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Oyster growing drawing complaints from neighbors

Just remember, we have lost the haul seine industry & income it brought to the community because of this very attitude. The summer residents want to be out here because our area is both quaint & hip. When the quaintness impedes the hipness, they try to put an end to local traditions that offend them. I'm sure that these same people go to Indian Cove & order "Bill Pells Oysters" as they are called on the menu. " Apr 8, 09 12:33 PM

Police bust teen party at Gin Lane estate

Poor grammar will get you a free breakfast at Southampton tire too. " Apr 10, 09 5:58 PM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

The problem is not the Illegals. Its the fact that American kids are lazy. Yes, I agree that the illegals are taking away American jobs. In the America I grew up in, you would have a hard time taking a job from an American. Wake up. We are sucking the hind teat of a dead cow. The time is now to wake up. The Illegal aliens have a will to live. A will to survive. And a will to kick our rear ends. " Apr 10, 09 9:13 PM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

This is America. The great thing about this country is this: Although I don't support Mr. Wedell, I support his right to voice his opinion. This is America. We have a right to free speech. We have the right to assemble (Hague v. CIO, 307 U.S. 496 (1939)). The first amendment guarantees the right to assemble for the "communication of views on national questions" and for "disseminating information." GOD BLESS AMERICA. " Apr 14, 09 5:20 PM

Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

If any of the people who are against this plan vote in the village, & feel that it is an unneeded luxury for the Volunteer Firefighters who protect your property they should Contact the Fire Dept & voice your concern. They can show you trucks that barely fit in under the doors. They can show you an 18" space beteween an apperatus & a wall in which Firefighters gear up to respond to a call... Maybe at your house?

Or, think about how much a suit would cost the Village when one of our volunteers (people who spend as much time keeping your property safe as many people put into a second job.) gets injured or , god forbid, killed by an apperatus as they get dressed to respond. makes 6 million seem small, huh?

OSHA requires all fire houses to be compliant in the next few years. Hampton road is not even close..." Sep 18, 09 1:24 PM

Public meeting on new Southampton Village firehouse is Wednesday

OK, Walt. We can put the firetrucks in an old potato barn... Do you understand what a "Bond" is? As for Hampton Road being functional, it does not meet the minimum OSHA requirements. Is that functional, Walt? Do you even live in the Village of Southampton?" Sep 18, 09 11:10 PM

fdny, I think Walt should come try to put bunker gear on in confined quarters in under a minute." Sep 19, 09 10:49 PM

Dead fish litter beach in Montauk, commercial fishermen blamed

Well put, JJ. Since I build houses & you work on a tug, but we were both raised to fish...

Instead of blaming the fisherman, the blame should be on NMFS. The laws are so wrong, based on erronious data, that that "Highlining" (a term that actually means top boat in the fleet, not discarding bycatch or juvenile fish) becomes a means of survival. The federal government has more people working at NMFS than there are commercial fishermen, passing laws that adversly affect the stocks. The large, mature(breeding) fish should not be targeted. they are the only hope for stock survival. IFQs (individual fishing quotas) are the way to go. Get 1000# for quota, catch it, make money by playing the market & only targeting species when the price is high. The role model would be the pacific halibut, which is governed by an Internation Commision (IPHC). Halibut stocks are growing since "openers" were stopped. The upside of that is that the population gets fresh Halibut year round.

Blame not the gillnetters, draggers of longliners. Blame the garbage in, garbage out mentality, pasing laws that are plain wrong. That way JJ's kids, my kids & all the other second, third fourth generation fishermen on Long Island can make their living the way that they were intended to." Sep 23, 09 1:24 PM

Hampton Bays restaurant and bar to get face-lift

Good luck Craig!" Sep 23, 09 1:28 PM

Dead fish litter beach in Montauk, commercial fishermen blamed

Well put, FM. The National Marine Fisheries Service. Destroying Fishermans lives since 1973." Sep 26, 09 6:58 PM

Linda Kabot's DWI case expected to be moved to Riverhead Town Court

Why is "ATH" even being mentioned in this thread? Did she pour LK a drink?

Kabot refused the breathalyzer. PERIOD. this in itself is a crime.
" Oct 1, 09 2:24 PM

Grace's Hot Dogs founder Grace Amond dies at Manorville home

I miss Graces. Sorry to correct you, Brendan-the Graces building is still there. They renovated it for the bank & SBUX. Nothing was razed." Oct 8, 09 3:50 PM

Southampton Town Trustee candidate Bill Pell (D)

Bill Pell, Chris Garvey, Ed Warner Jr., Freddy Havemeyer & Jon Semlear are all great choices. Bill understands the issues & will work hard for we the people." Nov 2, 09 11:45 AM

Shellfish woes continue for DEC

Fedral law is that all discharge vales be closed within 3 miles of shore. The trustees run pump out boats during the summer to off load sewage." Nov 2, 09 11:51 AM

Southampton Town Trustee incumbent Fred Havemeyer (R)

Fred is a hard working, honest Trustee. He should be part of the next Trustee board, along with Billy Pell & Chris Garvey. " Nov 2, 09 11:55 AM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

We the People gave you the opportunity, Anna. Please do the right thing. Congrats.

WAY TO GO BILL PELL!" Nov 4, 09 6:39 AM

Longtime hopefuls finally earn wins as highway superintendent, Trustee

Way to go, Bill. Finally!" Nov 4, 09 12:06 PM

Song offers timeline to fatal struggle

As Mr. Oddone has a prior conviction for for an alcohol related incident, I think the "instant ---------, just add alcohol" line could be used here.

MY prayers go out to Stacy Reister, her children, Andy's Parents & brother Jim. The Reisters are stand up members of our community. Can Mr. Oddone say that? " Nov 8, 09 7:02 AM

Four Seasons Caterer Southampton asked to change its name

I thought Four Seasons Cesspool was Alex Von Bitter's other company... They pump what he talks. When you google four seasons, the hotel chain is the first hit. Is Herr Von Bitter also attacking them?" Nov 20, 09 3:52 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

I Concur. We are a country of Laws, lets uphold them. " Nov 26, 09 9:50 AM

I'm not dismissing the appellate court decision. Nor am I racist. If there is hiring going on, work is being done. When I get my paycheck, there is a substantial amount taken out by the feds & state, not to mention what is added by my employer.. Why should I be taxed, when there is not going to be any tax taken away from people hired at a "hiring hall" . On land that my taxes purchased? I care not whether the people being hired are Caucasian, Hispanic or Oriental, just lets be fair to law abiding citizens. As I stated, we are a country of laws. Lets uphold them." Nov 26, 09 2:08 PM

Can't we all just get along?" Nov 27, 09 6:45 PM

My point exactly, Bigfresh." Nov 29, 09 5:07 PM

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