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Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

This is not new. Intimidation of town employees has been a pattern of behavior from the Quigley/Wilkinson duo ever since they stepped in to office, ostensibly for the benefit of businesses in EH (or donors of the Rep. coffers).

There is no mystique here, They would either eliminate of marginalize the Planning Department (read Quigley's words). Then take a look at the town website which defines the functions of the Planning Department in some detail:

If you agree that we live in an environment which is threatened on the East End and that this requires a delicate balance between commercial development interests and preservation, you will want a strong Planning Department!

It is sort of comical that they want “this place to operate as a team,” when they themselves are unable to work WITH all 5 members of the town board as a team! The town of EH is not only business and development interests. Nobody is being duped here." Mar 9, 11 10:09 AM

thank you fins for setting the record straight - can't wait for election time" Mar 11, 11 8:43 AM