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Hampton Road Condominium Damaged By Early Morning Fire Friday

Which condo complex? There are several on Hampton Road." Jul 3, 11 8:56 PM

Southampton Gospel Church Offers To Open Its Doors To Undocumented Children

Then once they're here, where are they housed, and who takes care of them? And for how long? Then if they're not deported, where do they then go?
Underage refugees a whole different situation. Christian compassion is demanded of us, but this suggestion is not thought out. " Jul 11, 14 12:19 PM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

Sister was not a victim of a slaying,so to describe her as "slain" is incorrect. To slay is an intentional act, and Sister's death caused by a hit and run driver was likely an accident. " Jul 30, 14 11:36 PM

What happened to Sr. Jackie was tragic, and, believe me, I'm a huge supporter of nuns as truly valiant women and some of God's best work, but I also can hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. No good editor would allow the use of the word "slain" in this instance." Aug 1, 14 1:28 PM

Bishop And Zeldin Say They Are Both Pro-Business, But Have Different Approaches

Obviously you haven't seen the current issue of (Republican) Forbes Magazine that shows that there hasn't been as good an economy in decades. You are so wrong." Sep 8, 14 7:19 PM

The most misinformed Americans are those who watch the propagandistic so-called news channel called Fox. Obviously you are one. You forget how many Americans died in attacks on embassies all around the world while other presidents were in office like Reagan, e.g. Didn't hear you howling then. Benghazi was a tragedy, but not blameworthy. Fox is milking the story just to feed the lizard brains of those who hate the president simply because of the color of his skin. " Sep 8, 14 7:29 PM

Bishop Votes In Support Of Training Of Syrian Rebels To Fight ISIS

What part of the deal struck between Dumya and Iraq that there were no American troops to be left in Iraq once the hostilities ended do people refuse to understand?
The president was elected twice to end military involvement in the Middle East, and the military will always push for involvement anywhere.
President Obama resisted a return to that pit of horror trying other avenues for awhile now, and IMHO it's only because ISIS has control of some major oil fields that we're going back. Another case of "American interests" , i.e. oil companies actually running our foreign policy. And, after all, arms manufacturing is a huge part of the American economy.
" Sep 18, 14 12:40 PM

You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
No, there was never supposed to be a "small quick deployment force left in Iraq after the major withdrawal". Maliki wanted no American troops left in Iraq. Period. And so the terms negotiated by GEORGE W. BUSH and Maliki requiring all US troops out by December 31, 2011 were met. The last were out by December 18, 2011.
And may I remind you that there was no Al Qaeda before GWB illegally invaded Iraq, and that that debacle of a war directly led to the formation of this latest group of terrorists. And if things work out and it becomes disempowered, you can be sure there'll be another and another and another until a solution is found other than violence begetting violence. Finding fault with Obama does not put him at blame for this mess, and does not exonerate George Bush and his rotten, lying, treasonous administration for causing this whole horrible mess." Sep 19, 14 9:52 PM

It was not up to Panetta or Obama or any of his "top advisors" to leave US troops in Iraq. There was an agreement in place before Obama became president signed by GWB and Maliki ending our presence there by a date certain which we were bound to abide by. Maliki did not want a residual force, and it was his prerogative and decision to make. Obviously, you do not know he refused to grant immunity to any soldiers if they were in fact left behind. In other words, he was saying no thanks and basically given an ultimatum that none were to be left. So please stop furthering your made-up nonsense, and try to learn and accept the actual historical facts." Sep 20, 14 10:45 PM

Didn't you hear GENERAL Colin Powell say this past Friday night that President Obama was the right choice in 2008 and the right choice in 2012? Your assertions are ludicrous and laughable." Sep 21, 14 6:55 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

