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Peconic Bay Water Jitney Service Extended To October 1

No I was there for a dinner and meeting friends. I doubt it is practical for people who work on the North Fork because of the schedules and time spent. I have been tempted to take it for just a day trip boat ride kind of thing and maybe that is something that its good for. It would help a lot I think is if they had parking closer to Long Wharf so you can avoid the shuttle to Pierson." Sep 5, 12 9:00 AM

Study Says Fresh Market Would Not Cause A Significant Impact On The Environment Or Traffic

I've grown weary of these consultants..." Sep 5, 12 10:32 AM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

Well I was convinced it was a result of outsourcing jobs overseas and people falling into the welfare rolls and being desperate for money. Time to lock the medicine cabinet, Limbaugh is back in town...LOL." Sep 10, 12 10:48 PM

Fleming Defeats Maertz In Landslide Victory In Democratic Primary For State Senate

I'm gonna vote for LaValle. She's much too pretty to send upstate. Decisions, decisions..." Sep 13, 12 11:19 PM

Pottery Barn Plans To Open Its Doors To Southampton In The Spring

Pottery Barn Kids? You kidding? What do they sell for kids?" Sep 18, 12 4:26 PM

Thank you. I was thinking more along the lines of their cooking line and decor. I can now see what the kids things are." Sep 18, 12 6:36 PM

County Slaps East Hampton With Notice Of Claim Over Route 114 Drainage Project

I'm curious about who got the topsoil and for how much?" Sep 19, 12 11:20 AM

Young Man Surrenders To Police After Fleeing In Springs

I suppose he stole an I5 to cause such a deployment of police assets..." Sep 27, 12 4:23 PM

UPDATE: Officials Discuss Plans For Southampton Hospital, Stony Brook Alliance, Plans For New Hospital

Look forward to more parking availability at the new hospital. I also wonder what is going to happen with all those medical offices around the hospital and the village. I guess many of them will eventually be shuddered and new ones will be built around the hospital. Perhaps that is a boon to local property owners but what kind of impact will that have on the residential character of the area such as noise and traffic. What will happen to the current location and facilities is also a question mark now. Is Stony Brook a trustworthy partner here. We saw how nonchalantly closed down the college campus. Who is to say they wont behave in the same manner in the future if they determine the hospital is not performing up to their expectations or profitability. Can the community afford to lose a hospital because it does not suite Stony Brook's bottom line. What say does the community, and client base, have in all these decisions. And, where is the Village board on all this. They seem very quiet about it all. What kind of impact will this have on local businesses? And tax revenues...Just Sayin'" Oct 1, 12 9:01 AM

Southampton Secures $400,000 For Repaving Of Springville Road In Hampton Bays

I hope that this does not interfere with the leaf pickup." Oct 1, 12 5:02 PM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

Makes sense. So now on your day you have to hope that there is a gas station nearby that has gas. Instead of just hoping that there is a gas station nearby that has gas any day. Are there special lines for pedestrians with gas cans?(or do they just stand in line behind an automobile?" Nov 8, 12 4:38 PM

Home Insurance: Who Picks Up The Tab For Sandy?

There is one other certainty out of this storm is that all of our premiums will be going up. Hopefully, this increase will be moderate. Unfortunately, as I recall it was after Katrina that most major insurer's dropped clients and Long Island and many residents had to buy more expensive insurance from smaller carriers willing to carry the risk. Will they still be around after this storm? How solvent will they be? " Nov 9, 12 11:22 AM

Flooded Houses Must Be Inspected Before Power Is Restored, Southampton Town Officials Say

I can understand the safety precautions, but is all this bureaucratic red tape necessary? " Nov 10, 12 11:59 AM

Hampton Bays Civic Renews Talks Of Incorporation

Looking at Sag Harbor and the issues they have been struggling with over the past few months over the costs involved in maintaining its police department should be enough to dissuade this idea. Like someone pointed out before the tax base there in Hampton Bays is totally different from the other villages. It might be better, if feasible, to create a special tax zone of HB, and use the proceeds to fund a dedicated code enforcement officer or two at SHT as that seems to be the biggest gripe here. " Jan 22, 13 9:25 PM

Sag Harbor Getty Closes After Owner Says He Could Not Turn Profit

Yes, Sag Harbor soon will have no gas stations and 12 policemen...What will they do if people have no gas for their cars? No cars, no traffic violations, no DWI's, no rolling stop signs, no speed traps, no two police officers per traffic stops...Bring back your horse and buggies..." Jan 22, 13 9:36 PM

SPCA Searches For Woman Accused Of Abandoning Rabbit Inside King Kullen

Maybe she could no longer keep the rabbit and decided to abandon it somewhere where it would be found and have plenty of food and be warm. It would make a great classroom pet at an elementary school. Otherwise....Chinatown." Jan 28, 13 7:41 PM

UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

Sounds to me that this crime has to be investigated by the NY State Attorney General. Too many local law enforcement people involved. It would be the just way to approach this." Feb 5, 13 12:17 PM

@Blank. there is a stink factor here due to all the local cops involved. I've heard that Suffolk County DA Spota's son was an SHVPD intern at the time that Wilson was in charge and when Gannon was a cop there. That I believe is a good reason to have the State DA as opposed to the local DA investigate. " Feb 5, 13 1:33 PM

UPDATE: Some Schools Closed, Delay Starts On Monday

Thanks all for the advice on the freezing pipes. Good luck and stay safe." Feb 7, 13 9:50 PM

Why lock a story about the blizzard? Sad." Feb 8, 13 5:31 PM

Southampton Village Homeowner Asks For Relief From Pyramid Law

Really...Break the law and then ask for relief from it? The owner is a builder, he should know better. The building inspector who approved the permit. he should be demoted." Feb 15, 13 9:48 AM

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