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UPDATE: Moore Ousts Teller As Westhampton Beach Mayor

Prudent editorial governing has trumped "Freedom of. Speech"... When the speech is gutter worthy ....
Can't run around spewing the venom that came from one who gave his target no opportunity to refute.... Not that he should dignify such preposterous claims.
Best wishes Connie for your decades of public service....
Used to run through the community as you biked by me!!!!!
Also "Shared h the Pilgrim".........
" Jun 22, 14 9:45 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief To Retire Next Week

You know ... It's a funny thing about "choices"...
We All Have them and in turn Make them..
Some choose to clean pools..
Others commute to Wall St seeking their fortunes...
Others clam, landscape,teach, or perhaps sell real estate...
Ray chose to strap on a gun and leave his family with no promise that his odds. Were always in his favor to return home in one piece...
Critics slept while he was In a PD unit with oxygen and advanced first aid training to respond to you and yours. Would you ask how much he was making in a critical situation? How bout showing me your pay stub before you pull my family out of a car wreck a 3:00am..

He paid he...he did what was asked of him.... Indeed he was well compensated...
As a result of " personal choices"...

Many factors enter into one being successful.
A little luck..a little who you know... A little bit of timing... And ones ability to perform day in and day out... So What?

He served his community and earned what his counterparts did in surrounding communities.
Who these days are forfeiting salaries as a result of a certain segment of public opinion or envy? Lawyers, teachers, businessmen... I think not.
The power of choices puts most of us on an equal playing field..and in Ray's case...I'd say he made some pretty good ones!!!!

" Jun 23, 14 8:28 PM

UPDATE: Visitations For Gordon Werner To Be Held Tuesday, Wednesday

The How?andWhy?will never be answered to anyone's satisfaction when it comes to the all so early departure of one of WHB's Giants ... One who gave so much and asked for little.
More done sofar behind the scenes than in front.
The devoted head of a family that lived all of his values... While devoting much of his personal time to other people's families.
Although always on the go... Both he and his partner in life always made time to care and share with all who valued their friendship and were fortunate to call them "Friend"...
You leave us with a huge hole in our heart Gordon.. Yet God has gained the best of us... He , i'm sure has prepared a very special place for you... RIP ...
" Oct 27, 14 12:40 PM

William 'Bo' Overton, Longtime Westhampton Beach Firefighter and Former Police Officer, Dies

A WHB Green bleeding true and true whether "hurricanes" large or small.. Other people's kids... Or village safety and protection day in and day out.

Community stalwart... And selective small circle of friendship gate keeper.
Nothing short of a 100 % giver to those causes and pursuits he acknowledged.

An adolescent and adult life spent with a vision as to what he believed in ....not easily swayed by others or popularity persuasions.
May it be a restful Peace,,,,,

" Jun 4, 15 7:01 PM

Saturday Morning Shooting On Shinnecock Indian Reservation Leaves One Hospitalized

Pow.. Pow.. Pow..!!!!!
Premature fireworks for a festive holiday..
Boys will be boys!!!!" Jul 4, 15 9:26 AM

One Killed, Three Injured In Head-On Crash Thursday Afternoon In Flanders

Name a road in Southampton Town that can celebrate taking more lives???
The sixties and seventies brought even more of a challenge when the "fOVER POPULATED DRINKING ESTABLISHMENTS" drew quite a crowd!!!!

I've placed all too many into ambulances.. And morgue wagons as a testimony to that stretch of road's dark history.
" Jul 25, 15 1:30 PM

UPDATE: Swimmer Who Died At Rogers Beach Identified As Jordan Boris

Yea Lirider...
What was your point..
You seriously thought folks would read of this tragedy and develop more compassion for a grieving family and community caregivers witnessing a loved one die?
Your characterizations of those at the scene(where you were not) sickens me.
Your tabloid assessment is nothing more than "bomb throwing" from a so called 40 year source...
Read between the lines the sister wrote and feel her pain...how much your knowledgable insights must have comforted her.
Find your rock and crawl back beneath.
1200 miles from home does not separate me from that which is appropriate and wrong.... Let others decide the fate of your posting.

