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Village Parts Ways With Westhampton Beach Police Officer Over Missing Gun Incident

When I was growing up, this type of thing was called institutional corruption. " Jan 31, 14 6:43 PM

New York State Plans To Cull Or Capture All Mute Swans By 2025

The Canadian coywolves are coming! The coywolves are coming! " Jan 31, 14 6:53 PM

Police Investigating Death In Montauk

Was this Judith Martin, the News 12 anchor who was reported by News 12 to have passed away on Friday? I noticed lots of pictures of her on the beach in News 12's photo montage. " Feb 1, 14 11:27 AM

So do they know who it is, or how this person died? " Feb 6, 14 8:56 PM

Investment Banker Sues Southampton Town Planning Board, Farmers Over Barn Denial

There has always been a "drug epidemic." In the 1950s and 60s it was heroin. When I was in high school it was weed, LSD and amphetamine pills, then powdered amphetamine (Remember "Speed Kills"?) Black beauties. Reds. Quaaludes. We survived.

Then it was cocaine. Then it was crack cocaine. Then it was methamphetamine. All along this time period, people were skin popping and mainlining heroin. Remember AIDS? All those heroin addicts? Then it was Vicodin and OxyContin. Then people confused OxyContin with oxycodone and Percocet became a big bad drug, even though it's been around for decades. Now they've clamped down on prescription drugs and we have cheap heroin thanks to our Friends in Afghanistan. We still have meth, too. And tobacco is a drug. Many people are addicts, but the government doesn't mind if you get addicted to that drug.

There's ALWAYS going to be a "drug epidemic." People have been seeking ways to get high since the beginning of time. It's never going to go away. Let's try legalising and controlling pot. Maybe people won't buy cheap heroin if they can buy weed at the local dispensary. " Mar 8, 14 8:45 PM

Lauerville? You mean Lauer City. " Mar 8, 14 8:50 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern must be relieved at the news. " Mar 19, 14 8:20 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Will Bury Lines If East Hampton Town Pays

Isn't it better in the long run to have the lines buried? Hurricanes and noreasters cause trees and power lines to come down. LIPA/PSEG then has to call in power trucks from all over the country to repair the lines. After Hurricane Sandy, I saw crews all over the place for weeks repairing damage to downed wires. It's stupid and shortsighted NOT to bury the lines. It will cost more and more money over the years if you keep stupidly stringing them up. " Mar 19, 14 8:27 PM

LIPA Will Get Proposal For Wind Farm Off Montauk

All oceanic windmills are imported from Europe. None are manufactured in the US. What do you think the estimates for repairs will be after hurricanes, noreasters and superstorms? Do you actually think your energy bill will be reduced by these billion dollar projects? Ha! The supposed "jobs that will be created" by wind farms will be paid for with your escalating energy bills. It's admitted that half a million migratory birds and sea fowl are killed every year by wind turbines, so that means far more are actually killed

. How much do you think it will cost to maintain these things? Why not take the billions of dollars that these projects cost and give them to homeowners to put solar panels on their homes and to bury electrical power lines? After every hurricane, noreaster, blizzard, derecho, superstorm and "straight line wind event," we hear about the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars it costs to repair downed power lines. This is so foolish. " Mar 27, 14 12:44 PM

Water Mill Community Notes, February 27

The mailbox damage is indeed from snow plows. Lots of snow this winter and lots of contractors being hired to plow. Not all of them are gentlemen. When you start seeing mailboxes on the ground in summer, then you'll know it's vandalism. " Mar 28, 14 12:02 PM

LIPA Will Get Proposal For Wind Farm Off Montauk

Both oceanic wind turbines and solar panels are not steady producers of energy. However, solar panels go on YOUR house. You can own them. You can do your own upkeep or pay for the upkeep. You know how much energy is being produced.

