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Environmentalist Pitches Dumpsters At Public Beaches In East Hampton

I think this a great idea and should be tried in Southampton as well. One reason these trash cans at the beaches fill up is that that is the only place it seems that there are garbage cans available for people to use. Its not the just the people at the beach that use them, but others such as week end residents and residents that generate little garbage that does justify having a weekly pick up service or accumulating a lot of garbage to fill a 16 gallon town bag--which gets really stinky in summer.

Unfortunately the traditional residential garbage model of weekly pick up by private carter or going to the dump does not fully work anymore. The weekly pick up makes sense if you generate a lot of garbage and don't sort your recyclables and if you are in town to roll out the garbage bin in the middle of the week and roll back in, which does not work out if you are a week ender or full time resident with small garbage disposal needs.

The problem with the going to the dump is that people know where it is and requires that it be open when you need to go there or that you be available when it is open--which makes it difficult if you cannot get out of work before 4:30 PM as the dump closes on time. Additionally, you need to have a green plastic bag if you are dumping non recyclables. This, of course, presupposes that people are aware that they know that they need the bags and that they know where to get them because they are not available at the dump. So they look for other places to dump. If you are here just for the week end or short stay, you more than likely will not fill up 16 gallon bag anyway so you look for somewhere else to dump.

So the garbage cans at the beaches are the obvious place to head. As we know, if the cans are full people will leave their trash next to them expecting the town to pick it up. Worse, are the people that dump their garbage where there is no can in the first place ( not to mention the dog owners that use the little poop bags provided by the town and just dump them at the exit of the beach rather than taking them home to their homes.--oops I mentioned it). And of course there are the those people that dump in the woods.

So this idea is really the next step in trying to stymie this littering. The containers can be placed not only at the beaches but in other locations such as parking lots, Jitney and train stations, etc. I would think that people would also be willing to pop in some money to allow them to use this /coins to use these dumpsters. I believe if people cannot go to the dump, its time to bring the dump to them.

Another way to finance this is to rather than ban the plastic bags out right maybe charge 10 cents per bag instead. If the numbers provided by the ban the bag proponents is correct, there are 20 million plastic bags consumed in Southampton town alone. At 10 cents each, that would give two million dollars in revenue to fund a container project. Now that's a smarter way to solve the littering problem." Oct 9, 14 1:48 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

Is the school principal Christopher Herr related to the Democratic party leader for Southampton town, Gordon Herr? Or is that a coincidence?" Oct 9, 14 2:14 PM

Southampton Town Weighs Incentive To Raise Taxes

CHUTZPAH!" Oct 10, 14 1:48 PM

Hamptons International Film Festival Draws Celebs And Crowds

Would have seen more movies but the $3.50 fee charged per ticket was outrageous for internet and phone purchases. Also still too much concentration of movies in East Hampton. " Oct 13, 14 7:27 AM

Neighbors File Lawsuit To Stop Sandy Hollow Apartments

And to think that they are sitting on a $ 30 million budget surplus, of the property owners money, to wage this battle. There ought to be a law requiring these municipalities that have windfall surpluses to return the excess to the taxpayer. They have our to do virtually anything they wish too without accountability?" Oct 15, 14 1:57 PM

UPDATE: Two Remanded Without Bail In Flanders Shooting Case

Is this the same Kwame Opoku that is sueing the town for false arrest at the hands of the Street Crimes Unit?" Oct 16, 14 10:07 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

Does that license come with some exclusives from Farrel Building Co.?" Oct 16, 14 9:48 PM

"But her experience with land use issues from her time at Town Hall, she said, could be valuable to her as a real estate agent, both to the Saunders company and to the town as a whole.

“I’m well-poised to advise people on things they can do to protect their properties, or protect their historic integrity, or work with the town for preservation,” she said."

Really? Ask the home owners on Sandy Hollow...Guess she won't be steering clients there...Except maybe some rentals for the developers.

" Oct 17, 14 8:18 AM

The Duke de Noyaque?" Oct 17, 14 1:29 PM

Gregor Suggests That Southampton Town Abandon Part Of Dune Road

Ah yes. He's like a Timex your friend Alex...He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'..." Oct 19, 14 12:48 PM

Sculpture Crops Up On Sagaponack Farm Field

But will it keep the deer away?" Oct 20, 14 4:16 PM

County Officials Won't Remove Guardrails On Long Beach Road, But Suggest Road Redesign Instead

I wonder what is more risky. Not having the rails and having a car go into the water and possibly someone drowning, or having the rails and have a car possibly bouncing back from hitting those rails and then running into another vehicle and thereby hurting more people. I wonder if they don't make those rails with the cables as opposed to rails anymore. They may be a more appealing solution. Maybe starting the 25 mph zone at the Bay Point road rather than North Haven line might have mitigated some risk.

