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Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

I see so "Super Deputy County Clerk" is responsible for the budget surplus and his boy buddy "Billy Jack" 's crew spends it..." Jan 12, 12 9:45 PM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

It looks like a great solution for the Village and Bay Street...sorry, Jobs Lane Theater ...:))" Jan 13, 12 7:11 AM

Very good point Ms.X...A theater would very much liven up the place...Although a nice coat of red coulb be fun too...Don't the movies in SH stink too..." Jan 13, 12 7:54 PM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

Have any traffic studies been presented yet? That's the biggest problem. A small gourmet store is not what people want for a supermarket. A Best Yet market would be a good alternative. Then there would be competition for Schmidts, Citarellas,and farm stands...The problem with these people coming in here is that they have not spent the winter here. They are used to the year round wealthy zip codes. Not the two months it takes to make it year round. " Jan 25, 12 7:56 PM

Southampton Town Aquires 20-Acre Parcel In Riverside

175K for 20 Acres can't beat that. How much is the parcel in Sagaponack? " Jan 26, 12 6:22 PM

Southampton Village Considers Placing Open-Air Pavilion On Center Of The Arts Grounds

You'd think they would have a better way to spend their time an treasure..." Jan 27, 12 6:59 AM

Long Island Receives Millions For Economic Projects

The Agriculture Enterprise Park i understand is being developed at the Stony Brook in Calverton and will provide labs, kitchen resources for agriculture producers and small-scale food processors to research and develop new products. More money for Stony Brook? In Calverton. What is in in it for Southampton? The college? Do East End farmers need more aid? Where is the quid pro quo here with Stony Brook? " Jan 27, 12 7:44 AM

Schumer Announces New Helicopter Routes In Works

So Chuck is saying that the buzzards are going to fly along the shoreline? So all the beach-goers and homeowners along the North and Shores will be disturbed? Will they have to fly out at sea? Still, the communities that will continue to be affected are those at the landing path locations? The more things change, the more they are the same. Why not ban commercial helicopter flights and only allow private permit only flying?" Feb 2, 12 11:33 AM

Town Is Working On New Vendor Requirements

It would be nice if Southampton town gave beach goers greater choice in food vendors. Allow for more than one vendor at these locations. Give people a greater choice and a chance to smaller vendors who cannot bid for full time spot." Feb 17, 12 5:39 AM

Sag Harbor's 'Legs' Trudge Through Zoning Issues

If they like the sculpture so much, why not put them in their back yard? Or is this purely exhibitionism? Not a very interesting piece of art for my tastes." Feb 22, 12 5:58 PM

Sure, thigh high nylons on a sexy pair of legs is hot, I agree." Feb 23, 12 2:31 PM

Southampton Town Board Divided Over Comptroller Appointment

Deja vu all over again..." Mar 6, 12 8:49 AM

District Attorney Investigating Reports Of Missing Southampton Town Police Records

They are probably misplaced. They will turn up someday when no one is looking for them. Kind of like the glasses on your forehead..lol." Mar 9, 12 11:09 AM

that would be in violation of their contract. It stipulates that they are entitled to supper." Mar 10, 12 8:53 PM

Larry Rivers "Legs" Still Stand, ZBA Looks For Compromise

Maybe the legs should wear a dress?" Mar 21, 12 5:09 PM

Public Calls For Simpler Solutions To Make Noyac Road Curve Safer

There he goes again, snubbing the people he is supposed to be serving. " Mar 29, 12 6:25 PM

Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

Looks like their still gambling at Rick's place...Le plus ca change...the more it stays the same." Mar 30, 12 6:45 PM

Public Calls For Simpler Solutions To Make Noyac Road Curve Safer

The danger is entirely due to Cromer's and the way their parking area opens up onto the road putting regular traffic at risk. I don't see why the town has to go to this expense on their behalf. I would suggest requiring all these businesses along Noyac Road not have open lots to the road but designated entrances and exits. It will certainly not eliminate the whole issue of traffic pulling in and out. Other examples of similar situation along that road that come to mind are the Country Deli and the Coast Grill. Cromer's is the most dangerous because of the blind spots heading in both directions and people pulling in and out willy nilly. The other problem there sometimes is when trucks park across the road from the parking lot that compounds the perilous traffic situation. No parking/standing anytime signs should go up there and other places, especially deli's, where that tends to happen. " Mar 30, 12 7:47 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Says 'Legs' Must Come Down

Those legs are totally out of character with the historical sense of the village. Art they are, but in the wrong place they were. Perhaps the nouveaux Parrish will take them as a donation for their sculpture garden?" Apr 18, 12 12:31 AM

@VOS...whatever..." Apr 18, 12 9:54 PM

A Sidewalk To Nowhere On Highway In Water Mill

Perhaps the sidewalk IS an artistic statement. What is art? If Ms. Vered donated her legs to the Parrish, would they be allowed to walk the sidewalk--as a metaphor perhaps to the perversion and commercialization of art? Maybe other art could be dispalyed along the sidewalk and people could walk down and appreciate the, well, sidewalk art... Sometimes nowhere is somewhere." Apr 20, 12 12:33 PM

Horse Farm Application In Water Mill Sparks Concerns By Neighbors

I would have the same concern as the residents. The overall size of the project is 40 acres as I understand it because Mr. Lauer owns the adjacent 10 acres. Are those also protected or can they be developed into private homes? A horse farm in that area is certainly more appealing than development of any other type which is already restricted in this case. The other horse farm on Edge of Woods is a little further West and to be much larger and I believe they do do horse breeding. Will this "horse farm" be breeding horses or just stabling them with the "training" facilities? If your not breeding animals is it considered farming? I guess yes. I think this is a bit similar to the summer camp issue in North Sea where the intended use here is going to radically alter the current use of the property. It feels like this is going to become a busy place either as a riding academy or stables. Not to speak of potential events that will be hosted there. " Apr 27, 12 6:45 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Dominick Stanzione Pitches Deer Management Plan

Increase hunting for sure. Allow backyard hunting? Cocktails and Deertails....I know, I know...They'll never go for it. Their happy with us being susceptible to Lyme's or running into the Deer. Have to do something serious about the problem. How many accidents are happening because of the Deer? That is the first place to start counting. " May 2, 12 7:19 AM

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