But you don't own oceanic turbines. LIPA gets government money (from you) for the initial installment, pads it and passes it on to you. All maintenance bills for the turbines from LIPA will be padded and passed on to you. Do you really think your energy costs are going to go down with oceanic turbines? They're horrifically expensive to install, expensive to maintain and do not steadily provide energy. Germany has pledged to have more renewable energy than any country in the EU and even they're doing a "Wait a minute!" with turbine power. (They're not "windmill farms," BTW. They're large scale turbine installations. The Corwith structure is a windmill. These oceanic turbines aren't).

Why are energy companies so hellbent on "wind farms," when they did the best they could to shut down government subsidies for homeowners installing solar panels? Think about it. "Renewable energy" isn't their motive for installing these things.

I hate that I'm on the same side as Trump and the Koch Brothers on this, but I'm probably on this side for different reasons. It has proven to be extremely costly to subsidize these turbines for the amount if energy they produce. And for all the money we're going to be throwing at turbine power, do we know how it will affect sea life? The oceans are practically fished out as it is. We know they kill millions of birds and if you think that's ok, remember that it's "the birds and the bees" who pollinate. And we're already running low on the bees.
" Mar 28, 14 4:53 PM

State Test Opt-Outs In Eastport South Manor, Hampton Bays Exceed State Cutoff

I had to take Iowa tests and California tests and all kinds of other tests 45 years ago. I took regents tests, I took SATs and ACTs. It never occurred to me, my parents or my teachers to throw a hissy fit and refuse to take the tests. They were a measure of what I'd learned. How come, all of a sudden, this sort if testing is such a big deal? Teachers have been "teaching for the test" for decades, most recently under No Child Left Behind. There are always going to be mandated tests. Get used to it. Can't wait to see what these precious snowflakes will do when they have to get jobs and do "stuff we consider unfair to us." Let's see if their parents tell them not to go to work. " Apr 8, 14 7:00 PM

Parrish Tax Levy Approved By Southampton Voters

I was unable to get to the museum today to vote due to the roadwork. Multiple intersections in Water Mill were impassable and when I finally made it to 27, I sat in traffic for 15 minutes. I had to turn around and leave the roadway to pick up my son via back roads south of the highway and then go up island for appointments.

This was NOT a good idea and I'm not happy that I was unable to get to the polling place. " Apr 9, 14 5:37 PM

How did those people get to the museum to vote? Access to the museum was LITERALLY closed off on Montauk Highway. I tried to get to the museum coming from the west and road workers had the entrance to the museum closed off with equipment. When I later tried to approach the museum on Montauk Highway coming from the east, I sat in stopped traffic. Not slow traffic. Stopped traffic. This was after I was unable to use three intersections onto the highway and had to back up and turn around three times until I finally found a way onto the highway. This is an absolute disgrace and you won't convince me it wasn't planned to be that way. It just SO HAPPENS that an election was scheduled in the museum instead of a regular polling place, and entrance to the museum JUST HAPPENED to be inaccessible that day for many potential voters. Really underhanded and disgraceful. My tax dollars go to the town to buy land for agricultural reserve which then gets sold to celebrities to clutter up with massive buildings and now my taxes are going to a private museum that the town prevented me from entering to vote. One man, one vote? HA! One palm, better have grease. " Apr 11, 14 5:47 PM

Water Mill Community Notes, April 10

Raking is painful to the arms and to the muscles in your sides. You have to stretch while you're raking.
Throw the rake down so that it lays across your foot.
Stretch your right arm over your head and bend toward the left side. Switch to the other side.
Then slowly stretch your arms over your head until your hands touch. Slowly bring them down.
Now pretend you are going to touch your elbows behind your back a few times. Then put your hands on your hips and rock side to side.
Bend down towards your feet a few times.
Now kick the rake up with your foot, catch it and go back to raking.
You'll get the hang of it and you will stretch as you rake. Don't just do stretching before and after.
Wear crocs. If you are going to be on your feet for a long time, crocs are your friend. They come in black and brown, not just in bright colors. You can wear socks with them. Black crocs + black socks = crocs not so noticeable." Apr 11, 14 6:15 PM

