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Southampton To Purchase Four More Waterfront Lots

I am all for preserving land but this buying of land with CPF funds is getting out of hand and I don't think the original idea for the CPF was to remove property from the tax roles.....economically this is not good for the town as a whole. Yes, the Bay Club, Summers, Neptunes had many problems but instead of removing these properties from the tax roles and closing down a business maybe the town should lease these properties to a viable business but still have control over the use much like the beach concessions. This would also bring people to the area and bring more business to our motels, restaurants, antique shops, boat businesses, etc. The area is known, historically, as a recreational destination.......let's try to keep is that way and bring the economy back." Oct 15, 14 7:22 PM

Hampton Bays Fishermen Cited For Exceeding Fluke Limits

Making a living off the waters and providing food for families has been a way of life in Hampton Bays for many, many years. Yes, the men had more then the limit but really..........by 9 days!!! Again, government being 'bullies' against the hard working people. I am sure the local fisherman are as concerned about the sea and the bounty it yields and are not going to destroy their livelihood. Not sure if it still goes on but what about the "fishing factories" offshore? Hope the Berglins, father and son, are reprimanded and case dropped" Jan 11, 15 2:35 PM

Locals Share Hampton Bays Diner Stories

Totally agree with Jasmine........Pete & Tom Charos and their families ran the diner (Hampton Grill) from 1952-1969 and all their hard work made the diner a 'landmark' to all ........ local... and visitors to the Hamptons!! It should also be noted that the family also had the diner (Holiday Grill now known as the Princess Diner) at the fork of County Road 39 and Montauk Highway in Southampton. I don't understand how the reporter left out the timeline from 1950-1969. Hopefully, a diner will open in HB location." Mar 17, 16 2:09 PM

Lyzon Hat Shop Gets New Foundation; Restoration Work Begins On Historic Structure

So nice to see a part of Hampton Bays history being preserved and not being lost; i.e. the "Hercules" statue and the HB Railroad Station (a beautiful building with a ticket master booth & mahogany benches, etc). The group should be commended for all the work they do for Hampton Bays ..... and lets not forget the work being done to preserve the Canoe Place Chapel. " Apr 9, 16 9:54 AM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

Residents, Police officials, Government officials and School officials on the East End .....
Get your heads out of the sand ...... The 'Gangs' are here! ... and the more people ignore, hide from issue ... whatever you want to call it .... the worse it will become. Let's stop this now in its beginning stages before it is out of control. I realize this was a 'bar fight' but bet there was a gang issue " Jun 1, 16 2:57 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Stand Up For Rights To Access Southampton Village Beaches

Hmmmm ...I see that it is stated that property taxes pay for the village beaches .... is it only village taxes that pay for the maintenance, etc of the beaches? or are some of SH town taxes used for the upkeep also? I also thought that if you were within the local school districts or a volunteer fireman in one of the SHV departments you were entitled to a SH Village Beach Pass ...... is that correct?" Jul 27, 16 1:44 PM

Volunteer Firemen deserve whatever we can give them in return for their dedicated service to our communities. Was just asking for info and clarification on the parking issue....." Jul 28, 16 7:55 AM

UPDATE: Publick House Will Reopen Friday Night

I think it is very unfair to make the statement "...scam ....... living beyond their financial means". Seems to me that a small business that has been in the community for a while was trying to keep up with the economy and hit hard times. With taxes rising, employers being told what they have to pay employees, food expenses rising every week ...... and menus cannot be changed accordingly or customers get upset .... plus PSEG.
Let us all be more understanding and hope the establishment can settle issue and open very soon." Jul 12, 17 5:27 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Says He Wants A Ban On Mylar Balloons

The incident on Jobs Lane during the 4th of July parade was an 'accident' ........ so if someone has a car accident in the village and hits a telephone pole is the mayor going to ban cars??? " Jul 26, 17 11:18 AM

UPDATE: PSEG Officials Will Present Plan To Bury Power Lines In Eastport

Too bad PSEGLI does not consider putting all lines underground on the south fork/east end ..... with the storms we are subjected to in both the summer and winter would save a lot of unnecessary outages and repairs which means more overtime dollars that are then passed on to customers." Jul 27, 17 12:14 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Says He Wants A Ban On Mylar Balloons

OK ..... now it comes to light ........ the eastern half of SH with its ocean front homes is different from HB ...... which by the way has more waterfront than any other village/town in Southampton Town ..... and, therefore, HB cannot understand what SHV goes through This may be true ....... SHV has more parties at the ocean front homes than HB as the ocean in HB is not developed but is left in its primitive natural state with beaches available to all with seasonal passes. " Jul 28, 17 3:11 PM

Southampton Town Considering Buying Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

Topping Farm, Lobster Inn now Tuckahoe Center ....... plus many more properties off the tax rolls for the Town of Southampton ....... almost forgot about the valuable ocean front properties in the Hampton Bays/East Quogue ares .... really? I cannot believe this was the original intent for the CPF to take properties off and cause higher taxes for the residents of Southampton. " Oct 13, 17 2:09 PM

Hampton Bays Flagpole Dedicated To Local Soldier Who Died In 1969

Such a great tribute to a local veteran who died too young.
My family and I went to Arlington National Cemetery this past December to participate in the Wreath Laying and while there visited the Vietnam Memorial and found John's name ...... a very moving moment." Jan 30, 18 4:14 PM

Princess Diner Owner, Manager Plead Guilty To Stealing Wages From Workers

Seems unfair to say "all our diner owners turn out to be Dbags" If I remember correctly both the Hampton Grill in Hampton Bays and, what was then called, the Holiday Grill in Southampton were both owned and run by a local family for many years. Family members worked in the business and local people ...... adults and teenagers ..... were employed at the diners. Hopefully, the diners will open again with new operators. " Mar 9, 18 6:08 PM

Paddle Out Held For Ronald Spellman On Sunday

A wonderful tribute to a great guy. A citizen of Hampton Bays and a graduate of HBHS taken too soon, Heartfelt sympathies to his family." Mar 19, 18 5:01 PM

USGA To Provide Shuttle To U.S. Open From Village; Big-Screen TV Will Be Set Up In Park

Glad to see a shuttle bus service for local citizens to use to get to pedestrian bridge .... would also have liked to have seen the Shinnecock Reservation property used as an additional parking area ....... couldn't get any closer to the Stony Brook Southampton Campus pedestrian bridge and would have been a monetary benefit to the Shinnecocks." Jun 4, 18 9:31 PM

Tuckahoe School District Dealt Another Blow In Attempt To View Local Golf Course Assessments

I don't understand how a private club can be taxed as commercial It's not like the public can go on the property and play golf or even walk for that matter It's private for members only Homes are consider private and, therefore, pay residential taxes and are not commercial based This matter should be looked into for the good of the Tuckahoe community and school not the private club and its members" Aug 29, 18 3:40 PM

Former Hampton Bays Friendly's To Host Modern American Restaurant And Market In Spring

I was hoping for more of a "diner" type restaurant with tables to get breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snack i.e. coffee, bakery items etc The "grab "n" go" is a great thing also.
Best of Luck to the owner in this endeavor!!!" Mar 5, 19 3:05 PM

High School Seniors Entering U.S. Military Honored At Hampton Bays High School On Friday

A great way to acknowledge the young men and women of the local graduating classes who are joining the military to serve our country and may be giving their lives to protect our country. We always acknowledge the young men and women who are attending college, which is wonderful, but it is nice to acknowledge the choices of others......college, military, career. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors." Jun 1, 19 10:56 PM