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Sandy Deals Glancing Blow, Leaves One Death, Destruction Behind

It's really windy here and this storm isn't even close. I hear all is calm in the city, no wind there yet.
I hate weather hype, but this time I'm worried. It's too windy for a storm that's not anywhere near here. And what's with weather people using the word "breezy"? When things are rattling, it's wind, not a breeze. " Oct 28, 12 9:12 PM

My family has been on LI for more than 300 years. In all that time, nobody in the family has ever built a house near the water. Because "water come up." Only shacks used by fishermen and clammers were put on the sand and they were work-related structures, not homes. Everyone knew they were temporary.
I'm tired of tax money being used to rebuild massive houses Tjat have been built in the last 40 years when everyone knew full well they would be damaged or destroyed by water. No more FEMA for sand spit homes. And it's scarily windy right now. A real hurricane in late October, how about that? " Oct 29, 12 5:15 PM

If anyone is wondering how those of us in Water Mill who paid an extra tax so LIPA would bury our power lines are doing -- we're great. No power outage. Not even for a minute.

Recommendation -- do not allow LIPA to add more above ground power lines in your area. It was a minimal cost for a maximum effect. No more unburied power lines
" Oct 30, 12 8:50 PM

Sandy Deals Glancing Blow, Leaves One Death, Destruction Behind

"""Areas of New Jersey, New York City and Nassau County were hit with stronger winds""""

This is not true. We had heavier winds for a much longer time than NYC did. I was in touch with city friends who were wondering if they were even going to get a storm while winds were raging out here. It was the storm surge that did the damage in NYC. " Nov 2, 12 1:07 AM

I don't understand schools not having power. They're supposed to be shelters in case of disaster. And Southampton High School can't restore power? Why is that? Cheap work done when the high school was built?
" Nov 2, 12 1:51 AM

UPDATE: Altschuler Concedes Race To Bishop

I was disgusted by Altschuler's ubiquitous campaign of slime. He was exactly the type of person i imagined who outsources American jobs and then expects American voters to reward him for it. " Nov 7, 12 2:25 AM

" or even gets some appointment, to be able to start serving our community"

Perhaps Randy can be appointed Goodwill Ambassador to India" Nov 8, 12 9:08 AM

It's time people started demanded politicians work together for the good of the country -- stop compulsive gamblers from running Wall Street, have everyone pay their fair share of taxes, outlaw offshore tax shelters or at the very least forbid Americans who hide taxes overseas from running for American political offices; put a cap on political contributions from people, corporations and unions -- do all of these things instead of listening to wise guys who get paid multimillion dollars to rile people up on tv and talk radio. At the end of the day, the wise guys have their millions and we've got nothing." Nov 8, 12 10:04 AM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Can you imagine how many jobs could have been created with all the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent by the super PACs? Factories could have reopened.

These guys spent more money jto prevent having to pay a tiny bit more in taxes than thet would have spent to pay the taxes. They are not very good businessmen.

And I mean "not very good" in several ways. Remember when wealthy businessmen used to donate to hospitals so poor people could get some health care? Now they spend billions to avoid letting working people get health care. LOL, and they want a big pat on the bavk for being "entrepreneurs" (even though many of them inherited) and "job creators" (even though many have laid off thousands and sent millions of jobs overseas). And people who barely have a pot to p*ss in cheer them on just because some guys on the radio tell them it's the right thing to do." Dec 6, 12 5:08 PM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

Was there any other kind of drink involved besides the shinnecock? " Dec 9, 12 3:25 PM

East End Spared Major Damage From Storm; Coastline Affected Again

In other words, it's going to rain. " Dec 26, 12 7:40 PM

Peconic Baykeeper Seeking Donations To Keep The Kathy Afloat

I come from further up island where we had bay constables. Is a bay keeper the same thing as a bay constable?" Jan 13, 13 4:17 PM

Sag Harbor In The Running For 'America's Happiest Seaside Town'