" Aug 2, 15 3:03 PM

UPDATE: Victim Of Riverside Shooting Tuesday Night Identified By Police

Hey Frank..
Perhaps you were expecting the Rockettes to show up on Old Quogue Road?" Nov 18, 15 2:40 PM

Old Chinese proverb: "One S.A.T. Vocabulary word... Maketh up Not.. For inserting foot in mouth.. As noted in original photo critique"....
Thou should be immediately placed on "Double Secret Probation!!!"
" Nov 18, 15 8:49 PM

UPDATE: New Police Schedule Created To Add More Support In Flanders, Riverside, And Northampton

FYI.. Unless status has recently been reconfigured....Eastport..Speonk...Remsenberg... Westhampton..and Quiogue...make up one of 5 or 6 West end sectors..excluding summer beach sectors.
Flanders..Riverside... Northampton... Remain an independent sector.
Frank... Post your source of info to contradict my posting." Nov 25, 15 11:03 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Superintendent Arrested, Charged With Felony; Lawyer Says No Criminal Activity Took Place

Come on folks...tis the season to be making some lemonade out of lemons...
With that being sain.. Join in with me as I share what an educator much like the Esteemed Superintendent might create as a learning opportunity from such an experience
A) how one , under duress, can dial 911
B) how to break and enter with no remorse
C how to rationalize your behavior to law enforcement
D) how better to appreciate the helpfulness of the Miranda warning
E) how to gyrate in the back of a PD unit with cuffs
F) how to refrain with humility after making the Front Page
G) how to exonerate oneself to the esteemed board members whose a***s occupy those deficient seats
H) how to put on a Santa Hat .. And weave some tale of total misunderstanding to a couple of hundred kids under your watch

So .. Not to cast the first stone.. But again turn the other cheek.. Let the Lady of Blind Justice take a crack at this one... And hopefully not witness another rug being lifted to cover this dirt...


" Dec 1, 15 7:38 PM

And to All of you teachers... We know of your plight... Keep those Test Scores soaring... Or it's your nighty night!!!!" Dec 1, 15 7:55 PM

Regarding your last posting..
Life is about personal choices.
Had you chosen to complete high school.. You therefore would have been eligible to take the county police exam.
As a result, with a competive score, a professional career with outstanding benefits, opportunities for advancement, and a retirement package second to none. Additionally, your lucrative side job business would therefore put you on easy street.

However, sadly, your chances of wearing blue, would be diminished upon the completion of the psychological that attests to your critical judgements.

I know... You were just trying to be cute with your observation.. Right??
Well, if serious.. Be sure to request a business card from the officer who responds to a 911 call made by either you or yours.

You might want to ". Wise Up"......

" Dec 2, 15 3:16 PM

Q...if looked at differently.. One might conclude that my comment was in support of the PD...
And by the way.. What bearing does geography have to do with common sense?
The cop does his, her job .. And Einstein speculates that there is some kind of scheme in the works!!??
Where's your supportive evidence for tossing out the word Hate?
" Dec 3, 15 3:30 PM

Mouthy ... The ass.umption that I might be carrying a badge is as irresponsible as your conclusion about the investigating officer.
Couldnt just let the article stand on face value.
The officer bashing was UN necessary.
All college degrees are not created equally...
Don't try to represent your insightful ness with a worthless piece of paper.
Obviously you over slept your 8:00 am class 101 common sense...

" Dec 8, 15 7:16 PM

Southampton Police Officer Saves Overdose Victim With Narcan Application

We all " Good " with this??? ... Or are the echos of " What if... What if" are going to start rolling out ?
This officer could have just simply called for an ambulance.. And written up a standard Field Report!!!! How bout some real support for what I would call Above and Beyond!!!!!
This is the kind of interaction that usually winds up beneath a Car Ad in the press.
Way to go 27 East!" Jan 17, 16 7:11 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce To Retire

