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Independence Party Primary Set For September

Have any of these candidates developed a plan to deal with the traffic situation? I think its one of the more pressing issues we face. I have not heard from anyone about this topic.

I find Ms. Scalera has worked very well with the rest of the board compared to past boards. I think loosing her would be a loss for the town. " Sep 2, 15 8:24 PM

Louis Bacon Adds Golf Holes To Cow Neck Preserve

Its an organic golf course. They fly in bull crap from Texas in refrigerated cargo planes on a weekly basis." Sep 6, 15 10:23 AM

UPDATE: Saige Pfeffer, 2, Pronounced Dead After Being Pulled From Westhampton Beach Swimming Pool

So saddened by this. My heart goes out to the child, Saige, and her family and friends. " Sep 8, 15 6:30 PM

Southampton Town Will Explore Small-Scale Power Grid

If they could only capture that hot air coming out of town hall and convert it into sustainable energy. Give a bureaucrat some money and they will find a way to spend it." Sep 15, 15 12:02 PM

Waldbaum's In Southampton, East Hampton To Close Doors In October

Good thing we have Citerella's and Schmidt's! And remember folks on election day remember the good folks on the Town Board that have been blocking the construction of an alternative supermarket in the Southampton Village district. Do you really think there planning and foresight warrants reelection or promotion? " Sep 18, 15 10:59 AM

SCCC Officials Break Ground On $18 Million Athletic Complex Monday

I'm glad the county and state are rolling in dough again...How do I enroll? Is admission open? Must I take classes or can I just use the Gym facilities?" Sep 28, 15 5:44 PM

Discovery Land Company Attorney Wants To Control Discussion On 'The Hills'

Do you have to live in the area to go to the free Dine N' Wine's? sounds like great free stuff opportunity.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with packing their meetings with opponents raising questions?

As for Mr. Long...Larry, Moe or Curly?" Oct 1, 15 11:07 AM

State Police Could Lock Doors To Riverside Barracks Before End Of October

Town Hall? I wonder if the facilities are big enough to accommodate the Town's administrative needs. As Madame Anna is suggesting a new Town Hall facility might this not be an ideal location for it? And it fits right in with the Riverside revitalization initiative. Is there a better way to say "We love Riverside"? " Oct 6, 15 10:50 AM

Best Yet Chain Will Take Over Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's

Great for Westhampton. Hopefully they will consider a location close to Southampton Village. Maybe, Morrow should consider contacting them to see if the "as of right" size he can build in Tuckahoe would be good enough for their needs since a mega market is not likely to be approved. " Oct 7, 15 12:24 PM

Good news. Read in the Long Island News Daily that Stop and Shop is planning to open its stores in East Hampton and Southampton next week on October 16. " Oct 7, 15 11:12 PM

Opening Dates Announced For Southampton, East Hampton Stop And Shop Stores

Good news about the stores opening next week. Its important to get the stores running ASAP for the people who do not have access to transportation and can't afford cabs to Bridgehampton or Hampton Bays for groceries. I noticed that as the Waldbaum's was winding down the shelves were being cleaned. so I presume that to a certain extent some cleaning and maintenance is being done." Oct 8, 15 10:25 AM

Side By Side Building Will House New Day Care Center Under Different Ownership

Too Bad! I was hoping we would finally be rid of those flashing lights and speed limit. Don't they have to shut those off during non-school hours and who is responsible for doing so and to monitor that it is done? " Oct 9, 15 8:49 PM

Oh loosen up...My best to Vinny!" Oct 11, 15 12:35 AM

Southampton Town Will Keep Water Protection Plan Local, Drop Proposal In Its Present Form

Looks like a victory for the Republican ticket ahead of the election as Hagan and Scalera have been campaigning against this...For those who have managed to follow the campaign. " Oct 14, 15 9:02 AM

Bulkhead Will Be Constructed At St. Andrew's Dune Church In Southampton Village

At last their prayers were answered by judicial intervention...Blessed are they." Oct 21, 15 11:49 AM

Southampton Village To Apply For Grant For Heliport Improvements

Smells like mission creep to me..." Oct 28, 15 3:34 PM

Three Arrested Last Week On Drug Charges Following Investigation Into Drug Sales In Sagaponack

Don't you know that Marijuana is a gateway drug to Marxist-Leninism...Soon they will be walking aroung with Che Guevara T-shirts." Oct 29, 15 9:59 PM

UPDATE: Fence Installed At Historic Burying Ground Removed Over Weekend

Babs Wilson will be representing the owners in this property boundary dispute. They say she has experience in such matters." Oct 31, 15 12:41 AM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

Hypocrazy: Plastic bags bad, plastic political signs good.

Thank you madam for your public service." Nov 6, 15 1:42 PM

Wow the East Hampton town elections were undermined by a woman taking away a couple of signs? Lets redo them because this may have had a very negative impact on the outcome. Yes lets count some chads here folks..." Nov 6, 15 2:38 PM

Absentee Ballots Could Decide Final Seat In Southampton Town Trustee Race

Unfortunately, as I recall the ballot, the two candidates were in the same column. So if you wanted to vote for both Schultz and Overton, as a true "independent' voter, you could not. If Mr. Overton's name had been one column over, maybe the outcome would have been different. I got caught up in that myself while I was voting and ended up having to chose someone else. I wonder who picks which column a candidate appears on, but if it is in their party's control they should avoid lining up that way. " Nov 10, 15 5:40 PM

Thank you for clarifying that and I will remember it next time. More importantly, is do the election volunteers know that? I believe that I was told that it was only one vote per column by the election monitor. Wonder how many others, now, were so informed?

Thanks again." Nov 10, 15 11:26 PM

UPDATE: Planning Board Proposes Second Entrance For TJ Maxx Expansion

The board should definitely approve this request. The addition of affordable clothing stores on the South Fork is sorely needed it goes hand in hand with affordable housing. " Nov 12, 15 5:28 PM

Arrests Made In Connection With Flanders Home Invasion Last Week

What is the condition of the accident victim,please.?" Nov 18, 15 4:54 PM

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