than Dean… at least he had some experience! It’s out and out theft that Ray Dean makes more than Ray Kelly, the Chief of the NYC Police Department. Maybe Ray Dean should offer to cut his salary until he can get control over the Police Department working our 2.9 square miles of Village! If Ray hasn’t done it in the last eleven years he isn’t doing it in the next two, four or eleven. If Teller hasn’t been able to function with the four Trustees with whom he was elected, and who each supported him at one point… in the last four years… he isn’t going to do it in the next two, four or ever. Do a Google on Conrad Teller, take a look at court records… he’s been lying in Police matters for over 40 years.
Time to go Boyz… Vote Row A all the way!
" Jun 11, 10 4:49 PM

Westhampton Beach business faces fine for allowing bus company to use its parking lot as a terminal

It'll be very convenient having Michael Lohan's nightclub there too.
I don't see a building permit posted for all the other work going on. Do the Building Department, the Planning Department, the Zoning Department and the Trustees do anything to protect Village tax payers?

" Jun 24, 10 6:45 AM

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