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Forum on Suffolk County's homeless sex offender policy draws 300 people

I agree that this is a complicated issue .It will take all levels of government to work this out in the end, but only one to start those trailers moving(Steve Levy).Why is it that the community leaders have to bring these issues to the public's eye all the time when we elect officials to protect our interest and our communities.I believe a good follow up for this event would be for both Towns to plan a bus trip with three buses from each town(SH-Rivhd),to the County Excutives office.Why because Mr.Levy never likes to come to listen to the people of Suffolk and Steve also dislike's picketing, so bring it to him.Lets not forget the only thing that changes goverments mind is the power of the VOTE. see ya at the next election "STEVE LEVY"." Jan 17, 09 11:03 AM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

It seems Fred is losing his republican values, especially on Immigration and gay marriages just to name a few. Its time for change and Fred needs to go.Fred has overstayed his welcome far to long.I wish the party's would find a worthy challenger because theirs a lot of votes out there for that person especially now.Who ever that may be will get my vote. " May 6, 09 7:13 AM

Same-sex marriage bill passes State Assembly

This is typical Fred.first you screw up the Community Preservation Fund then you show support for other side only because you cant stand Linda.Now you fold on the republican and christian values for "gay marriages".I can only hope that this isn't rubbing off on Senator LaValle.It seems you might be switching party lines and if not your stay has been long overdue.Wake up South fork,its time for Fred to go. " May 18, 09 7:53 AM

New rest rooms, renovations at Big Duck Ranch

INS, The Duck property had a vista at one time that was wonderful and enjoyed by all to see.This is what Mr.Sheldon is suggesting, as to restoring what was.I can only hope that the initial planning that the community worked on for years is not forgotten by the FRIENDS or the TOWN." May 18, 09 8:18 AM

Town and school officials are ticked over MTA payroll tax

The Governor is off his rocker.The MTA should handle its own problems.I do not use the MTA now or in the future so why should I have to absorb the increase in my Town,County and School Taxes. Rebates from the State,that's another joke.Everyone should be exempt from this political nightmare.Obviously Governor Paterson really cant see,he's destroying New York." May 18, 09 8:31 AM

Dozens rally in opposition of homeless sex offender trailer

JustUs1,no one is screaming "NIMBY".It seems that the residents of this particular community are willing to house the offenders that originate from there community, just not yours or any other towns located in the County.

Isn't the location of the Suffolk County Jail enough for this community.The County already abandoned the County seat of government (County Center) for Hauppauge, and continue to use Riverside as a dumping ground.The trailers are just as safe in your yard JustUs1, as the Jail parking lot.

One thing I do agree with is too many Laws are what's causing this problem.There has to be a happy balance and that will never happen because politicians are the ones crafting these laws and catering to the people for their own agendas.

I can see that JustUs1 has only responded to one comment and hopefully the last. " May 21, 09 7:48 AM

County gives more land to the town for affordable housing

How fortunate that land is finally given east of the canal and its not suitable for development.The County previously gave 12 72H parcels to the town in the Flanders area for affordable housing and I say Flanders has enough.These properties were originally planned for the TDR'S to be banked, so to promote retail uses in the Mixed use Planned Development District know as (Old Flanders Drive-in) and along Rt 24. This would create tax ratables and service that the community has long desired. Most housing in these communities is undesirable due to the rentals and slumlords.Promote home ownership,fix the affordable housing that's causing blight before you offer more affordable housing to the community. I know Anna means well but I think Flanders has burdened enough by being another ginnie-pig plan from the Town." May 21, 09 11:44 AM

Levy says he will veto sex offender legislation

I really love this DUMP theme.It's the best comment of all that I read.
" May 20, 10 10:38 PM

County replaces Westhampton sex offender trailer despite town court challenge

Mabye you should help them by moving e few into your household "Johnny"
" May 20, 10 10:50 PM

First of all Barb,both trailers are located in the Town of Southampton.In walking distance to residential areas,Riverhead free library,Suffolk County Center and Schools.They have been here for three years and counting.At any time they hold up to 30 people in Riverside parking lot trailer and 8-10 in Westhampton trailer.It cost over $ 200.00 dollars a day for transportation alone for these offenders(per person) to go too and from social services everyday, not to mention other cost associated.They leave in morning and return at night if needed.They can go wherever they want because they have served there time for there crime.The real problem is we the community feel that western homeless sex offenders should live in the western Suffolk and not all Homeless SEX OFFENDERS should live in our community.Thats it in a NUTSHELL,welcome to the community." May 20, 10 11:07 PM

Levy says he will veto sex offender legislation

One law after another.What everyone should realize is it's the State that requires the County to provide shelter.Politicans keep enacting law after law putting more of a squezzzzze where any Homeless sex offender can reside.I agree put em on plum island, but until the State comes in and says every district has to provide for their own regardless of all the local laws, the Town and County are gonna just go back and forth with nothing getting accomplished." May 20, 10 11:19 PM

Burned-Out Streetlights In Flanders May Outline Understaffing In The Highway Department

Seems to me maybe Richard Naso should run for something instead of just stirring things up all the time.
" May 5, 11 12:26 AM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

This seems like there's a history of problems with Ms. Troge.Lawyers should back track to problems with Riverhead Charter School to she if ther's a pattern." Jun 16, 11 5:22 PM

Southampton Post Office's "Green" Landscaping Draws Complaints

Boy if only Flanders Riverside and Northampton could just have their own zip code instead of sharing 11901 with Riverhead,we would probably take care of the landscaping ourselves,Thanks Tim Bishop for doing nothing since elected,blow smoke somewhere else.
" Jun 16, 11 7:56 PM

Town Board Requires Affordable Homes, Not Rentals, For Five Flanders Properties

Since when does the Town conduct mailing surveys with our tax dollars.They wouldn't even think about doing this in any other part of Town,especially on this issue.We have enough affordable homes, I meant eyesores"Thank-you". Maybe Turkey Bridge should live next to section 8 as I have for so many years and he will rethink it.This has been going on for years and ATH and BF have supported it until now, so they flopped on the community this time which usually comes from the Republicans.I applaud Chris Nuzzi for listening to the Civics for they are the ones that devote all there time to make the community a better place to live,not renters. How dare them go against the only people who do anything in the Hamlets.These are the 2 dems that I helped get elected and how do they return the favor, WOW a big slap in the face. I can only hope BF dosent make it to Albany. " Jul 12, 12 10:03 PM

Flanders Residents Continue To Trash Garbage District

give it a rest girl" Apr 15, 15 10:02 PM

give it a rest girl" Apr 15, 15 10:02 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Flanders Garbage District Proposal

It didn't unite anything Ron,it just satisfied the previous FRNCA hatters and people that are just followers or don't even own a home.Although it might have saved some money initially,I didn't like the idea of having to go to our legislator to get rid of it in future when the costs inflated.That was the only thing that did it for me. I heard all those people that joined FRNCA where at the FRNCA meeting in force. LOL" Jun 11, 15 8:07 PM

Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

I agree whole heartily,7 years common.I'm sick and tired of everyone playing i was discriminated.You rose to fast in the ranks as it was.Go to another Town." Dec 5, 17 10:29 PM

South Fork Projects Get $5.5M In State Grants

5.5 million secured for south Fork and Riverside took home the least of the bounty towards its revitalization efforts that have been a ongoing issue for the last 25 years.Comparable grants issued for Long-Wharf revitalization,a movie theater,wine tourism and revitalization in other plush communities that Flanders and Riverside residents would love to call home.I see we are still being kept as a bottom feeder to no surprise.But Thank You for the 26,000 thou! " Dec 28, 17 8:39 PM