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Uber Arraignments Adjourned To July; Attorney Says Criminal Records Is Biggest Fear For Drivers

Sounds like East Hampton government is overreaching here by putting people in jail for this controversial infraction. Since Uber as agreed to not operate just fine the drivers. These people were only trying to make an honest living . God forbid they stole from anyone, or charged an outrageous rent to an overcrowded home, or made customers pay ridiculous prices for a drink. " Jun 14, 15 6:04 PM

UPDATE: Neighbor Slaps Southampton Justice With Defamation Suit Over Remarks, Wilson Withdraws Application

I thought he even offered to redo her driveway too." Jun 20, 15 9:57 AM

Southampton Justice Sued For Defamation; Withdraws Application For Staircase

According to June 21 article in a Long Island News Daily paper:

"As part of a settlement reached that year[2013], Gugliotta gave Wilson easement rights that allowed her to park on part of his property, and at Wilson's request he agreed that the camera would not be pointed at any of Wilson's living areas. After the settlement, Borovina said his client turned off the camera, though it remains attached to his house. "...

So there is no more driveway issue as some contend on here and the camera is inoperative. This latter fact makes her outburst even more bizarre and outrageous.

" Jun 21, 15 3:44 PM

Community Discusses Potential Solutions for Deer Controversy

Oh deer...I guess handing out free condoms is not an option here...sigh." Jun 23, 15 12:39 PM

UPDATE: Ross School Says Its Will Not Use Springs Houses As Dorms

So the town has rules against group rentals but treats a house to be used as a dorm to be considered family use. I guess rich kids from abroad have more rights than locals and summer vacationers. Why does Ross not build dorms on its campus if its going to be a boarding school? Are boarding schools in New York regulated differently and are they trying to get around that by boarding off campus? What about insurance? Ross takes many students from abroad and parks them with parents usually of local students. " Jun 23, 15 7:46 PM

Southampton Town To Consider New Formula To Reduce House Size

Bridget is not a leader in this endeavor. If anything she's a bit late to the party. Leadership on this matter has come from several villages. Notably the initiative came from a group of concerned residents of Southampton Village a few years back that lost control of the village board, after a short stint, to a group of pro-development trustees lead by Mark Epley and Nancy McGann-who comes a bit selective in her opposition to development( I don't think her firm has turned away any listings for Mac Mansions.). More recently the most notable efforts to address the issue has come out of Sag Harbor and East Hampton. So the real question is

Where in the world has Bridget Fleming been all these years while serving on the Town Board? Suddenly, whilst she runs for County seat, she jumps on the bandwagon.

I realize we are not all knowing such as yourself, but please give the people in this town some credit for some intelligence. By the way is Bridget Taking money from builders and developers in the campaign? Or the party(ies) she is representing. What about Jay Schneiderman? Thanks If you know." Jun 25, 15 8:52 PM

Gail Clyma, Light Pollution Opponent, Dead At 79

My condolences to Gail Clyma's family and friends. As a resident I'm very appreciative of her efforts. Certainly or quality of life is better thanks to her. Hopefully others will be inspired to carry on such worthy endeavors. " Jun 25, 15 9:20 PM

East Hampton Airport Curfews Will Take Effect July 2 After Judge Denies Injunction

Yea. And we know its still ok for UBER to travel to and from East Hampton. " Jun 27, 15 10:56 AM

East Hampton Uber Charges Reduced; Drivers Pay $400 Fines

What would it have cost the town to keep 19 people in jail for a year? Of course they plead down the charges. This is a case of its better to receive than to pay." Jun 29, 15 5:34 PM

And is this service really free? I get what your saying, but its not like the county, and the taxpayers, have that kind of money to incarcerate for a year a group of people who where just out to earn an honest buck. Lets keep our jail spaces open for more dangerous criminals. Politicians on the take for example." Jun 30, 15 10:02 AM

Saturday Morning Shooting On Shinnecock Indian Reservation Leaves One Hospitalized

Wasn't there a shooting there a couple of weeks ago? Were the shooters in that case ever identified or is it still pending? " Jul 4, 15 10:11 AM

