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Escape To New York Canceled Sunday Due To Rain

Truth be told , there probably was some concern that the concert would have turned into another Woodstock with attendees running around playing slip n' slide nehkid in the mud...:))" Aug 8, 11 12:14 AM

County Waffling On Wharf, Schneiderman Says Beach Should Go To Village

The legislators are right. Suffolk county needs money especially for social and medical services. Let the rich village of Sag Harbor use its CPF funds and purchase the wharf at market rates. " Aug 10, 11 9:30 PM

Taxis See Free Ride Favoritism

The taxi companies are right. These carts are cutting into their business with their free rides and being given preferential treatment. Are they subject to the same licensing and permit as taxis? And the same permit and licensing requirements and fees? These services may be quaint now during the summer, but when the chill of winter sets in they will not be around and the taxis will. As all businesses out East know, that income earned in the summer is key to tide them over the winter. The loss of income to free service summer only transport makes that winter survival that much more difficult. However, this service does show the need for a "urban" transport system to get people around villages in general. It could be the beginning of such an initiative.

Irrespective of whether a taxi or the carts, do these passengers being dropped off at the beach have to pay an admittance fee to the beaches? Seems like these drop off schemes are a way around the seasonal permit system which helps pay for the parks department and also keeps the beaches from becoming overcrowded. Why should some pay to maintain the parks through permit purchases and residential taxes while other businesses and beach goers prosper and benefit from not doing so? What will be next? Buses from Chinatown with loads of day trippers? I n light of budget caps and increasing costs it seems reasonable for the parks department to tap into this source of revenue or better yet eliminate the free ride. " Aug 10, 11 11:08 PM

Town Board Member Sees Potential Helicopter Solution On The South Shore

So the solution is to fly the helicopters over the busy beaches of LI? " Aug 11, 11 1:45 PM

Conservation Board Poised To Issue Wetlands Permit To Mecox Sailing Group

Will they be having Jet-ski lessons?" Aug 12, 11 12:11 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Board Votes Down Resolution To Eliminate Parking Regulations On Noyac Bay Avenue

Hopefully in the next administration the town board can reverse this decision. I suppose there are no restrictions there for people taking their dogs for a "walk" at the beach.

Hopefully the new waste management policy will re institute fee's for commercial dumping at the recycling bin's. I've seen an inordinate amount of commercial vehicles using the recycling bins fro commercial purposes. These are not there for that purpose they are for the recycling needs of private residents. Additionally, many of these commercial dumpers are up island businesses as far out as Nassau county. Why should Southampton town taxpayers be paying for the carting of commercial garbage? The town charges landscapers for dumping yard waste and the highway department for dumping leaves but it gives the private commercial users a free ride? Time to reinstate the fees for these users. Why they were lifted in the first place is puzzling.

" Aug 12, 11 1:54 AM

Conservation Board Poised To Issue Wetlands Permit To Mecox Sailing Group

Here is an opportunity missed for compromise. A little more yardage or restriction to permit parking could have been had. The Noyack Bay Avenue crowd got greedy and the Republicans bought in.

The apparent myopia of the Republicans is also disturbing. At the cusp of an election season where they are running unknown candidates, and dormant candidates, that they would cast such a vote that is is so at odds with the interest of the general community in districts where the local vote is significant. So they voted for the interest of this minority and sacrificed retaining the majority on the board. One can only wish them luck and hope the money was worth it.

" Aug 13, 11 7:17 PM

Homeowners Block Parking At Georgica Pond Access

I'd be concerned someone might try to dynamite the boulders..." Aug 17, 11 11:15 AM

Southampton Village Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect November 6

Another alternative is to order plastic shopping bags on line and take them to the store. They cost something like $17.00 for a supply of a thousand. For me it is a better option as I can store them in the car and when I go into the store bring some with me for packing. I have resused plastic bags as garbage can liners and this is a cheaper alternative than buying liners at $.25 a piece from the supermarket. Other people can do the same for their cat litter and dog-poop-pick-upper needs. I will also shift my major shopping needs from Waldbaums to KIng Kullen in Brigehampton or Hampton Bays. It turns out they offer greater selection too.

