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Historic Meadow Lane Home Demolished On Thursday; Public Hearing On Replacement Concluded Monday

Hooray, we need another 15,000 sq ft McMegaMansion with 6 gambrel roofs on one acre in this town. I'm so sick of these historic farmhouses and classic shingled cottages making the area look poverty stricken. " Aug 7, 14 4:36 PM

Studio Space Is Lacking For East Hampton Artists

Aw, think how expensive it would be to create something so beautiful as a gigantic teddy bear wearing a lampshade on its head out here in the $$$ Hamptons nowadays. I SOOOO want to subsidize the creation of such exquisite reflections of our culture, but gosh darn it, I'm saving up to get a leak in my wall fixed and haven't got the money to help out these poor folks right now.
Wait!! I know!! Why not have more auctions at the Watermill Center and donate the proceeds to subsidize art studios? Look at 27 East's own coverage of this year's gala at the Watermill Center. Wouldn't there be scads of people looking to buy such beautiful stuff as the Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald Christmas tree display? It's GAWJUS! Such adorable, not-at-all over-the-top or juvenile irony. Every 2,000 sq ft beamed, peaked ceiling room in every Hampton home should have such a display.
Me, I bid on the things I like ---- exploded tomato baskets, multimedia recreations of blobs of green fungi surrounding yellow somethings-or-other ---- but I never win! Just my luck. But there are so many people out here who adore such artwork, there surely could be weekly auctions. And think of all the money one could raise by charging $100 for each vehicle owned by a non-resident of Water Mill Towd Road. It's bound to help the poor, under-represented artists on the East End. Here, look at the lovely artwork you could own.
http://www.27east.com/photo-gallery/article.cfm/72674#92154" Aug 8, 14 12:57 PM

UPDATE: Arson Squad Investigating Seven Ponds Road Fire

It doesn't seem as if they can even determine the cause of these fires. Or else the local media simply won't report on the cause. Because one never sees a follow up on what caused the fires in these giant uninhabited homes that burn like dry haystacks. " Aug 8, 14 1:03 PM

Town To Buy Historic Gardiner Property In East Hampton Village

Ooh, I hope they turn it into reserve land and then sell it all at a bargain basement price so it, and all the surrounding reserve land, can be replaced with scores of stables, barns, an indoor arena and other buildings! It makes our towns and villages so much more desirable-looking to cram them with shed-like buildings crowned by vinyl cupolas, and to put "agricultural-related office structures" on land that had once been blighted by stuff like trees, fields, grass, bushes and an older building with supposed dry rot. Yippee. I love when towns buy these buildings and lands. We know we can buy it for the right price. " Aug 8, 14 1:18 PM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

When I lived in a large apartment complex in Manhattan and went to sign onto my internet connection, a whole bunch of other connections would pop up on my screen. One go the connections was Eruv. Was that so the internet could be used on the sabbath? " Aug 8, 14 3:12 PM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

You do not know if an illegal alien killed the lady because the alien was.allowed.to.escape.from.the.country.during.the.eleven.day.period.that.his.name.and.photo.were.deliberately.withheld.from.the.public.
Since he was allowed to escape, he could not be tried for the crime.

What should be troubling you us this: Why was his name and photo withheld from the public for 11 days? The car owner knew his employee's identity. Did he withhold the information from police? Did the police withhold the information? Did both the car owner and the police withhold the information? Because I have never, ever known of a criminal situation where the identity of the suspect was withheld from the public, especially when the suspect was very likely to flee the country. Something stinks to high heaven in Southampton Town. Perhaps it is fish. Isn't there a particular local fish called "smackaroos"? " Aug 8, 14 3:28 PM

Historic Meadow Lane Home Demolished On Thursday; Public Hearing On Replacement Concluded Monday

