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UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

Yes, we do know that crimes in Southampton township are not investigated like crimes on tv shows. For example, in Southampton town, the police withhold the name and photograph of a suspect in a fatal hit and run for at least a week.

That never happens on tv.

Perhaps real life investigators might learn a thing or two from tv. " Nov 23, 15 9:17 PM

Questions Raised About Driving Privileges In Connection With Anna Pump's Death

Another stellar investigation of a pedestrian death by Southampton Town Police. They seem to have a problem with names and photographs of suspects in vehicular homicides, no? " Nov 24, 15 10:24 PM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

Well, it did take the police quite a while to notify the public of the name and photo of a suspect in a fatal hit and run a few years back. Long enough to allow the suspect to escape the country.

It certainly seems they've got something else on their minds when investigating deaths out here. " Nov 24, 15 10:30 PM

Southampton Publick House Owner At Crossroads, But Sees Opportunity For Growth At New Spot

Maybe they could try serving consistently good food. That would go a long way. " Dec 3, 15 1:11 AM

Parade Of Lights Kicks Off Holiday Season in Southampton

The trees with coloured lights throughout the village are too dark. They look a little sinister. Before the lights were LED, they were bright and attractive. The incandescent multi lights included white lights among the other colors. Why not put some white lights inside the trees to help brighten them? A few white lights in the centres of the trees and multi lights on the outer branches. " Dec 3, 15 1:17 AM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

The police "knew" who committed the crime, but they waited until their suspect was out of the country before informing the public of his identity. I say "their suspect" and not "the perpetrator" because a lot of people don't believe they are the same person. " Dec 9, 15 9:47 PM

Offshore Wind Farm and Energy Storage Systems Proposed For South Fork

It costs too much to maintain wind farms, especially offshore ones. A better idea is to subsidise ownership of solar panels for homeowners. Then the homeowner will own it, benefit from it and maintain it. " Dec 10, 15 3:15 PM

Sag Harbor Cinema Is Back On The Market For $14 Million

How many CVSs could fit in that space? Or.....a nest of real estate agencies. Or you could bring in a certain family of builders who could put in an overly expensive complex of office space and it could remain half empty forever because the rents are too high. I know...Citarella. Because there aren't enough mediocre food places that are vastly overpriced. " Feb 4, 16 10:41 AM

Schneiderman Requests Information From Police About Missing Woman Investigation; No Answers For Family

Yes. Why did police withhold the identity and photo if the alleged driver of the car that hit Sister Jackie. Go back to the 27 East articles at the time of the killing. Police delayed release of pertinent information to the public which may have helped in the case. Unless, of course, someone was waiting to release information so that man could have time to leave the country so he couldn't be questioned or apprehended. Because he might not be the man who hit Sister Jackie at all, but someone who received payment to leave the country and be blamed for her death once he was safely gone. " Feb 11, 16 10:36 AM

More Hearings On Gateway Proposal Are Planned As Opponents Raise Concerns On Tuesday

Here's the plan:

Propose a giant retail/housing facility that is far too big for the area. Citizens will protest. Then say, "Welllllll, ok! We're only going to put 20 shops in here instead of 200 shops and we'll scrap the large housing project and instead, we'll build 5 oversized multimillion dollar homes on tiny plots of land."

Citizens will breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Now yer talkin'. We won!" Meanwhile, the developers only wanted to build 20 retail shops (which will mostly go unrented) and 5 giant homes on tiny plots to begin with. A "traffic study" will be prepared by people who are holding their hands over their mouths to prevent outright guffawing, and that study will claim traffic will most certainly not be adversely affected by the development. Just like the shops in Water Mill, where the developer cheekily claimed he wanted to build 200 shops on the site. Anyone remember that one? A traffic study was done which called for a traffic light which absolutely, positively, couldn't possibly adversely affect the traffic flow in the area. And the parking lot is mostly empty. " Feb 11, 16 10:50 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Named In Monday Morning's DWI Crash In Amagansett

Don't drive drunk and you won't be in danger of getting your name in the newspaper when you crash your car into a tree. It is not a faux pas. It's a serious violation of law" Feb 24, 16 11:18 PM

