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Bender Says He Was Not Aware That Pills Were Being Re-Sold; Board Sets Special Election For January 26

Malarkey..." Nov 30, 15 3:14 PM

So your addicted to opiods, and the treatment program you are following is Narcotics Anonymous and daily therapy only.No detox or rehab program here? Are you really addicted?" Nov 30, 15 3:30 PM

DOT To Reduce Speed Limit On Route 114 In Sag Harbor Village

Having failed to reduce gas prices on the East End, Fred turned his attention to reducing speed limits instead." Dec 2, 15 10:58 AM

UPDATE: Services Announced For Courtney Pivirotto

So sad. Condolences for Ms. Pivirotto's loved ones. " Dec 4, 15 11:38 PM

All round tragedy. Two young people passed away. " Dec 5, 15 10:47 AM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

Julie Lofstad "She is the founding member of the Hampton Bays Mothers Associ ation..." The un-Bender canditate.

I have to agree with the critiques of Yazstremski he ran a viciously negative campaign, could not explain any achievements of his in office other than serving eight years in his post and being deputy mayor-he forgot to mention being Mr. Epley's poodle. I never got a sense of what he would do for the Town. In my opinion he dragged down the Republican ticket in the election. Because of his rather negative campaign before I can't see him being a constructive force on the Town board and can only see him as a spoiler to the Supervisor's agenda. Espcecially with a republican majority. His only objective would be to set up his future run for Supervisor. I'm sorry but that future run belongs to Ms. Scalera. Electing Mr. Yazstremsky to the board would just return the Town to the previous animosity and impasse of the past Republican majority. No Thanks!
Its a shame that the Republicans did not run Mr. Hagan again. He would have had my vote again.

So that's why I'm voting form MOM." Dec 9, 15 1:52 PM

"Yes Mark",How high?" is not much experience. Sorry." Dec 10, 15 12:24 AM

Bouwerie Mansion On Meadow Lane In Southampton Meets The Wrecking Ball

Would be more helpful if they did away with LLC opaqueness altogether. The principals of these entities should be public information." Dec 19, 15 11:06 PM

Officials Offer Explanation About Why Village Latch Inn Is Not Included In Southampton Sewer Plans

And Epley's poodle Yaztremski wants to be elected Town Board member? It would have been interesting to get feedback from him on this issue in light of the upcoming election. " Dec 21, 15 7:02 PM

I'm sorry, I did not know you owned a poodle. No arm intended..:)" Dec 21, 15 7:57 PM

East Hampton YMCA Pool Making Kids Sick, Parents Say

Unfortunately there are no other public pools in the area. It is a shame that this is so in light of the fact that this is a water resort region which would greatly benefit from public pools for educational, competitive, recreational and training. Parents have little choices in this area. There is to be a new pool put in at Suffolk Community College in Northampton but no other ones are planed. The Y's pool is very good in general other than this air quality issue.

" Dec 22, 15 8:34 PM

Proposed Sewer District Would Impact Southampton Inn Owner In Many Ways

How much will the supermarket have to pay? How will that cost be transferred to customers? With a competing supermarket in the area won't consumers have better options? Tuckahoe Center must also be looked at under that light. " Dec 23, 15 12:16 PM

Two Chances To Meet Candidates In Southampton Special Election

"What's in your medicine cabinet?"...:)" Jan 12, 16 6:31 PM

Robert Sillerman Sells Meadow Lane Estate For $38 Million

Another tear-down..." Jan 26, 16 10:19 AM

Sag Harbor Cinema Is Back On The Market For $14 Million

It would be shame to loose that theater. Its hard to imagine that at that price a movie theater would be viable. The place struggles as is in spite of the great movies they show.

Maybe the new buyers will build condos...because we all know that what is truly missing in Sag Harbor is condos..." Feb 3, 16 3:16 PM

East Hampton Town Police Searching For Suspect In Wainscott Gas Station Theft

STOP WORLD!!!! Some unfortunate got his wallet and phone stolen....Really slow news day?...Cops in East Hampton got nothing better to investigate? This is like the third story where 27 East putting up some really crappy pictures hopping the public can chime in and help locate the perpotrator [sic.] What a waste...and it was one of my free stories too...Geez Edith..." Feb 6, 16 6:53 PM

Sean Ludwick Hires New Attorney

Linda Kabot's attorney." Feb 8, 16 4:53 PM

Shinnecock Nation Could Grow Medical Marijuana And Build Dispensary On Reservation

Now here is a sustainable economic development model: Sell cigarettes to people who get cancer and then sell them marijuana to treat nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy. " Feb 8, 16 11:26 PM

East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee In Favor Of Plans For Offshore Wind Farm

Are you advocating for a closure of the airport and instead making a wind farm there? Might be make more financial sense for the town...LOL" Feb 9, 16 6:45 PM

Southampton Village Police Release Description Of Vehicle Involved In Last Month's Shooting

Sounds like the police are looking first for a "2011 white Toyota Camry" that happens to have a male driver in it because that is the only concrete information they are giving here. At least we have been spared the crappy pictures at this point.

Its interesting that there is no more details about the driver considering that apparently, it was reported, that a police officer crossed the car as it drove away. I would think the officer saw the driver and would be able to give a better description. Likewise, was there no dash cam footage from the police that would enable a better profile.

This lack of information is just going to lead to ugly speculation as to the ethnic background of the shooter. Maybe there is a reason for this that I don't see. But considering that there is someone going around shooting people, it would be helpful to the public have more info. If not to identify the suspect at least the information might be useful for defensive, avoidance purposes." Feb 9, 16 7:36 PM

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