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Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

wow, dagdavid spamming the board, classy." Jun 21, 11 3:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Are you saying the alarm companies not only provides monitoring services but owns the houses as well? Wow, what a racket!

The police are responding to the house, which is owned by the property tax paying homeowner. If it is chronic for a particular house then the police bill the property tax payer not the alarm companies." Nov 19, 11 12:55 AM

Minor Accident Sends Three To Hospital

Rumor? I watched the 2 ambulances pass by in Water Mill with a police car leading them. What an odd thing for the Sergeant to say and what does it matter if a police car escorted them?" Nov 27, 13 4:35 PM

That would make sense. I do not recall which police department's car was leading the 2 ambulances." Nov 27, 13 10:43 PM