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Kardashian Clan Leases Jobs Lane Store In Southampton Village

""The Kardasians are a perfect fit. Hope they spend a lot."""

People like the Kardashians don't spend. They get comped. " May 21, 14 11:38 AM

Southampton Village Considering Valet Parking To Ease Stress During Summer Months

CVS is the worst problem I've had in the village. Several times last summer I couldn't pick up needed prescriptions be aide the parking lot was full. I tried several times a day before giving up. My son then told me there is a shuttle taking people from CVS to the beach. Great! A teen with a car can cram 6 teens into his car, park at CVS and take the shuttle to enjoy the beach all day long while tying up a parking space.
As for these toll plans, someone said to charge everyone except fulltime residents of Southampton and East Hampton towns. Every single second homeowner will change their license and registration to their second home and workers will charge people even more exhorbitant rates than they already do out of pique. Ikea already adds a significant charge onto East End delivery; look for other companies to do the same if you add tollbooths. And what's to stop anybody from getting off the LIE at Exit 72 in Riverhead and taking Flamders Rd to the village of Hampton Bays, then to Hill Street? I take it all the time because I'll be dammed if I'm going to sit in traffic for 8 hours if there's an accident on CR39. It doesn't take "forever." There's only one traffic light in Riverhead village that is a bit long. " May 25, 14 10:00 AM

UPDATE: Ride To Montauk, Reduced And Restricted In Settlement, Will Take Place Saturday

The simple solution to this is to not have the event anytime between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Have it in early May or in September or October. This isn't 1975 anymore. Times have changed, the population has exploded, the Hamptons and Montauk are a weekend destination for far more people from Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan than they used to be. " May 30, 14 11:01 PM

UPDATE: Two injured In Double Car Accident On County Road 39

I always take the back roads starting at sebonac in order to avoid getting caught in the 8 hour traffic jams that happen when there's an accident on CR 39. I was shocked to get caught in a miles-long traffic jam on shrubland road. In 21 years, I've never seen such a thing. When we finally got on CR 39, it was ironic to see eastbound traffic zipping along on a Friday while the westbound lane was crawling at a snail's space.

Here's something I've noticed this year that I've never experience so many times before -- the car behind me beeps the horn at me when I make a complete stop at a stop sign. Wth? " May 30, 14 11:30 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's getting on my last nerve. I have and overwhelming desire to turn my car in a way to prevent going around me, then getting out of my car and tapping on the offenders window. "Let me get this straight. You don't know what a stop sign means? Allow me to instruct you. You must come to a complete stop at a stop sign. You don't roll through it. Have you understood what I just said?"

" May 31, 14 8:05 PM

Why not allow citizen volunteers to take care of ticketing? Have criteria -- someone who's never had a traffic ticket, who has no criminal record, has never gone bankrupt or defaulted on a mortgage, etc., who undergoes a number of hours of instruction. Then they can have red lights installed in their cars and be allowed to pull people over and ticket them. You don't need the police for issuing traffic violations. " May 31, 14 8:27 PM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

I guess there is a shortage these days of giant yellow teddy bears wearing oversized headlamps." Jun 6, 14 1:46 PM

Scottish Rower Injured Off Shinnecock Inlet Coast

Is it really a good idea to row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean for a mental health association? Now that the poor man has had his head examined, I hope he doesn't try again. " Jun 15, 14 2:16 PM

Six-Year-Old Girl Hit By Car In Water Mill Dies At Hospital

Thoughts and prayers for young girl and her family. Every parent's worst nightmare. " Jun 15, 14 2:18 PM

So sorry to hear she has passed away. Condolences to her family. It's heart wrenching when a child dies. " Jun 15, 14 7:57 PM

I heard helicopters and then I heard from someone who passed the scene who told me of the condition of the car. When I heard she was taken to Southampton and not airlifted, I assumed she was probably too gravely injured for helicopter transport. Very sad for everyone involved. I always drive slowly on Blank because of deer mostly, that shoot out in front of the car. Also there are walkers, runners, and kids on bikes in the daytime. At night, there are dog walkers with barely visible flashlights. It can be hazardous. So very sad for the family. " Jun 16, 14 11:22 AM

Flanders Residents Decide: Sell Or Stay Put?