Suffolk County Legislator Introduces Bill To Ban Plastic Bags County-Wide

Paper come from tree farms, not from virgin forest. In order to stay in business, they replant trees. If we don't use paper, tree farms will get bulldozed and handed over to Walmart by towns in a tax free deal to "bring jobs to the area." Eight years later, Walmart closes that location to open a Super Walmart 2 miles away, and the site is an abandoned eyesore for decades. What would you rather have? Tree farms and paper bags or plastic bags and another abandoned Walmart? I'll take tree farms and paper bags. " Mar 3, 16 2:00 PM

Demise Of Health Republic Of New York Cost Local Hospitals Millions In Lost Payments

Time for single payer health care
Nixon wanted it, you know. He got side tracked by watergate. In fact, some conspiracy theorists note that Nixon was taken down by a conservative, Mark Felt, working with a military intelligence officer Bob Woodward, and believe it was Nixon's move toward instituting national health care which caused the right to take him down. Interesting theory. Insurance companies have made trillions since that time. " Mar 3, 16 2:08 PM

Arrest Made In Connection With January Shooting In Southampton Village

Seventeen years old and look what he's done to his life and the lives of three people who were hurt. He'll go to jail while his classmates go away to college. I hope he thinks it was worth being a gangsta. " Mar 15, 16 3:12 PM

Ruschmeyer's Employees Take Rap For Party Mess; Arrest Warrant Issued For Sloppy Tuna Manager

Real klassy. Montauk has such klassy folk nowadays. " Apr 2, 16 9:07 PM

South Fork Voters Talk Donald Trump

I've never seen so many people so willing to show the world how dumb they are. People used to at least try to put up a facade to hide such stupidity. But folks nowadays want to let it all hang out. "Yup. I'm a dope! I admit it. I want to give even more power to a narcissistic, overgrown 5 year old who hasn't got an idea in his head beyond 'Me say so.' You know, if I could vote my toddler grandchild into office, I would do it, because that's the kind of intellect I value." " Apr 2, 16 9:21 PM

Closing Of Sand Land's Solid Waste Processing Predicted To Affect Local Landscapers

Award winning gardens in the Hamptons? Really? All I ever see are endless miles of sod, privet and a few hydrangeas. Natural screens of bushes and trees are bulldozed down and sprinkler systems are put in for sod. A privet hedge is erected and some Endless Summer hydrangeas (which have replaced Nikko Blue as the Hamptons' official shrub) for color and that's it. If the Hamptons ever became a separate country, its flag would be a hydrangea on a background of emerald green sod in front of a hunter green privet hedge halved by a pebbled driveway" Apr 18, 16 4:30 PM

Democratic Presidential Primary Forum In East Hampton Asks: Clinton Or Sanders

Sanders supporters who won't vote for Clinton are against family planning, a woman's right to choose, gay rights and everything else the republicans want to overthrow. Because Sanders supporters who don't vote for Clinton are helping a conservative republican president to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will sit for many years.. Republicans gratefully acknowledge that and thank you for it. " Apr 19, 16 11:36 PM

UPDATE: Westhampton Beach Village Board Postpones Hampton Jitney Decision

Give us back 86th Street. " Apr 20, 16 5:54 PM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

So that the tradespeople can up the prices they charge us to pay for the toll. We need those trade people." Apr 26, 16 5:35 PM

Traffic consists of many suppliers of goods we need here. Restaurant suppliers, supermarket suppliers, farm supplies, liquor deliveries to shops and restaurants, auto parts, marine supplies, cars for the 10,000 dealerships in Southampton, UPS, Fed Ex, cable companies, highway maintenance, power company workers, You act like people who come here to work are here for a lark or stealing jobs from people. We need the things they are bringing in here. Charge them a $10 toll and watch the price of goods shoot up. How many plumbers live here? Not enough. We need them from somewhere. How do you think places like CVS, tile shops and Kmart get supplies? Thinking that all of the traffic here during the week is coming from job stealers and that we have an endless supply of good-hearted local workers who will magically make the traffic go away is not seeing the big picture. " Apr 26, 16 6:00 PM

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