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Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

A man is dead because the contractor circumvented the law by failing to provide for his safety as required by OSHA regulation and the property owner by knowingly altering the buildings design in order to incorporate a stairway instead of a window.The issue is not immigration! It is a lack of worker safety and enforcement of the existing laws and codes.Unfortunately it is common on the East End to see workers without Personal Protective Equipment(safety glasses,harnesses,earplugs etc) Someone needs to come down on these people hard.I believe a charge of Manslaughter would be appropriate!" Jan 9, 09 6:57 AM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

It is common knowledge that Wedell and King are paid in cash by an out of area hate group-How are they any different from the day laborers at 7-11? What is their purpose?Just to aggravate an already tense situation.When was the last time either one had a real job? Who are these cowardly individuals and why do they hide behind Wedell and King? One day very soon I am afraid someone is going to get hurt badly and I hope that the police can respond in time!" Apr 29, 09 7:35 AM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

Beg to differ : Glad to see you go Linda Best of Luck in whtever you do as long as you stay out of politics" Nov 4, 09 7:10 AM

Nothing like waking up to a greener and brighter future !! Best wishes to Anna and her sons !!" Nov 4, 09 7:16 AM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Utterly rediculous ! This was obviously a setup and even more than that is how can a little weed be a felony? Time to legalize now and reap the benefits of additional tax revenues." Jan 5, 10 5:16 PM