This is crazy talk.
President Obama has issued an executive ACTION, well within his legal rights, and not even an executive "order", also something within his rights. FYI, Republican Theodore Roosevelt issued 1,081 executive orders, Barack Obama has issued 182 to be exact, with with presidents Lincoln, Grant, Eisenhower, Reagan, and GWB each having issued in the several hundreds.
This action is only one step toward total reform, and alleviates the suffering of millions. What have the Republicans done toward that end? McCain and Rubio all in at one point until they slinked away from it when the Tea Party got them by the cojones. True profiles in political courage! Asshats.
And FYI, Ronald Reagan opened the border at the behest of corporate California farmers when they needed field workers to take the place of the ones on strike. Understand who started the whole mess---Saint Ronald appeasing his corporate overlords. That's a fact, Jack. One haters refuse to acknowledge.
" Nov 22, 14 1:38 PM

Tuckahoe King Kullen Back On Agenda In January

Area is saturated with (expensive) King Kullens, and proposed location should not even be considered. Wrong, wrong, wrong. " Dec 19, 14 7:31 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

Yes, the old McKeever house. Carpenter before that." Feb 12, 15 1:57 PM

McAllister Calls For More Water Testing At CPI Site

Seems to me water quality should trump any kind of personal vendetta you obviously have. Are you also in the pocket of the developers?" Feb 22, 15 4:39 PM

Constantine Raymond Graygor, Formerly Of Southampton, Dies February 8

Very sad to learn of Connie Ray's death. He was an elementary school classmate, and my senior prom date. The cutest boy ever! RIP, Connie Ray." Feb 23, 15 9:00 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Tim Bishop comes from a very find family, one I've know all my life as have my parents, so that's generations now. You had every reason to be proud that he was your representative, especially if you were a veteran or had vets close to you.
Nothing good comes to those who hate. We are commanded to love for good reason---put it out and comes back to you. Same for hate. Give love a whirl, and see how much better your life will be. " Mar 11, 15 7:07 PM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

Apart from the fact that County Road 39 is the worst possible location for a shopping mall with a mega-grocery store, the last grocery store that's needed is yet another area-saturated, too-basic, and expensive King Kullen. What's needed is a Fairway Market (gorgeous produce with over a hundred organic items very reasonably priced, dry-aged and grass-fed beef offerings, coffee barista on duty with huge variety of beans. etc.), or a Trader Joe's, or an Uncle Guiseppe's (fantastic supermarket with excellent prepared take-out and pizza). Or more than one of these. " Mar 25, 15 8:58 PM

A mall is defined as a "retail complex containing a variety of stores and ofen restaurants housed in connected or adjacent buildings. Also known as a 'shopping center'." This proposal is well within the definition of "mall", and will most certainly expand over time." Mar 27, 15 11:57 AM

The definition of "mall" is a "retail complex containing a variety of stores and often restaurants housed in connected or adjacent buildings", so this proposal is correctly IDed as a "mall". And make no mistake, this mall will in time grow larger once the approvals are in for the adjoining property. This must be voted down." Mar 27, 15 12:03 PM

You're totally wrong. Google "What is a mall"? and you will see definitions from Merriam Webster, Dictionary.com, Wikipedia, etc., all of which define "mall" just as I posted, and define what is being proposed for County Road 39. " Mar 28, 15 1:38 AM

No, not ok with this plan on 39.
I said apart from 39 being an insane location for a mega-market (which is not needed--a smaller market would do ), we need something other than King Kullen. The area is already saturated with them, and what's needed is diversity and competition. Yet another one does not serve the community.
As for the location, an accident on 39 creates a total logjam --got stuck in one on Hill Street for the better part of an hour --very scary when nothing on either artery can move, so bad idea for a high traffic bizness that'd slow down 39 even without an accident, and with one a nightmarish scenario." Mar 28, 15 9:54 PM

Traffic Questions Continue To Confound As Board Closes Tuckahoe Center Hearing

The single worst location possible.
No need for a mega market (or another bank).
Area is saturated with King Kullens, and they are pricey as hell.
Only need a nice, small market like a Trader Joe's or even a Best Buy where prices are reasonable, and where they offer items not available elsewhere." Apr 30, 15 11:03 PM

