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New blog targets architecture in Southampton Village

SnobBlog: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you see 70 Moses Lane, does it say Southampton to you?? It might be a fine house, just not for that street, with should be the concern of the ARB. They are entrusted with maintaining the look of the village. The board members themselves described that house as "whimsical" and thought that its columns didn't appear "right" but approved it anyway. Let me ask you a question, what separates the look of this village with Port Jeff, or Oakdale, or you name it?? The architecture of the village is a big part of its identity which is why we even have an ARB, to protect it. If not, then lets not have any architectural standards and see what we get. Sally Spanburgh's blog is merely a commentary on what's going on in the village. She obviously cares deeply as a resident and as someone whose career is working on the design and construction of homes on the east end. As for whether or not this article qualifies as news, maybe that's for the Press to decide. You'll have to take that up with Joe Shaw. The popularity of blogs is just that - a forum to express one's opinion. If the ARB is doing a fine job, I guess we can expect a lot more Whimsy coming our way soon. The only bitterness is in your response." Jan 11, 09 3:50 PM

Pyrrhus Concer House To Be Demolished Once Historical Artifacts Are Removed

Georgette is the VP of ASCHS and the director of Eastville Community Historical Society." Jun 13, 14 5:58 PM