I don't view the plastic bag as the problem. Its more of a problem with people being careless or don't recycle. I noticed that finally there is a recycle bin at the North Sea dump for plastic film for recycling purposes. Does the Village take a proactive stance in that regard? No. Like wise the problem of overflowing garbage baskets only contributes to the problem. Also are there enough municipal garbage baskets available beyond Main Steet and Jobs lane.
But having garbage baskets is only part of the solution. Having people use them is another problem. I recall last Spring sitting at Cooper's beach and watching a group of young men--probably atheletes from SH high school-- hanging out at the beach having a good time and drinking their bottles of sports drinks. When it came time to leave, with a garbage basket no more than 50 feet away, not one of them bothered to walk over dispense of their bottles and all just left them there on the beach. So there is a failure to educate both at home or in the school about a basic activity such as properly throwing away garbage and much less about recycling. Of course, there was guard on duty or authority to monitor what goes on at the beach. There is a cost component to that.

Plastic bags are not the major plastic pollutant. Plastic bottles and balloons are more prevalent. We should ban those as well Mr. SAVE. Go ahead go up against them. You succeeded with the plastic bag why not the plastic bottle too?

If we are going to praise the Europeans, maybe we should start living like Europeans. That means paying more for energy, electricity and taxes and living in smaller spaces. Drive smaller cars that are more fuel efficient because gasoline is twice what we pay due to taxes. Consume less energy at home because that is also very expensive. Which means no air conditioning or rarely anyway. Also refigerators are generally smaller--which means you buy less groceries when you go shopping, which you do more often anyway but buy in smaller quantities which means less shopping bags and where you bring one or two bags or a shopping caddy. There is less of the weekly shopping trip filling up the trunk with groceries or the SUV to put into the large refrigerators and freezers. We dont live like the Europeans, so the plastic basgs make more sense in our context.

The Europeans are better at recycling than we are. They make recycling easier and more accessible. There are municipal recyclable collectors for different types of waste that are easily accessible on sidewalks for papers, plastics, glass. These are collected regularly by the municipality in specially designed trucks. People tend to use them because they are convenient and visible. They don't require a visit to the town dump. Of course there is a cost to that too.

So banning plastic bags may make you feel good, but how much of a difference does it make without a more comprehensive approach and a more expensive approach. " Nov 3, 11 2:50 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Chief Inks New Contract

Do away with the silos. Integrate all the police departments into a town police force with precincts instead. Seems like a better way to rationalize costs, and do away with "chief" salaries, and open up the system for promotions and lateral mobility. " Nov 12, 11 6:18 PM

Town Leaf Pickup Kicks Off On Monday; Residents Won't Need Vouchers To Self-Haul Leaves

I've noticed this year that more people are not bothering to clean and curb the leaves that have fallen on the road in front of their properties. I suppose to keep down the volume of leaves that they have to cope with. "what falls on the road the town can keep" attitude. Will the Highway department be sweeping these up to avoid the unsafe road conditions? Could these unsafe road conditions result in potential lawsuits? " Nov 16, 11 1:13 PM

Residents Irate Over Proposed Hangars In Westhampton

With all the flying plastic bags in this town upgrading the airport would be too dangerous. The plastic bags are more dangerous than the geese. They would clog up the plane engines the same way they clog up the drains..." Nov 16, 11 9:50 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor Won't Check Out Supermarket Proposal

Its unfortunate that these Village mayors don't consider the local consumers and cost of living and protect the real estate values and shops in their villages instead. In SH village we faced the opposition to a King Kullen in Tuckahoe, albeit part of a larger development. We should not be forced to drive to Riverhead for more affordable shopping options. The impact of larger stores on smaller village businesses is overblown. They usually have nothing to do with each other. The boutiques cater to a wealthier clientele and cannot be competitive for then needs of the average consumer. " Nov 18, 11 8:05 AM

