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Pope holds swing vote on Nuzzi proposal

Wasn't the justice issue brought up by newly elected Town Justice Andrea Schiavoni? Didn't she say she was going to fix this and put more time on the bench? Wasn't the fourth justice appointed by Heaney? Didn't Kabot bring this issue to light at a Town Board Meeting?
As far as her 4 assitants, they do not make 600k. If you would look at the Town Budget on the Town Website you can see the budget for the Supervisor's office along with their salaries. If my memory serves me correctly, her 4 assistants make less than the previous TWO supervisor's staff.
For SHNative, the new roof is not slate, its immitation slate and immitation copper. Costing far less than the real thing. As far as all the renovations to the Town Hall facility, its all part of a master plan that has been in the works for several years. These are not spur of the moment spending sprees. " Jan 18, 09 2:45 PM

Bank gets cold reception in Hampton Bays

How about TD bank moves into the soon to be vacant Wamu bank in the King Kullen shopping center? Wamu is closing and sending its customers to Chase bank." Feb 2, 09 8:42 AM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

just a cheap low blow by kabot to try to distract the public from the real issues like the budget fiasco thats going on! " Mar 4, 09 1:04 PM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

All along it was Kagel. She's the one that messed up. Kudos to Kabot for combing through the financial mess and working to sort out the budget." Mar 25, 09 9:08 AM

Citing hassle and expense, East End police departments ignore seizure law

So the Southampton Town Police Chief, making over $160k a year, doesn't think this law makes sense or has the manpower to enforce it? What are the 100 police officers and 15 support personnel doing all day that they are so busy? So all the unlicenesed drunk drivers that are arrested each week are back on the roads in their cars once released? Stellar job as usual Southampton PD! Maybe if you impounded cars you would have less drunk drivers to worry about and that would free up some manpower to handle the impounding process, just a thought." Mar 26, 09 9:29 AM

Woman dies in crash; driver flees on foot

Maybe if SHPD enforced the impound law for repeat offenders of driving without a license/suspended license, this could have been avoided. Chances are very good that this was the case here.

thetruth..."I wish people like you could go starve in a poor country have your kids wear raggety cloths and shoes ,get no education,then we would see if you would make those comments." What does that have to do with vehicular homicide? If you grow up in a third world country its ok to do this in the USA? Murder is ok if you had a tough life?" Mar 30, 09 9:31 AM

SH PD ARREST A 43 YEAR OLD MALE UNLICENSED DRIVER. Heres another shot in the dark, most likely of questionable legal status.

littleplains, I think you're mistaken, people of jewish decent do not have hidden horns. Shame on you for such a statement!" Mar 30, 09 11:48 AM

Let us not forget that driving is a priviledge regardless of legal status in this country. This man did not have that priviledge and this is the worst consequence of driving without a license.
He is not justified in his actions of running away regardless of legal status. There is no reason to justify any of his actions on Saturday and try to tie it to the struggle of immigrants in this country.
This is a sad loss of a person and my heart felt condolances to the family." Mar 30, 09 4:18 PM

Citing hassle and expense, East End police departments ignore seizure law

For Terry, Just an FYI generally those that have suspended or revoked licenses are in those situations because they are repeat traffic offenders i.e. dangerous to be on the road. If the law was enforced, his vehicle would have been impounded.
If the person in question is here illegally, he does not have the priviledge of driving because the almighty government says so. In that case, he should never behind the wheel.
So, not because he was tan. But it an understandable assumption since this wave of immigration is a visible minority i.e "tan"" Mar 30, 09 4:43 PM

East Hampton man arrested, charged with fleeing scene of fatal accident

Hey littleplains, since this guy is unlicensed...I would think involuntary manslaughter could be applicable. Perhaps you can educate us as to why it would not be.

bambi - good to know if you get into an accident, you would run away and leave the people you injured. Nice set of values and morals. " Mar 31, 09 4:05 PM

I did google Terry.

We all know people with moustaches are very dangerous! :)" Apr 1, 09 9:05 AM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

I like idea of the IRF that Uncle Fester posted above. I stay take it a step furter and let littlplains and similar thinking folks begin a program called "adopt an illegal." Go to 7-11 and pick up and illegal and bring him/her to your house to live and take care of. In the mean time you teach them english, help them learn important job skills and help them become legal.

Thank you to the Whitbys and Sister Lavery for helping people in need and I know that you will soon find another location to feed the needy." Apr 1, 09 2:51 PM

Hundreds protest taxes in Riverhead

What exactly is the stimulus Noah & peoplefirst? How is that going to get repaid? Through taxes!
Why reduce the size of government, just increase it.....which increases costs necessary to operate the machine.....which increases taxes.

