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Southampton Town Will End Year With Budget Surplus

About a handful? How many is that I wonder...." Dec 23, 11 10:42 AM

Car Plunges Into Shinnecock Canal, Man Dies

Ya, too bad the diver didn't stay by the car instead of taking the guy to the surface so it would be easy to find....I love the readers of this newspaper....they're never discouraged from blurting out whatever nonsense they want by thought or logic.....The guy's dead....I don't know why the paper doesn't say that....they probably can't get it confirmed by the police....he wasn't pulled out for 20 minutes after the car went into the water....but he was probably was dead before he hit the water....heart attack or something.....God rest his sole." Jan 3, 12 7:19 PM

Bill Frankenbach Remembered By Family And Friends As 'Colorful Character'

it's a reference to one of mr. frankenbach's more cantankerous episodes. he was a bit pissy at times. but this is not the forum for such morbid "humor" if you find that funny btdt. let him rest in peace.

lots of death in the paper this week...maybe it will be black with white print...." Jan 3, 12 7:47 PM

Car Plunges Into Shinnecock Canal, Man Dies

LoL!! Oops. Yeah, that in particular...I'm sure his shoes are fine..." Jan 4, 12 5:57 AM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

I'm a republican and i've worked on republican campaigns and I can tell you that the party in Southampton is as crooked as its puppet master's bleach blonde perm. The committee works overtime to hire it's own no matter what their background or skeletons, sometimes i think the committee only exists to get jobs for their relatives. If they are loyal they are hired at town hall and you all know that's how it works. The chief code enforcement officer (the husband of the clueless ex-comptroller who put the town into a financial black hole but wasn't fired because the supervisor was a team player) hires a guy arrested for selling drugs because he is told to by his handlers, cops getting promotions or protection who have covered up serious crimes by other cops and shred documents just because they are loyal stormtroopers. When is it going to stop? The republicans do not own this town anymore and eventually the party imbalance is going to hand the town to the likes of liberal bloodletters like Jim Henry (that was a close one!). Chris Nuzzi needs to get off the bandwagon and do what HE KNOWS IS RIGHT and Billy Wright needs to clean house and get people in there who are conservative and smart and morally responsible not just loyalists who will do the bidding of the old boys. They did it right in East Hampton, lets turn it around in Southampton GOPers before its too late!!!" Apr 28, 12 12:51 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Just most of it... " May 9, 12 1:05 PM

Cops: North Sea Traffic Stop Yields Drugs, Cash, Weapon

They don't call it dope for nuthin'" May 13, 12 4:14 PM

Southampton Trustees To File Suit Against Southampton Village And DEC For Beach Structures

don't listen to 11953 that's just gary v or aram or one of those other up the island slugs who hate the trustees for protecting what belongs to all of us instead of letting them line their pockets with a couple more millions. " Jan 3, 14 9:49 AM

27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

LOLOLOLOL. have any of you bloviated bumpkins looked at patch lately? it's over in the hamptons. have fun reading about bar specials and house fires in dix hills. they fired their last local editor and you got a lady on the north fork reporting on southampton and east hampton now. like it or not this site was always the best source for local news and now it's the only one. " Feb 3, 14 11:54 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

Holst and Vigilante are thick as thieves. If the town does not immediately give the Trustees permision to use the money however they want and appeal this abortion of justice we'll know the fix is in between the up-island trash and the political money vacuum. Hay SOUTHAMPTON PRESS have you checked Mayer's campaign donations list against the tax rolls of Westhampton Dunes??? Vigilante probably has his boyz take care of that so it can't be traced to him anyway. The lawyer Snead is the same one who wants to sneak more up-island trash into our waters to fish because they have ruined their own fishing grounds. Voters should make sure Holst knows the Trustees are more important to us than she and her rich friends are. " Feb 12, 14 11:00 PM

They sue and they twist arms. It's genetic in that town. " Feb 20, 14 8:14 PM

Amos Goodman Of Springs Announces Run For Suffolk Legislature

"From Springs" and running for an East End seat but his canned photo is taken months ago in Central Park.

Why is 27east running such a fawning story about a wanna-be nobody with absolutely no credentials or reason to think that the party has any intention of making a toddler their nominee but here all of a sudden he is "the likely candidate."

I guess we can expect to see Diana Weir as his campaign manager soon. " Feb 9, 15 2:09 PM

Montauk Beach House Investor Eyes A Property On The Harbor

Well, that would suck!!!!!" Mar 17, 15 9:04 AM

UPDATE: Sandra Schroeder Elected Mayor Of Sag Harbor; Lisa Rana Voted In As Village Justice

Stein is a PhD...for about 30+ years....I am guessing you are not... " Jun 17, 15 2:40 PM

Former Southampton Deputy Clerk Sues Town Over Termination, Other Issues

If that doesn't sound like the most specious and fabricated lawsuit ever filed against a public official I don't know what is. Denied unpaid lunch breaks? Discriminated for her young age? Serving as her own counsel? I'm thinking this chick was canned because she is cray cray! " Sep 1, 15 11:33 PM

UPDATE: Pilot Of Missing Boat From Montauk Hit-And-Run Comes Forward

Well they did get a look at it up close! These guys are obviously boaters, I bet you a million bucks they told the coasties exactly what brand of boat it is. Regulator makes a 26 foot center console that is pretty unmistakable.

Hiding a boat with significant damage will be pretty hard. You can't just stash it in your garage and fix it yourself. I bet the guy turns himself in now that he has had time to sober up. " Sep 21, 15 10:34 AM

North Sea is right, very hard to see a little boat like that at night, especially an old one like that might not have very good nav lights. but if you're out there at night you should be paying damn close attention when you're running around at speed. " Sep 21, 15 10:37 AM

Jennifer Garvey To Lead New Water Quality Research Center At Stony Brook

Did you even read the article before you started spewing your usual ignorant political hatred? It says two phd scientists are the co-directors. i don't know this woman but if she's anything like ms holst i'm sure she's organized and hard working which is what they would need to manage a team of scientists. go back to bed. " Oct 4, 15 2:22 PM

another reader who can't read. if this watchdog person is right, this woman has a job that is exactly what she went to school for. i smell backstory to your comment.
" Oct 4, 15 2:28 PM

Friendly Deer Hangs Out With Locals At Shinnecock Inlet

Pretty astounding but doesn't anyone else see this as being an incredibly bad idea both for that young lady and the deer? " Oct 13, 15 10:15 AM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

Since when has Ruth Vered ever stood by and not said anything????? Hopefully this time, for a change, she'll know what she's talking about. Oh wait, nope, she didn't.

Don't like the guy's politics, don't go to his show. But keep your nose out of a music venues business decisions that are made based on artistic standards not your petty personal interests. " Oct 20, 15 11:56 AM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

who cares if they win or not. who is going to enforce it? village cops? the bay constables? none of them are gonna be down there writing hundreds and hundreds of tickets. let them do it and watch barbara wilson issue $1 fines for everything. local is still local and these elitist see you next tuesdays will get theirs. enjoy your peaceful winter in nyc cuz next summer is gonna be hell in the hamptons. i dont kno about tar and feathering but some quid pro quo is definitely in order, north sea style! someone be sure to take a pic of the their house and post it on the SABA facebook page so everyone knows who to wave hello to when they get back for the summer. " Oct 23, 15 11:53 AM

Bay Street To Refund Tickets For Those Who No Longer Wish To Attend Roger Waters's Performance Friday

So there's tickets available now? I'll take two! He can rant about Israel all he wants, who cares, as long as rocks out. " Oct 28, 15 8:55 AM

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