ArtHamptons Unveils New Location On Opening Night In Bridgehampton

There are actually two such events this week-end the one your mentioning and a second one at Fairview Farm on Mecox in Mecox called Art Market Hamptons. So there will traffic on Thurday night from both these events throughout Bridgehampton. " Jul 7, 15 12:34 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Votes To Adopt Building Moratorium

It will help alleviate traffic on Noyac road. " Jul 15, 15 12:04 AM

Toxic Algae Found In More South Fork Water Bodies

I don't know what kind of bacteria I have in my pool but it was a hell of problem to get rid of. In light of it coming along at the same time as this bloom affecting the bays and ponds, I wonder if this is not coming from another source such as the rain and not all of it from the soil run-off or cess pools. Call me cynical or worse, but I'm skeptical that we have all the science about this to make dramatic overhalls." Jul 20, 15 1:22 PM

...or maybe you should not hop in my pool with your leaky Depends Capt...(Hint:When they get stinky that's when you know its time to change 'em). LOL" Jul 20, 15 8:23 PM

Elderly Woman Airlifted To Stony Brook Following Three-Car Crash On County Road 39 Wednesday

It would mean you would not have to sit on the highway in traffic. Instead you could go to the shopping center, go to the grocery store, and have diner at one of the restaurants, or do your banking while the first responders assist the accident victims and eventually the road crews clear the highway. The power of positive thinking...sigh." Jul 23, 15 8:45 PM

I'm not sure. What I do find troubling is how each time there is an accident the anti-Tuckahoe Center crowd uses these tragic events as a subterfuge to attack the project. In this case, there is no information as to what caused this crash and, more importantly, this one occurred close to the college near Tuckahoe rd, and no where close to the proposed Tuckahoe shopping center. I suppose the only thing in common they share is the noun. The traffic situation on 39 is just the latest argument by the anti center crowd to oppose this project after the "its to close to the school" or "it will destroy the businesses in the village" ones have faded,

There is no doubt that there is a traffic problem on that road. But the problem is not just with that road its the lack of a concerted effort to come up with a viable solution to the situation. The Panglossian mantra of the progressives "We will just muddle through to preserve this beautiful area" no longer functions as traffic lines up one or two miles at certain Stop signs--on the bucolic back roads Nancy MacGann loves to drive on to get to the Bridgehampton King Kullen. To date in this election cycle I have not heard one initiative by the candidates to address the problem.

So yes I suppose, when the traffic locks up because there is an accident on the main road out of the South Fork, its nice to have an alternative to sitting in traffic not knowing if all roads will be blocked for an hour or nine. " Jul 24, 15 11:19 AM

Temporary Restraining Order Remains In Place At Montauk's Harbor Raw Bar and Lounge

Don't they mean the "wee wee hours"?" Jul 29, 15 9:51 AM

Quogue Police Sergeant Retires After 22 Years Of Service

Thanks Sargent.

Do all these villages really need to have their own PD's? Time to consolidate and get rid of all these little silos...Precinct policing seems to me a better way to go." Jul 31, 15 11:58 PM

UPDATE: Seven Children Treated For Injuries Following Two-Car Crash In Southampton Village

I'm glad the accident was not worse and the children are OK." Aug 4, 15 10:22 AM

East Hampton Camp Relocates Counselors From Three Houses After Court Order

"Mr. Jacobs, the former chairman of the state Democratic Party, is a member of the New York State Camp Health & Safety Council." So much irony...So little time.
" Aug 6, 15 12:45 PM

Feds Meet With LIRR To Discuss Overcrowding On The Cannonball Express To Montauk

Obviously there is demand for more train service. Maybe the solution to the overcrowding is running more trains in season. Its about time the MTA gave the East End better service. Even though this service would benefit primarily city folks. But any little bit would help to alleviate the traffic congestion. I'm sure the candidates are all developing comprehensive solutions to this problem beyond traffic cones and preventing supermarkets. Certainly voters should make this a primary concern this year, Not only should they evaluate honest proposals for moving forward but also scrutinize the candidates records in working on this problem. " Aug 19, 15 9:22 AM

Policies Outlined In Water Protection Plan

Specifically?" Aug 19, 15 6:09 PM

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