UPDATE: Police Find Riverside Woman Dead In Pine Barrens

I can't believe the family is handing the dog over to an animal shelter. I'd never do that to my mother's pet. In fact, my mother once asked me if I'd take her elderly cat if something happened and I said yes. But the cat died before she did. " Apr 13, 14 8:31 PM

UPDATE: State Supreme Court Denies PSEG's Application For Temporary Restraining Order Against East Hampton Town

I'm glad we paid to bury the lines, like they do in civilized countries. Less hurricane/nor'easter/thunderstorm/derecho damage to worry about. And trees won't need to be trimmed to cut down because of power lines flapping around. " Apr 13, 14 8:41 PM

Voters Approve Parrish Art Museum Tax Levy

It wouldn't have mattered if you knew the vote was going to take place at the museum. I knew it was at the museum and could not get there due to blocked access from roadway.

This should be challenged. " Apr 14, 14 6:26 PM

Police: Limo Driver Arrested For Transporting Drunk Teens En Route To Montauk

Montauk used to be a nice family resort place for middle class and working class people and vacationing fishermen. Now it's full of drunks. Restaurants have turned into clubs, motels have turned into clubs and even the yacht club has turned into a drunken club scene with phony "charity" events that exist to sell tickets to parties where people get p:ss drunk. What a shame. This once nice town now makes it's money importing bus loads of drunken fools, many of them underaged, who brawl on the street and p:ss all over the town. " Apr 23, 14 1:32 PM

Is The Reign Of Monarchs Ending?

A large field on my block used to have hundreds and hundreds of milkweed plants. Now this field has identical multi-gambrel-roofed McMegaMansions, sod and swimming pools. Isn't there some way to convince the 1% to use some of their money to plow under a patch of their sacred life-killing sod and allow it to be turned over to local flora? Maybe a Monarch Brigade can form, spread the news and offer to plant the local milkweeds and other wildflowers. Imagine if just a small part of all these endless soul-and-wildlife-killing sod holds were turned over to wild cultivation. It would help. We have plenty of supposed earth-and animal-loving celebrities who could get involved publicizing such an effort and allowing a bit of their land to go wild. These vegan, only-organic-foods-and-products celebrities whose hearts bleed and wallets open for little doggies and kittens are the same people who cover the landscape with oversized houses, tennis courts, swimming pools and hydrangea-dotted sod farms. A few seasons of planting milkweed will assure it comes back after that every year, as it used to do in my lost neighborhood fields. " Apr 23, 14 1:49 PM

I didn't shout or scream (exaggerate much?) or demand that no one else build here. Here's what I don't have that they have. I don't have sod. I don't cover the ground with whatever makes up a tennis court and I don't waste water -- because I think it is a precious resource.

Sod is bad for the environment. It's full of pesticides and herbicides and it requires sprinkler systems which very often are spouting water ---- yes, on my block as well as others -- during drenching rainstorms.

That's what's not ok, get it? And the occasional hydrangea in that sea of sod does not make for a diverse biosphere.

Plowing up the natural environment and replacing it with an unhealthy substitute for what used to be called God's own earth is stupid and short sighted. The pesticides and herbicides needed to maintain acres of sod kill beneficial creatures (like our pollinators, which include butterflies, bees, birds and moths). These pesticides and herbicides leach into our water supply. They pollute our ponds, our lakes, our bays and our oceans and contribute to algae blooms, deoxygenation and fish die off. (And they might kill us, too) And sod requires an unnatural amount of water to sustain itself, which is a waste (and it's washing all that poison into our surroundings).