Based on the debacle over the Lil' Bridge in Sagaponack it seems unlikely that Alex Gregor would do anything different there than the county (other than maybe gifting that slice of road back to North Haven to have them do what they wish) and does the Town really want an additional potential liability on its books?" Oct 23, 14 2:05 PM

East End Towns, Villages Will Introduce Bans On Plastic Bags

Over 800 people signed a petition in opposition to the Tuckahoe development and the Town board ignored it and chose to go against the public will. What's the point of setting up a Town meeting if this group does not listen. Just pass your law as you fully intend to do and stop the farce. You'll have some green-wash creds on your CV's but you won't have solved a more pressing littering problem in the town. Just take a walk along the roads of this Town and you will realize that plastic bags are the least of littering problems. And by the way the true beneficiaries of your policy will be companies such as Glad that will be more than happy to sell trash liners to replace the so called single use bags you so deride.

But I would ask the Town board to also consider banning the supply of plastic poop bags for dog owners at the beaches. Its better to have the feces rot naturally than have the dog owners leave the bags at the entrance of the beaches expecting someone else to pick them up. Lets stop that pollution as well." Oct 24, 14 3:13 PM

State, Local Officials Unveil Plans For Roundabout In East Hampton Village

What a waste of money...You would think that there would be more pressing places for a roundabout than that intersection. I would suggest the Noyac Road and North Sea Road as one. You know where all the trade traffic to East Hampton flow to and from. " Oct 27, 14 5:45 PM

Southampton Village Business Owner Continues To Push For Parking Space Adjustment On Starbucks Application

Starbucks should have opened by the movie theater. That's were a new coffee shop would be needed." Nov 5, 14 4:53 PM

Southampton VIllage Tightening Code To Prevent Airbnb Rentals

More government BS...AirBNB is just a medium just like Craigslist, the Southampon Press or Dan's Paper for advertizement. The laws get violated not just by bad property owners,but renters, and brokers, that lie about their groups. Its ironic that an economy that so depends on vacation tourism is so tone deaf and antagonistic to those that make it function.

The idyllic season rentals are relics of the past. At the rental prices charged, people come for shorter term rentals or just weeks or week ends. I know of many year round residents that used AirBnB for such purposes. It helps pay their bills and taxes as well. " Nov 11, 14 7:16 AM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

Money well spent to prove what we already knew. Sounds like its time to close up the place." Nov 11, 14 1:27 PM

East Hampton One Of Few Local School Districts To Eliminate Midterms And Finals

Soon attendance will be optional too. You wonder why our educational system is lower and lower in world rankings. This is part of the reason. Hey kids don't plan on going to college if you don't like mid-terms and finals. Oh and come i to school later, get that beauty sleep in. What a bunch of over payed "crap for brains" administrators they have over yonder..." Nov 12, 14 8:58 AM

Southampton Supervisor: Town Is Committed To Preserving Old Ponquogue Bridge

I can understand asking FEMA to spending money to rebuild part of Dune road.--which I'm not sure they approved. But its a bit much to ask them to help fix part of a dilapidated piece of bridge that is no longer operable. I believe many people up island are still waiting for FEMA money to rebuild their homes they lost during Sandy. I hope the town cancels its request to spare us some further embarrassment.

As far as the town spending its own treasure on this I would also disagree. That money could be spent on so many more important projects I'm sure. Instead it might explore the possibility of donating the "property" to a club or foundation (the Hampton Bays Fishing and Diving Association?) who could then undertake somehow the repairs and upkeep required through contributions from local residents and businesses. " Nov 20, 14 4:54 PM

Leaf Pickup Begins Monday In Southampton Town

Well folks looks like I'll have about 75 leaf bags for Mr. Gregor. Since you are still paying the town for leaf pick up in bags now, take advantage of this service. Get your money's worth and its also healthy wholesome exercise. " Nov 21, 14 5:06 PM

Southampton 7-Eleven Owner Honored As 'Queen Of Coffee'

Viva el Siete! Si se puede!" Nov 22, 14 4:39 PM

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