Sag Harbor is not a seaside town. " Jan 21, 13 10:38 PM

Town Seeks Grant To Fund Duck Farming Exhibit In Flanders

I grew up farther up island and when we drove from home to Westhampton Beach via Sunrise Highway in summer, we rolled up the windows when we passed the Moriches because of the smell of the duck farms. " Jan 22, 13 11:09 AM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

Just an FYI -- an old trick of developers is to propose something outrageously out of place with the intent of riling up the residents and allowing the zoning board to look like it's on the side of the residents when they reject it. The next step is to reduce the size of the project drastically and get what they really wanted in the first place. Remember the proposal for 200 shops in Water Mill? The developer knew that was a ridiculous proposal. When all the fuss died down, he got what he wanted and the residents thought they'd won some kind of victory by reducing the size of the project. Old, old trick. Still works well, especially in the Hamptons. " Jan 24, 13 4:55 PM

Decision On Religious Boundary Lawsuits Could Come This Year

Eruv is just an excuse to do stuff your religion says you shouldn't do. In my apartment building in NYC, one of the many home networks that came up was "eruv (followed by numbers)" I mean come on. You want to be super-duper-orthodox religious person but you need to be on the Internet on the sabbath? Please. If you want to observe sabbath rules, then observe sabbath rules. I have inlaws who are orthodox -- not ultra orthodox. They obey sabbath rules because that's part of their identity. They don't try to weasel out of the commitment they made to be orthodox adherents." Jan 27, 13 12:35 AM

Southampton School Board Considers Student Uniforms

"Many kids have no coats"
It is the fashion for kids to not wear coats in winter. Trying to get a teen or tween boy into a winter jacket is a struggle. The boys even wear shorts and a thin hoodie to school when it's 20 degrees outside. They look ridiculous, but kids will be kids.
Most public schools with uniform codes basically have kids wearing polo shirts and docker type pants, not jackets or ties or button down shirts. " Feb 2, 13 11:25 AM

'Cruise Ship Virus,' Norovirus, Lands On East End

I understand the reason why they call it "norovirus" is because the first strain they discovered and named was from Norwalk, OH. When other strains were discovered, they started calling them "Norwalk-like viruses" and then shortened it to norovirus. But "norovirus" sounds too much like "neurovirus." They really should give noroviruses a completely different name. " Feb 14, 13 10:21 AM

Matt Lauer Horse Farm Approval Expected In Water Mill

The neighbors are not rich. That's why Lauer won. Money talks and common sense and beauty walk in the Hamptons. " Feb 22, 13 1:20 PM

Not A Time To Be Impatiens

I lost all my impatiens to this last year. One flat from Lowes infected my entire property.
Something else I noticed - my planting beds have become infested with sowbugs, aka pillbugs. They ate all my other annuals. I've been gardening for 20 years and this is something new. And they are everywhere. In beds, in planters, in windowboxes. I had a landscaper spread mulch last year instead of buying the mulch in bags and doing it myself. I wonder if the mulch was infested. " Mar 17, 13 2:44 PM

UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

So will police be dropping any cases of people they arrested for chemical dependence-relayed issues? " Mar 22, 13 11:02 AM

One Injured When Car Crashes Through Dinosaurs In Southampton

"Several of the dinosaur statues, which several locals consider a landmark when driving along the road"

Who are these "several locals"? And do these several locals really only consider the dinosaurs to be landmarks when driving along the road? I demand a more thorough inquiry. " Jun 21, 13 2:18 PM

What's Bugging You?

My garden has been overtaken by sowbugs in the past three years. If you go on the Internet, you'll read that sowbugs only eat decaying matter. Untrue. They'll eat anything and that includes new, healthy plants from cell packs. They devoured my petunias last year. Sluggo Plus claims to control them, but it doesn't. And they must not taste good because neither my toads nor the local roving band of guinea fowl will eat them. Prior to three years ago, I rarely saw a sowbug. The population seemed to have exploded overnight and has been going strong ever since, curse them. " Jul 1, 13 1:06 AM

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