Hey Chiefy...
Why not lay your past 35 year resume beside the Chief's and let's see how the rest of the non lobotomies world evaluates it...
Besides his record of management( which you chose not to find fault with) his years in sector patrol, Seargant supervisory roles, Lt. Department over singing, and overall Spotless record of criticism might be taken into consideration.
Pucker up Chief.. Cause you are sucking on some mighty sour grapes !!!!
Put on a bullet proof vest...
Leave your family for perhaps the " Last Time"...
Pass all the required tests.
For 35 years .. NEVER count on being home for Christmas ,Thanksgiving, july4t
Etc .etc.etc.
How bout. Trying some crime scenes where the average guy would "Roll Over"
Yet, I wonder the number you would dial when You or those you might care for needed assistance ... Just imagine if Bob Pearce showed up. ???
Bet chi wouldn't question his " Teeeeeet sucking "
Humble up moron.. Why didn't you take that Civil Service Test back in 1981 so that You could have one of those Teats in your mouth !!!!
Congratulations to One of the BestGuys in STPD!!!!!!

" Apr 7, 16 6:09 PM

Longtime Sag Harbor Fire Department Volunteer Ted Stafford Jr. Dies On May 2

Never Never could you find all the qualities That made Ted a " once in a lifetime"cherished friend.
With warmth, sincerity,and caring.. Made you feel that you "almost" became part of his family in sharing time with him.
My personal relationship with him came about as we both spent countless hours, often times alone, in a work setting that was both hectic and challenging. With his steady hand and good judgement in " trying times"... All more often than not.. Went well and very much according to the book.
This caring Chacteristic also carried over to the members of my family that will long be remembered... A trip to Albany comes to mind where he hastened to make my wife feel both welcomed and cared for.
Teds passing is certainly a devastating loss for his cherished family.. And so too for all who were privileged to call him .." Friend"....
May Peace be with you... Fran and Ted.

" May 6, 16 2:57 PM

Man Killed When Struck By Taxi On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays On Sunday Morning

Focusing just on that smile... Brings back vivid memories of a cheerful blond haired delightful youngster who in just everyday interactions " lit up" the room he was in.
To say that he was merely one of a multitude of studients I've helped to educate while spending decades in the classroom, would be unfair as a result of the memories he left with me.
Despite more than thirty years separating us... I fondly remember a young boy who grew into someone who shared by giving the gift of his friendship and caring to all who crossed his path in life... God Bless Ricky.
" Nov 22, 16 2:51 PM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Is Sworn Into Office Monday

To Frank.
Just a quick footnote.. No harm no foul...
Brent Carlsen was not a. " Chief"... Just Captain" May 1, 17 6:30 PM

Music Program Helps Bring Back Memories For Alzheimer's Patients

Sometimes " Good things Do happen to Good People".. And here we have two very good people.
Despite this unforeseen life changing event.. As seen here.. The caring never stops.
We have been blessed to have shared most of our adult lives with the Raynor family. More generous and unconditional friendships are hard to imagine.
We both cherish and reminiss with the many many times and memories we have shared with them....
Forever in our thoughts.. J &S

" Jun 2, 17 3:04 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

When the " teenager" is no longer a teenager...one looks back to a clock that has passed with speed that was unforeseen.
Both those who did participate in competitive athletics..
And those who chose not to...
Have memories.
Those who didn't, with regret, wonder what could have been, and exactly what it was that occupied their time.
Those who did, look back fondly exaggerating greatly their accomplishments on the field of play.
Maybe, above and beyond are the friendships and in some cases the experiences that will last a lifetime.
Ask Any former player to name his or hers starting lineup.. Bet they can.
Ask others what video game or chat room, tv program etc etc that occupied their youth.. Bet they can't!!!

" Aug 24, 17 7:04 PM

Hurricane Football Tops Harborfields, Caps Program's First Undefeated Regular Season Since 1932

After Hundreds of contests, with both memorable Highs and Lows..
Countless players, determined coaches, cheering fans, rain shine and even snow have been chapter after chapter in the ongoing legacy of Hurroicane Football.
And this 2017 team now holds a nearcentury distinction of being both Undefeated and Untied at the regular seasons conclusion.A milestone future young players will challenge themselves to duplicate or surpass.
To all who have captured this " Historic achievement".. High fives all the way around,
You've set the bar for those who follow in your Huge Cleat Prints!!!!!
Go on.. And complete your year of this unforgettable memory book....