Stop paying people to live there through FEMA insurance. " Jun 19, 14 5:33 PM

Residents March Against CVS In Bridgehampton

I went to two "pharmacies" today looking for a peri bottle and a pair of small scissors for use with medical equipment. Neither store had these items. They DID have about 10,000 chocolate bars, cans of soup, shampoo, salty snacks, beach towels, pet beds, greeting cards and nail polish. But virtually no small medical supplies. When I was a kid, we had corner drugstores. They were 1/100th the size of today's "pharmacies," but they had plenty of small medical supplies. I never went into a pharmacy/drugstore and was unable to find these types of supplies. I never had to walk through tons of detergents, hair products, snacks, canned food, frozen food, beach and pool supplies, etc. Now I have to order these simple medical supplies online. But if I need to rot my teeth with half a storeful of sugary snacks, CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade and other stores are just the place for it. Yeah, sure we need more of these stores. Can't have too much useless kerap in our communitities, can we? " Jul 10, 14 5:23 PM

A 'New Deal' For Bees Pleases Beekeepers

I can't believe how few bees I have in my yard compared to 20 years ago when I first began gardening. My lavender and catmint used to be swarming with bees by this time of year. Now, I hardly see any. The more of those little red/orange flags I see on people's yards signifying lawn treatment, the fewer bees I see.

People, do we REALLY need lawns so green and sterilized that all insect life must be exterminated? Plus I see landscaping guys wearing pesticide necklaces and bracelets. Seriously, guys? You want to wear poison all day long while you sweat? I spend much of my day outdoors and wouldn't mess with that stuff. You're probably in more danger from poison ivy than from insects. Poison ivy is now much stronger than it used to be and can get badly infected from constant scratching. " Jul 10, 14 5:45 PM

UPDATE: Truck Hauling Dirt Overturns On Flanders Road, Partially Crushing Car

People pull out in front of me on Flanders Rd all the time. You really have to be careful. If you don't know the area, you won't know that people on side streets get tired of waiting and just shoot right out, figuring you'll slow down in time or swing into the left turning lane. It's really common and I watch cars waiting at the corners of side streets like a hawk. " Jul 24, 14 12:58 PM

UPDATE: Arson Squad Investigating Seven Ponds Road Fire

It was ugly. Too many gambrels too close together. " Jul 30, 14 11:20 AM

Just to be clear --- I didn't do it! I just thought it was unattractive. Sheesh, if every ugly house went up in flames, the Hamptons would be hell on earth. " Jul 30, 14 11:24 AM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

Unmentioned in the article is that town police withheld the name and photo of the suspect for about a week. Long enough for the suspect to flee the country. Yeah. I went there. I don't think there was any unintentional error made. You know what we're all thinking, even though the suspect's name was Carlos, not Patsy. " Jul 30, 14 11:32 AM

Let's ask the residents of Water Mill if we'd like to rename the street "Eleven Days Road," in honor of the amount of time the SHT police refused to release the name and photo of the purported suspect in the fatal hit and run, even though they knew who Mr Zaro's employee was. " Jul 30, 14 6:24 PM

""""The perpetrator was an illegal allien""""

The ALLEGED perpetrator. Some people think he might have been paid off to take the blame from someone else, while being allowed enough time to escape the country as part of his reward for the blame-taking. It would have made a great Law and Order (mother ship) "ripped from the headlines" story. " Aug 1, 14 2:43 PM

Watermill Center Hosts Summer Benefit

Bummer for the guy who owns 1-800-GOT JUNK. He has some pretty stiff competition now in the Hamptons. " Aug 3, 14 6:40 PM

Montauk's Dock Restaurant Changes Sign Deemed Offensive To The Irish

Australians are bigger drunks than the Irish and you know it. The UK is awash in falling-down drunks every weekend. It's so bad in some UK cities that they have medical buses that literally scoop up passed-out (mostly young) people off the street and keep them on the bus until they come round. The police can't deal with the huge number of drunks. Not enough drunk-tank room. And BTW, the Irish received an award for being the best fans at the 2012 World Cup. Other country's fans were fist fighting, screaming obscenities, threatening rivals while the Irish engaged everyone with a sense of humor. The Irish drunks were greatly appreciated by the Polish security forces.

I'm sure there are other filthy ethnicities you should be barring from your place of business, no? " Aug 4, 14 6:02 PM

Driver Flees Accident, Drives With Hood Upright Past Hampton Bays Carnival

Seriously, all those people at the carnival and not one cellphone pic? Awwww...I would have loved to see this. " Aug 4, 14 6:11 PM

Fight Erupts After Cheating Accusations At Fishing Competition in Montauk

Must be those Montauk Irish drunks. " Aug 4, 14 6:14 PM

UPDATE: Arson Squad Investigating Seven Ponds Road Fire

Remember the fire at the party house on Jordan Drive in 2012? The house had code violations for having too many people at huge parties every weekend? Did they ever determine what caused that fire? I remember reading stories in 27 East that they were trying to determine what caused the fire, but I don't remember follow up. " Aug 6, 14 8:13 PM

Richard Gere Lowers Price Of North Haven Estate To $47.5 Million

I really liked the house he owned in Water Mill prior to this one. It was understated and comfy looking. Couldn't believe he went from that house to this one. Midlife crisis? " Aug 6, 14 8:18 PM

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