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Westhampton Beach Football Defeats Lawrence To Win Its First Ever Long Island Championship; Laube Finishes Career In Record-Breaking Style

Miss C Law..
How many appearances have you made in huddles, locker rooms,end zones,bus rides, homecomings,parent - athlete gatherings, added now to the thrill of record setting accomplishments??
Agreed,there is an element of concern for safety...
So you choose to highlight that aspect? Might as well throw in.. Leaving them with a baby sitter...putting them on a two wheeler.. Walking to school..allowing sleep overs..running with scissors.. And what about that Learners Permit thing at such a tender age.???
These kids and parents weigh All that comes with this commitment. Coache's do everything humanly possible to make their experience rewarding.
Parents, many of whom never played organized sports are not re living their youth through their kids.. But offering them the right of passage to be a part of something that far out weighs shining a spotlight on the hazard of which you speak.
Life is about choices.. And both student athlete and parents in this case should be credited with a pretty good one!!!!
Might as well be non discriminatory so as not to forget those risk taking sideline cheerleaders.. Building 3 Teir pyramids and tossing each other around recklessly!!!!! You never know..??

" Nov 29, 17 8:53 AM

Let's review.
There are stats that speak to youngsters falling off swings, and sustaining brain injuries.. Do we eliminate swings from playgrounds?
You went a little radical on my posting.. " 100%".. "Football destroys"..." Many players"... You must have focused on one word( injuries) of a multi word description of the positives that others might believe to have merit.
I'm all for you encouraging your son to avoid contact sports..as a result of your misfortune. Nevertheless, I wonder how many of those 2500 parents and friends of the Hurricane Warriors would agree...!!!???

" Nov 29, 17 5:56 PM

Laube Shares Top Football Award With Lindenhurst's Ruckert

Finally, Coach Hansen has made his way back " Home"..
He, along with the many coaches who have stood on those sidelines would have felt honored to have shared in your many accomplishments.
You, Dylan, bring pride to your school, the community,and your family.
May success follow you down the paths you choose." Dec 14, 17 9:44 PM

Liam McIntyre Earns 100th Career Win At Sprig Gardner Tournament

Oh yea...
Yet another Hurricane, likely to be a candidate to edge towards future record setting achievements on the mat.
A swift transition from pads to wrestling gear appears to be yet another challenge Liam is eager to engage in.
Success such as this has its roots in yes, natural ability, accompanied with outstanding coaching and the disciplines provided with strong parental oversight.
And to think, lacrosse is just a few months away.

" Dec 15, 17 3:24 PM

Martha Raynor Of Eastport Dies on December 31

Martha was a gift everyone cherished.
Her friendship over the many years is well documented in both of our “Family Album of Memories.”
The family she raised,was her pride and endless joy.
She and Milt came as a pair, and quite a pair they made.
She may have journeyed before us, but never shall she leave our hearts.
May God reward you as He wraps His arms around you." Jan 3, 18 5:22 PM

Liam McIntyre Of Westhampton Beach Wins Suffolk County Division I Wrestling Title At 182 Pounds

Behind every championship caliber athlete stands a championship “ support system”..
To you, Mr and Mrs Mac and family, the honor and pride you share is well deserved.
Commmitment, sacrifice, and home values accompanied with training, conditioning and coaching have delivered the athlete we have witnessed this year.
Looking forward to a senior year with on going challenges to be conquered. " Feb 13, 18 11:41 AM

Liam McIntyre Keeps Carl A. Hansen Award In Westhampton Beach

Some 50 plus County Schools each year field a Varsity Football squad.
Probably no less than 1500 determined young men strap on that helmet,
preparing for the contests from August to November... not to mention the countless hours in the weight room.

To be chosen as the” Best of the Best “ will long outlive the memories of touchdowns, tackles and interceptions. They become vague, but recalling your family in the stands, rain or shine, will last forever.

Wear this honor with both pride and humility, that reflects the character of a true champion.

You leave behind a footprint demonstrating to youngsters following you that “ all dreams are attainable “. Let them close their eyes picturing themselves raising that same trophy in seasons to come.

May they have not only your “ on the field abilities”, but so too your character and determination.

Hats off to all those who shared in this achievement.. Especially the many coaches who can rightfully claim a piece of this honor.

" Dec 4, 18 5:45 PM

Westhampton Beach School District Earns Rare School Of Distinction Honor

These accolades attributed to the Westhampton Beach School District are derived from diversified branches that have been nurtured from the deeply embedded roots :
Families who provide the quality youngsters
Community..SchoolBoard Members who spare no worthwhile expenditures
Faculty, Staff and Administration enabling those charged to them with unlimited opportunities to succeed.
And finally, the Athletic Department, headed by Ms Masterson, whose expectations of student athletes and coaches rise to the level that this award represents.
My comments ... are based on my experiences with decades of coaching experience there.
Grateful for your leadership Kathy." Oct 16, 19 3:30 PM


Your one sentence analysis of the academia at WHB HS marginalizing both students and educators is merely “ Bomb Throwing.”
Unless you can re- respond with precise, factual data to support your theory...
You have self destructed and smeared those who have been acknowledged by those who have used calibrated measuring criteria to award this deserved tribute.
So, put up... or re think your preposterous two cents worth of criticism." Oct 16, 19 9:53 PM

A Worthwhile Journey: Westhampton Beach Boys Volleyball Wins First Ever County Title

Congratulations Team Canes..and Jackie..
League, & County Championships come along rarely.
They come with many many challenges both on and off the court, field, or classroom.
These are youngsters who go above and beyond their given talent level as a result of exceeding expectations both with performance and commitment. Be reminded that opponents bring to the contest their best effort each time..none travel on busses to loose.
“Coach” has been personally “ Driven “ with a Passion since she was a little girl playing for the Hurricanes decades ago.
Goes without saying, she has passed both the skills learned along the way and the accompanying determination to those under her guidance.
Now, keep it going.there’s room for “Another Banner”....put it up." Nov 13, 19 6:48 PM

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