Anyone who was impressed by the "traffic studies" is a moron. One only needs to have experience on 39, and to have common sense. Bridget Fleming has been spot-on with her interjections putting the lie to what is supposed to be evidence that this unnecessary market will not exacerbate what is already a nightmare. The argument that having a mega-market there would actually reduce 39 traffic is plain laughable. The reason to go to the neighboring towns to shop is because there are other stores in those areas one needs to frequent while out. Even if hypothetically I stopped into this proposed market, I'd have to eventually get to Riverhead or Hampton Bays for other shopping needs. Therefore, a store on 39 does nothing for me convenience-wise, and would only be there for that one item you've run out of. How is a mega-market necessary in that case? Additional traffic for one item? Seriously? And Google "most dangerous New York roads" and you will see that CR 39 was Number One in '09 and among the Top Ten in '12.
As for size, all King Kullens are way too large as is the Riverhead Waldbaum's. Who needs to spend all that time walking such distances, and God forbid you forget an item that's a mile away from the check-out. Ever notice how relatively small any Trader Joe's is? And even in the much higher population areas? This is a universally loved, national chain in business for decades, so obviously SMALL size matters and works, and promotes a small-town feel. Products exceptional, prices great, and staffs friendly, high caliber, and VERY WELL PAID, btw. I'm told lots of Montauk residents frequent TJ's, so does that not knock out the "convenience" argument?
" May 1, 15 11:54 AM

As if every want must be satisfied, and every decision is right. To satisfy the selfish convenience for a few, you want to create a nightmare for the many? " May 8, 15 10:59 AM

Local Stores Oppose Proposal For Citarella Liquor Store In Southampton Village

I get the sense that the Southampton Citarella isn't doing well. Always empty when I'm there which admittedly isn't often, so understandable that they need to find a way to draw in customers. One can only imagine the waste when the outsized displays have no buyers. I agree with other posters that their take-out food isn't good. In fact, I'd say it's dreadful. And it's supposed to be a gourmet market? As a comparison, check out the EXCELLENT take-out of Uncle Guiseppe's, a supermarket!, e.g. Haven't tried other of Citarella's meats, but I actually returned chop meat I purchased there. Expensive and lousy. Fish display is nice, but soooo overpriced AND mostly imported from foreign waters. Just ask the salesperson like I did. Cheeses and breads wanting. Additionally, there is something about the store that makes you want out--is it the low ceilings, the dark gray flooring, or both? " May 28, 15 7:52 PM

No, don't own (unsanitary) Schmidt's. Ever look at the bottom of their refrigerated display cases where their lettuces are displayed? Disgusting. And someone who's been downstairs where their food prep is done told me having seen it, they'd never eat their prepared foods.
Apparently you don't know good food from bad and need to widen your horizons to find out what a great market is. Ever been to Zabar's in Manhattan? Or Grace's Marketplace? Or the Italian stores on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Once you do, you'll see how badly Citarella stacks up to just these few examples. And what good is having a market you can't afford? And just because a market's expensive doesn't make it great.
" May 28, 15 10:19 PM

Bender Pitches Bag Ban To Westhampton Beach Board

A "good heart"? What kind of a "heart" makes a joke of not being able to find WMD's at the Correspondent's Dinner after sending American kids to die and suffer? And Jeb? Maybe more calculating and maybe a tad smarter than Dubya, but still dumb as a stump. Just for starters, favors raising retirement age to 70, favors sending troops back to the Middle East, and is a climate "skeptic" ("not a scientist"). Way out of the mainstream. Plus he's violating campaign finance law as I write with his "If I run" act all the while collecting millions from the donor class. No more Bushes, and no more Clintons." Jun 4, 15 12:29 PM

Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

And that's exactly what will happen in Tuckahoe. Nobody needs a giant market to run in for a couple of things. People go where there are other shopping options for them, not just one, for their major shopping. Something from Best Yet and Costco, King Kullen, and the Polish delis say, in Riverhead along with cheaper gas, and maybe a stop in Tanger or the Motor Vehicle Bureau or a less expensive car wash. Or in the case of Hampton Bays, a stop in Stop 'n Shop and/or King Kullen, Wild By Nature and maybe the Italian Deli along with a stop at Macy's. In other words, there are other good/necessary reasons to go to these towns--more complete grocery shopping plus other types of stores. TUCKA-NO!!! Unnecessary and disastrous!" Jul 20, 15 6:33 PM

Anyone know when the Tuckahoe vote will be?
" Jul 21, 15 11:08 AM

Zeldin Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal

So did they pull the wool over the 5 other countries who are parties in the negotiations? And did you know that top Israeli security officials see the deal as positive? What's your solution, Einstein? War? Get the facts before you spout off the knee -jerk hatred (and ignorance) that underlies your post. You wouldn't recognize a statesman if you fell over one." Jul 21, 15 11:52 PM

Dream on.
His job is to entertain and help the bottom line of the corporate media and to make the rest of the clown car seem saner or smarter than they are. Your hat size must be pretty small if you haven't figured this out. God save us from any of this pathetic bunch. " Jul 22, 15 12:07 AM

Aipac doesn't have the biggest "forum" in this country? Give me a break." Jul 22, 15 12:10 AM

So, let's see.....it sounds like you'd prefer that either we bomb Iran or we let them go nuclear. Which is it? Yet another genius in our midst! President Obama "had his work cut out for him" after Wrecking Ball Bush and saved us from total economic disaster. We owe him a great deal of credit, and if you were a fair-minded citizen, you'd be grateful for his cool and long-game style of leadership. That he achieved as much as he has in the face of unprecedented racist hatred and push-back is amazing. How many presidents have tried and failed to get health care reform through Congress? How many administrations refused to talk to Cuba, much less establish relations? History will show him as a consequential president." Jul 22, 15 1:03 PM

You are obviously in the dark about what your country is doing in the (hideously difficult) fight against ISIS.
What's your prescription for defeat of an ideology, an army without bases and/or uniforms? Oh, you have no idea? Why am I not surprised?" Jul 22, 15 1:29 PM

I agree with you that our corporate media is horrid and that we're fed nonsense 24/7, but I disagree wholeheartedly your charges of "fire-fueling" and double standards. I agree with you that ACA is flawed, and that there should be single payer, but for many it's answered prayer. How on earth could Obama--or any president-- buck up against such a powerful health care industry? That's the trouble with a capitalist system---there should never be profit in health care. At least for many they have insurance that wasn't available to them before. And don't forget, the ACA came out of the rock-ribbed conservative Republican Heritage Foundation. There's where you need to question yourself and your criticism of the president. No idea of his would have passed--it only went through because it came right out of the corporate handbook.
I have issues with President Obama (assuredly different from yours) as I will have issues with any president because any president who values his/her life has to serve the corporatocracy, the plutocrats who actually run the country. Obama had to play the game. Otherwise, we know how the game goes. " Jul 22, 15 6:40 PM

Elderly Woman Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Three-Car Crash On County Road 39 Wednesday

I got stuck in the traffic back-up going west at the time of the accident, so got off of 39 at my earliest opportunity and postponed my trip west until 7PM and traffic was still slow moving until it broke open near the Lobster Inn. I think it was a report from 2011 that named Cty Rd. 39 the most dangerous road in the state. Maybe it still holds that "honor", but regardless, can you imagine what adding a shopping center on it would mean? " Jul 23, 15 4:59 PM

UPDATE: Departments Respond To House Fire In Noyac Early Thursday Evening

Why do these news items always leave questions? "Structure" fire? What kind? House? House under construction? Building use?
And yes, why was the closest department only on standby? And why were departments from such a distance called in? " Jul 23, 15 10:13 PM

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