Name calling gets you nowhere pjc.
" Apr 22, 09 3:19 PM

Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

I think the Town should put up money to buy the property. Instead of using the 3 million to rent trailers for the new justice court complex, renovate CPI and put it in there. And since the CPF office, Nutrition Center/Town Clerk Annex, and Parks office are already in Hampton Bays, put them in CPI. CPI could be the new Town Hall annex, rather than building a new complex in the future on Jackson Ave. Combine all these offices already in Hampton Bays into one central location.
Or better yet use it for the Maritime Heritage Center thats supposed to be built along the Canal.

I do know the building in and out and yes it does need work, but it is not in fall down condition. All the comments and letters to the editor about it being unsavable are false. Theres not much left on the inside that remains from the glory days but theres some nice decorative woodwork etc.

Just a thought...." May 8, 09 2:47 PM

INS....yes i live in Hampton Bays and yes my assessment went up 190k.
My point in my post was that the Town has all these individual offices in Hampton Bays. The Town pays rent on the Town Clerk Annex/Nutrition Center and is renting trailers from Cassone for the new Justice Court. Rent is a waste of taxpayers money while a permanent solution is found. It is part of a long term paln to build a Town Hall annex in Hampton Bays. Why can't it take advantage of CPI?
Of course this will not happen since it is privately owned by a developer.
I just think the Town should consolidate the offices located in Hampton Bays to one permanent location, which happens to be CPI which I think is a building worth keeping. No need to get bent out shape INS we both know that there the building will be razed and condos be put in place at some point in the future.
Proper long term planning by the Town 30 years ago could have changed the way things are today." May 11, 09 10:19 AM

Kabot says party leaders pressuring her to keep lid on financial woes

What this financial mess is uncovering was that there was an artificial surplus during the Heaney years. He had a surplus becuase the Comptroller never took funds out of the General Fund and appropriated them as directed by the entire Town Board. In actuality there was never a surplus just smoke and mirrors by Heaney and crew. Now when it was being looked into why there is no money for certain projects, a trail was discovered and found that in many instances money was never moved into the proper accounts and kept in the general fund; creating a surplus. This is all due to human error according to Heaney and Kagel who then blammed it on Budday; some mid level civil servant.
Kabot is just trying to untangel the mess left by the former comptroller. Kudos to her to straightening this out. Kudos for Throne-holst and Pope for asking for an outside auditor other than AVZ who can't figure out how to read a receipt it seems!" May 14, 09 1:54 PM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

I think everyone needs to understand that assessments are based from July 07 to July 08 before the big downturn. This timeframe is mandated by the state.
Yes there are errors becuase not every home gets a site inspection. I t pays to go to Town Hall and grieve or hire a service to do it. Chances are good that you will be readjusted.

I think that everyone should contact their state representative and tell them to restructure the timeframe assessments are calculated becuase obviously when there is an economic downturn everyone gets hurt. There has to be a better way than regressive assessments." May 15, 09 5:01 PM

Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

thank you heaney and kagel" May 20, 09 10:26 PM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

The republicans are just getting revenge because she ran a primary two years ago and kicked heaney's butt, the GOP's good ole boy who cooked the books in town." May 20, 09 10:30 PM

Dozens rally in opposition of homeless sex offender trailer

those poor homeless sex offenders, right justus1? how about you give one a room to stay in your house? " May 20, 09 10:35 PM

Malone no stranger to politics

so you're advocating for big government and high taxes?" May 29, 09 2:41 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

John you're not getting raises because you don't do a thing. Why is the County threatening to take back all the affordable housing parcels they donated to the Town? Maybe becuase absolutly nothing has been down with them! Do the Town a favor and leave!
You want a raise produce results!" Jul 6, 09 9:56 AM

State DOT will install traffic light on Flanders Road this fall

Flanders Road is a State maintained road, if you want a traffic light or one repaired you must call the Long Island Regional State DOT office , phone number is available on the the State DOT website. Why call and blame the Town and add another layer of bureacracy?" Aug 28, 09 8:45 AM

Southampton Town Trustees win suit brought by Brookhaven fishermen

snarko77: How are the Trustees making a profit? What are they selling? The Trustees are government, there is no profit in government at any level. If you take the time to look at their budget, available on the Town's website, you will see that.

If you Brookhaven people didnt overfish and pollute your waters you wouldn't need to come to Southampton and do it. " Sep 2, 09 8:50 AM

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