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Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

Why not print the whole letter instead of your selective quote? Phrases like "submit to the authority of a superior" are devastating to employee morale or describing insubordination as "employees' attempts to embarrass, ridicule or degrade a supervisor; or grumbling, back-talk or overall disrespectful attitude towards a supervisor." The finale states, "failure to adhere to this standard can lead to discipline up to and including discharge." These phrases are not about a "team" approach as Wilkinson stated in your article. Who would want to be on this team anyway? This is intimidation. " Mar 9, 11 4:57 PM

As a Repub I even thought Ms. Overby was evenhanded. The only Queen of East Hampton is Ms. Quigley, and along with King Wilkinson, both have proven to be huge disappointments. Btw, I liked the way Ms. Overby was concerned about neighbors and neighborhoods. Isn't that the job of the planning board, to protect our quality of life? At least she cared about the citizens of EH. " Mar 11, 11 10:32 AM

From my observations of planning board meetings (on LTV which I love because it keeps me informed in my own home!) John Lycke and Silvia Overby were the best planning board members ever. If she runs, I could be convinced to vote for her. I liked how she treats people, including all the board members. " Mar 14, 11 11:19 AM

Montauk Residents Support Ronjo In A Petition

OMG! It is Quigley and Wilkinson that make town employees physically sick and scared about losing their jobs! Just ask the latest town employee, Pat Breen, who was fired last week thanks to a vote by Quigley, Wilkinson and Stanzione. Overby and Van Scoyoc stood up to their terror and tried to save town jobs. Physically sick are fired town employees Steven Lester, Kathy North, Warren King and Larry Penny. And don't forget Edna Steck, Audrey Gaines and so many more who were forced to take retirement or else...I agree with ehranter, hang in there!" Apr 11, 12 9:18 PM