UPDATE: Absentee Ballot Count Continues In East Hampton

Sounds to me like they lost count and had to start over again...I hate when that happens to me." Nov 19, 11 1:36 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

Well keep in mind that the homeowner is a taxpayer and is entitled to police services. Additionally the alarms do play a vital role in deterrence which helps with lowering the crime rate, contributes to maintaining lower insurance, and also reduces the need for more police and detectives. That's what I believe." Nov 19, 11 1:47 PM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

It does not seem right that they want to change the zoning for that store to accommodate a property owner that is not willing to divulge who the potential tenant will be. The residents have a right to know who the prospective tenant will be in order to better evaluate the potential impact .
Residents along from Cobb road in Watermill, Wickapogue Rd., Downers Path, and, of course, Flying Point Rd. may all be impacted by greater traffic flow to that store. More important, is how will the increased traffic on Hampton Rd. impact the flow of emergency vehicles from the fire station down the road and ambulances heading West to the hospital. There is also going to be a big mess at that turn/light on 27 with people trying to get to the store. Seems like substantial investments will need to be made to accommodate the traffic flow at that corner. Who's going to pay for that?" Nov 22, 11 11:17 PM

Its not at all what I'm saying. Having a large supermarket is a great idea, but not at that location. I like the Tuckahoe location for that." Nov 23, 11 1:42 AM

I agree with you. I went to Avanti around the time it opened and quicly realized that "this dog can't hunt". I never went back." Nov 23, 11 9:02 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

Are the dorms at the college being used ? The State put millions of dollars into those dorms, instead of homeless housing/shelters. If the college has shuttered those why not put them there?" Nov 24, 11 9:37 AM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

I heard that a Costco is coming to Riverhead." Nov 25, 11 8:13 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

To the Editor. I believe your head line should read "Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Highway Superintendent"...Thanks..." Dec 14, 11 11:27 AM

More BS coming out of Gregor's mouth to justify his duplicity. In my community there were more loose leaf piles and no bagged leaves. All got picked up including brush piles. He takes the taxpayers and residents of this town for fools. Anyone driving around sees that bagged leaves have been the exception rather than the rule. He said no more pick up of loose leaves and then he went around and picked them up.

Safe roads sure. But the only parts of the roads that are safe is where there was a pile of loose leaves before because as we all know the leaves that were not piled are still on the road. So Alex if your going to make the roads safe please clean up the loose leaves on the roads and intersections and not just the ones in front of people’s homes.

At the very least he should have documented/photographed which homes had leaves piled in front and sent the homeowners a fine or bill for the pickup. I know I know....The town board won’t give me money for that...

The town has to find a way to get rid of this guy before somebody initiates a class action law suit here. I'm sure there will be a lot of irate adherents. Shooting ourselves in the foot? Perhaps. But it’s time to send a strong message to the board that we are tired of this crap.
" Dec 14, 11 5:25 PM

This is part of the outrage of this whole situation. On top of the taxes that are paid to the town for this people are having to shell out additional money for private carters. To add insult to injury they are dealing with price gouging to boot. One person in this thread paid 75, this one 200. What is a fair price for this service?
" Dec 15, 11 9:23 AM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

I'm all for tree farms. But the rate of growth of those trees to make paper bags is very long in relation to the rate of consumption of paper bags (without going into the costs associated with the process and the impact of the chemicals used to recycle brown paper bags). There is nothing wrong with you BYOB. Likewise there is nothing wrong with me reusing my plastic bags as garbage can liners. What I find wrong is a few people trying to impose their preferences on the majority. There are alternatives and measures that can be taken to accomodate both as is practiced in other countries. " Dec 15, 11 4:03 PM

I've actually seen a Village board member, who said she would also ban the use of paper bags, shop a t Walbaum's at go for the paper bag and not BYOB...So much for that..." Dec 16, 11 9:04 AM

As opposed to the almighty Euro?...LOL. And they want us to get all European and everythin' and BYOB...LOL" Dec 16, 11 9:07 AM

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