What do I have? I have bushes, trees, shrubs, flowers and all kinds of weedy things like dandelions, mustard, moss, ferns, chokecherry, escaped imports like escaped privet, Queen Anne's lace, those ubiquitous olive things, wild onions, and things I don't recognize. If they start getting thuggish, I pull them out. I don't poison them and I don't irrigate them during downpours. Oh, and by the way, my family is quite used to people building here in the 350+ years that the European branch has been here and beforehand. What we're not used to is people so deliberately, belligerently and senselessly destroying the earth and the ocean which have so benefitted our family of humankind for millions of years. That's a recent development. And an idiotic one.

In the meantime, until we can convince unintelligent people of the futility of transforming our landscape into nothing but a huge swath of unsustainable, unnatural, unnecessary, unhealthy, sod-aholic splendor, maybe our local garden clubs can start planting milkweed on the grounds of the Southampton Post Office and it's surroundings, as it looks to be a good habitat. I'd volunteer to help. How about you?

Is that ok with you? Or am I "screaming and shouting that no one else should be allowed to come and build here" Apr 23, 14 5:58 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

I'm a year round resident and kept applying for jobs at Southampton Hospital for which I was well qualified due to education and experience. I was finally told on the sly that all the positions I was applying for were really temporary seasonal hospital jobs filled by young "travelers" brought in from other states for the summer. I told them I'd be willing to work seasonally and they still wouldn't hire me. I'd be out of here in a heartbeat if I weren't tied here by family obligations. I don't blame anyone from skedaddlimg from here as quickly as possible. They won't even hire local kids at drugstores for summer jobs, preferring to bring in Eastern Europeans. " May 2, 14 3:35 AM

What us a MIL flat? A mother/daughter? Since when are those illegal? " May 2, 14 3:39 AM

I have to laugh at the people claiming they had to leave Southampton because they're being taxed to death. Try living in Manorville or Patchogue with a lower quality of life and a much higher property tax. My mother's former home -- about 1000 sq ft on a 100x60 lot without sidewalks, boxed in by 4 major, busy roadways -- has double the taxes of my 2,000 sq ft home on an acre. Taxes are great here compared to up island. " May 2, 14 3:58 AM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

Lol. Southampton a one horse town with no future for its young. I hope that's sarcasm. It's hard to tell on the internet. " May 9, 14 12:44 PM

If this young mans supposed "epilepsy" (it's been called "seizure disorder" since the late 20th century) and its medication regimen precluded him from returning to school, then it would certainly preclude him from driving.

Is it SOP for ambulance crews to draw blood from the driver at the scene of the accident? It is in some countries. Just wondering. " May 9, 14 12:56 PM

Oh, and another thing. All employers should warn new employees from out of the area not to try to cross 39 on foot or on a bike, whether there is a crosswalk or not. Newcomers and out of towners do not know the history of that roadway. It's very dangerous. It was a sleepy two lane roadway built for a few potato trucks and Sunday drivers. It's outgrown itself and many people speed on it. On weekends, many drunken people are on the road, especially after work hours. Then there are people driving on it for the first time who are unfamiliar with it and get confused. I wouldn't cross that road on a bet during any season of the year, in daylight or darkness. " May 9, 14 1:07 PM

Minor Storm Washes Over Barrier Island, Highlights Threat To Hampton Bays

My family has been here for more than 300 years, before "global climate change" was a phrase. They didn't build their homes near the water because people had the brains back then to realize that you can't hold back an ocean or a river or even a storm-swollen creek. Common sense disappeared somewhere in the mid 20th century, when greed became good.
People with money and power now believe they can control natural forces. In olden times, people made sacrifices to their gods to keep the storms away. Didn't work. Now people pay bribes to officials and fund the careers of politicians who will consign trillions of dollars to the futility of keeping the ocean from sculpting the beach. Still won't work. But it's better to sacrifice a chicken than to sacrifice all that money which could be used to update infrastructure on things like bridges, which rise above water instead of trying to control it. " May 14, 14 9:47 PM

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