I DID read the article. If you read my response, I said I am SICK AND TIRED of historic farmhouses and classic shingled cottages. I celebrate the arrival of more massive modern houses, which make our area look less poverty stricken than those old farmhouses and classic cottages which previously cluttered our villages. No more the embarrassing historic buildings and tiny 4,000 sq ft houses! Now, we get to have huge structures which announce our incredible importance to the world. We don't want no stinkin history. " Aug 8, 14 3:44 PM

SUNY Board Delays Vote On Hospital Partnership

Where are all the residents and medical students coming from? There seem to be more of them than there are patients in Southampton hospital. " Aug 10, 14 7:51 PM

Southampton's Capri Hotel Back On Market For $5.2 Million

$600 a night to stay on County Road 39. Can't understand why this isn't flying off the market " Aug 13, 14 6:43 PM

Vice President Biden Vacationing In Southampton; Agawam Lake Ferry Start Date Pushed Back

He's not renting, he's staying with someone he knows. You don't rent to a vice president, president or former president, you invite them and give them a free stay. Don't you know how politics works? Rep or Dem, doesn't matter. " Aug 13, 14 11:26 PM

Petition Calls For Sister Jackie Memorial Sign In Water Mill To Remain

The issue, according to Mr Pia Lindstrom, is that visitors ask why there is a blue sign atop the Rose Hill Road street sign. He then has to explain about the hit and run which occurred on the road, which makes people all frowny.

How about this instead?

"Say, how come there's a blue sign above the green sign and it says something about a Sister Jackie?"

"Oh, there's a retreat for nuns on this street and the sign is just in honor
of one of the nuns who passed away. She was very well-liked. Worked with the poor, you know, THAT sort of thing....
Dirty Martini?"

End of discussion" Aug 13, 14 11:41 PM

Southampton Golf Range Adds New Yet Vintage Snack Shack

Aw, I was hoping they'd tear it down and put up another museum that looked like Gus Fring's laundry or an art center that looked like a 1970s office park. Bummer. " Aug 20, 14 6:37 PM

Two 2-Lot Properties On The Market On Sagg Pond

Great, I think the acreage should be covered with lots of stables, barns, indoor arenas and filled with people (who don't own the place) riding horses. But don't call it a business, call it agricultural reserve. " Aug 20, 14 6:41 PM

Cyril's Fish House Liquor License To Be Cancelled

I miss the old Montauk, when it was a family vacation spot. Now it's Hampton Bays East. They closed all the nightclubs in Southampton and East Hampton, so all the drinkers headed east. " Aug 20, 14 6:47 PM

Man Beaten With Handgun During Bridgehampton Home Invasion

No names mentioned, I see. I'm glad no nuns were killed. " Aug 20, 14 6:50 PM

Case Adjourned Against Riverhead Couple Involved With Threats To Bomb Jewish Center

I don't get it. They said they knew of a group of people who wanted to bomb the center. That's not making a threat. Were they blackmailing the center, claiming they'd give the names of these would-be-bombers if they were given money? " Aug 20, 14 6:54 PM

Richard Gere Lowers Price Of North Haven Estate To $47.5 Million

"""What should he sell it for? """

Apparently, a lot less.

The housing market has cooled this year. There aren't enough billionaires to keep up with the house building/flipping. Now, even multimillionaires are able to buy here. There goes the neighborhood. " Aug 20, 14 7:03 PM

Former Southampton Post Office To Be Auctioned Off Online

d is under no obligation to accept the winning bid if it does not meet an undisclosed asking price.

So how is that an auction? If he wants the same price he's been asking, then he's just listing it on a new site and not telling anyone the price. If the "winning bid" isn't what he wants, then how is it a winning bid? It might be the highest bid,but it's not winning if you don't get the prize at the end. " Aug 20, 14 7:15 PM

Which Plants To Pick?

I have no luck with heuchera. They hates me. " Aug 20, 14 7:19 PM

Former Southampton Post Office To Be Auctioned Off Online

So did it sell for the final bid of 3,050,000? " Aug 21, 14 2:24 PM

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