" Oct 29, 17 12:00 PM

Westhampton Beach Football Advances To First County Final Since 2012 After Trouncing West Babylon

Sometimes a word like that turns into Bulletin Board Hype.. That's used as Payback in future contests.
They are History makers.. And surely entitled to some well deserved chest bumping.. But, so far, confidentially humble..
Classy!" Nov 12, 17 10:09 AM

Coache's have remarkable memories..more so with defeats vs victories.

Curiously.... They've even been known to dig up stuff like that pre WHB vs W Bab next year to motivate a bunch of teenagers. Anybody you know, who might look forward to re- peat Trouncings?
These days it's Psychology in addition to just Throwing Clipboards...circa 1970s

" Nov 12, 17 3:10 PM

With that being said.. Therefore you Assume that the opposing coach is not going to capitalize on the sensationalism of the headline to stimulate retribution...instead you visualize the team sitting in a circle taking turns reading the entire article sentence by sentence out loud to promote meaningful team dialogue and admiration for the historic Hurricane achievements.
My comment in No Way reflects on the kids, coach or team, rather a dopey headline that can be manipulated to serve as fuel for motivation.
Don't twist my words..perhaps you might want to Reread my original statement.one might be entitled to a chest bump or two after earning a never before witnessed 10-0 record with still some unfinished business that needs to be completed.

" Nov 15, 17 3:20 PM

Look up the standard definition of "classy"..
The word defines itself.
Sarcastic is your humble opinion." Nov 16, 17 8:30 PM

Coaching 101:
"Trounced."..Blow it up Poster Sized and hang it in the weight room.
Might encourage the development of becoming a trouncer. And not a repeat trouncee.
" Nov 16, 17 8:43 PM

The "Winds of Change" are gathering.
And these Hearty Hurricanes are on the brink of destiny fulfillment.

2017 will be long remembered." Nov 17, 17 7:46 PM

Westhampton Beach Football Defeats Lawrence To Win Its First Ever Long Island Championship; Laube Finishes Career In Record-Breaking Style

How do you go. from" Two a days,"combined with summer jobs" to raising the Long Island championship trophy?
Blood,Sweat and unwavering gritty determination.
Talent..yes ... But unselfishness and humility more so accompanied touchdowns and trophies.
That legacy will outlast all the thrashings and chest bumps.
What a gifted program that will leave large footprints for all to follow.
So fortunate to have witnessed this milestone. Congrats to all.
See you at Hofstra next year.

" Nov 27, 17 4:01 PM

Miss C Law..
How many appearances have you made in huddles, locker rooms,end zones,bus rides, homecomings,parent - athlete gatherings, added now to the thrill of record setting accomplishments??
Agreed,there is an element of concern for safety...
So you choose to highlight that aspect? Might as well throw in.. Leaving them with a baby sitter...putting them on a two wheeler.. Walking to school..allowing sleep overs..running with scissors.. And what about that Learners Permit thing at such a tender age.???
These kids and parents weigh All that comes with this commitment. Coache's do everything humanly possible to make their experience rewarding.
Parents, many of whom never played organized sports are not re living their youth through their kids.. But offering them the right of passage to be a part of something that far out weighs shining a spotlight on the hazard of which you speak.
Life is about choices.. And both student athlete and parents in this case should be credited with a pretty good one!!!!
Might as well be non discriminatory so as not to forget those risk taking sideline cheerleaders.. Building 3 Teir pyramids and tossing each other around recklessly!!!!! You never know..??

" Nov 29, 17 8:53 AM

Let's review.
There are stats that speak to youngsters falling off swings, and sustaining brain injuries.. Do we eliminate swings from playgrounds?
You went a little radical on my posting.. " 100%".. "Football destroys"..." Many players"... You must have focused on one word( injuries) of a multi word description of the positives that others might believe to have merit.
I'm all for you encouraging your son to avoid contact sports..as a result of your misfortune. Nevertheless, I wonder how many of those 2500 parents and friends of the Hurricane Warriors would agree...!!!???

" Nov 29, 17 5:56 PM

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