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FAA May Support Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Airport Regulations

East Hampton Town Golf and Country Club...?" May 6, 15 10:16 AM

Police: Woman Stole Credit Card, Spent Thousands At Rite Aid

I can't imagine how someone could find $ 3,000.00 worth of merchandise at a Rite Aid that they would want...Lotsa makeup? " May 7, 15 9:23 AM

Noyac Road Work To Begin Tuesday; Delays Expected

I hope they have the intelligence to put in a traffic circle at the intersection of Noyac and North Sea roads. But this may be going beyond the reach of their imagination. " May 12, 15 10:54 AM

I'm happy if they just fix the potholes..properly." May 13, 15 8:23 AM

East Hampton Town To Set Airport Fines, Responds To Request For TRO

“We’re trying to bring noise complaints down,” by shifting routes around is bushing the problem under the rug and fudging the numbers. It may impact less people from one route but shifts the problem to other people in the new route. The main problem is the noise generated by the airport if it impacts just one person, its one person too many.

" May 13, 15 11:27 AM

Flashing Lights Experiment To Ease Traffic On County Road 39 Won't Happen By Memorial Day

If this idea is not going to add up to a substantial improvement in commuting time, its not worth the cost and disruption it will cause. Its never too late to look at a long term fix to the problem working with the State, County, and maybe Federal government. (The Great Peconic Bay Causeway may be a solution). The future is now. Lets not repeat the blunders of the past by antiquated muddling through mentality espoused by certain local progressive leaders." May 15, 15 10:45 AM

Taxpayers To Southampton Town: Kick Garbage District Proposal To The Curb

Not so. He pushed the plastic bag ban. Now on to the plastic bottles Brad!" May 19, 15 1:28 PM

Southampton Trustees Get A Show Of Support From Beachgoers

The Town Board is sitting on $41 Million surplus, twice the minimum required, and they will only pay for half of the legal bills? May their coffee cups be filled with Cyanobacteria Blooms..." May 21, 15 5:03 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

I look forward to hearing her proposals for solving the traffic nightmare that engulfs the region. Hopefully there is more there there than opposition to a much needed supermarket." May 21, 15 5:39 PM

ROFLMAO...Its a K...C is the paint and cheese..She's very sensitive about that." May 23, 15 8:09 PM

After 20 Years, Bridgehampton Polo Club Will End Run Of Public Matches At Two Trees Farm

Have you looked at Manorville? Plenty of land there still." May 26, 15 9:38 AM

Local Stores Oppose Proposal For Citarella Liquor Store In Southampton Village

Considering the parking and traffic congestion in the village a liquor store at that location makes a lot of sense. I don't know that the pricing will be competitive though. " May 27, 15 3:17 PM

Bender Pitches Bag Ban To Westhampton Beach Board

From Westhampton people are not going to hesitate to go shop in Riverhead where they will be able to secure these reusable and practical bags. The local businesses no doubt will suffer. Furthermore, experience and research has shown that people do not use the reusable bags and just go with the paper bags. The environmental cost of those are also high. So hold the line Westampton." May 27, 15 4:25 PM

King Kullen May Be Out Of Tuckahoe Project; Vote Still Weeks Away

Stop and Shop. Since your stopped on the road, you might as well shop!" May 28, 15 6:57 AM

Democrats Name Southampton Town Candidates; Lofstad, Bouvier Join Schneiderman On Ballot

I for one complement the Democrats for announcing their candidates...and still waiting for the Republicans to hit the "unpause" button and of course all the other parties and cross endorsers too.Sigh. Its tough being a true independent voter" May 28, 15 4:04 PM

Voter Enrollment Leans Toward Independence From Major Parties

Looking forward to the Meet and Greet parties for the Blanks this Season. Buffets, Open bars, Live Music...Mud wrestling?..Should be fun." May 29, 15 10:51 AM

Springs Resident Amos Goodman Nominated For Suffolk Legislature

Amos Goodman? Good man, Amos!...yes that works better. " Jun 2, 15 7:42 PM

Village: Too Many Trees Coming Down

Withhold the Certificate of Occupancy for trees that are unlawfully cut until a tree of commensurate quality replaces it. Marder's can source that for them. But people should be allowed to remove trees that pose a threat to the house especially during a hurricane. The deductible from insurance is very high for storm damage. Also this is the consequence of the unbridled development promoted by Ms McGann and Mr. Epley's party. If your going to allow the Mac Mansions to go up, you have to expect that the builder is going to want to show it off. So you gets what you put out there. " Jun 2, 15 8:08 PM

Judge Puts Off Airport Ruling Three More Weeks, Restrictions Will Remain On Hold

I think there is also an element of visual pollution too. I noticed it especially when I go to the beach at night to see a full moon, for example, and the view is spoiled by having to see one helicopter after another parading over the ocean. Small inconvenience there, but I imagine its worse for those who live near the airport and have the constant passing of aircraft over their homes. I imagine that there is an element of air pollution as well. As the airport as become commercialized in the recent past these problems have worsened. I think many people supported the airport in the past and probably many still do. I think others have increasingly become antagonized by the local flying community as it has allowed itself to be co opted by the well funded commercial operations against the town in its lawsuit.

So let me ask you as a local pilot, if you got all the repairs and safety concerns resolved to your satisfaction would you support banning commercial use of the airport and accept restrictions being proposed? Lets get back to the way things were. " Jun 4, 15 3:29 PM

I'm not familiar with the long history of the airport and its commercial operations. But maybe those were less of a nuisance then than they have become now. Since 1979 much has changed. Less farms and more houses for one. Easier access to helicopters, higher salaries for and incomes for some. However, i think you knew that. " Jun 4, 15 5:31 PM

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