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Rumors Of 7-Eleven In Amagansett Surface

It's bittersweet to me. I hate the idea of seeing a 7/11 in an area like that, as well as the precedent it can set for more stores like it. That can really suck away the down-home character we've always been proud to have, but it can hopefully spur some much needed competition, Perhaps even help make surrounding "mom and pop" stores become more local-friendly with normal prices for things such as medicines or even coffee. I love our delis, but I hate having to shell out up to ten dollars for a bottle of motrin if one of my kids are ill and the drug store's closed. If it's going to be a 7 11, I hope it's at least tasteful." Feb 13, 11 9:31 AM

I don't disagree one bit. It's downright depressing. Forget a Big bite, I'll always be visiting Kenny's wagon at Indian Wells for a hotdog this Summer. If enough people are willing to not frequent 7/11 it won't last long... but that's an improbability once Summer hits." Feb 16, 11 11:55 AM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

One slum house down, quite a few more to go. I'm glad residents were finally able to work together to get the ball rolling, as it was long, long overdue. But, Now is better than Never. Go SPG!" Feb 23, 11 2:46 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

I guess since half the town lost most of their respect for them, Wilky and TQ decided to bully the town employees around a bit to make themselves feel better. Is the next memo going to demand everyones lunch money? " Mar 9, 11 2:20 PM

Meh. It will only end in threatening wedgies and "If you don't like it, meet me at the flag pole at three o'clock."" Mar 9, 11 7:39 PM

Hispanic Families Speak On Multifamily Housing

Being religious doesn't excuse bad decisions that negatively impact the quality of life of those who live around you. To throw racism into it makes it even more rediculous. It doesn't matter if you're brown, black, white, christian, wiccans or worshipers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Stop making excuses, respect your neighbors and follow those commandments you claim to take so seriously, as well as the Law. People can't ask for understanding if they refuse to show any." Mar 14, 11 11:02 AM

Hampton Bays Boy Suffering From 'Brittle Bone Disease' Tells His Story In Washington, D.C.

An amazing story and an inspiring young man. You made many people proud Ismael." Mar 24, 11 8:56 PM

Comedy Central Airs Parody About Proposed Eruv In Westhampton Beach

Good point, but problems that have risen in the past when it comes to religious structures on public land are usually due to people having to notice it, such as a cross or a ganesha. It's right there, people see it, and if they're sensitive enough to such things they get offended and complain. When it comes to the eruv on the other hand, you would really, really have to look hard to notice it. It's not right up in your face, it's a bit of clear twine hung high up over our heads. It really is invisible unless you're looking for it.

The uproar is the people an eruv may attract. And to that... really? My family never wanted tourists and wealthy second home owners here, but they came and we are adapting. People didn't want illegal immigrants, but they're here and we are adapting. Orthodox Jews are surely not going to make a pilgrimage out just to mess up WHB, and in the rare chance they do, c'est la vie. If we can't complain about the newcomers who have arrived the past five or six decades, don't complain about those who may visit in the future, all because of a little bit of fishing line." Mar 24, 11 10:00 PM

To try and end the illegal immigration thing: There are good ones who may have gotten here the wrong way but are working on fixing it, and there are bad ones taking full advantage of our incredibly messed up system, it doesn't do anyone any good lumping all of them into one group. I merely used it as an example of people who have appeared over the last half a century that we didn't want, but we learned to live with and adjusted our lives accordingly.. which is why people shouldn't be so afraid of other groups coming here in the future.

I did not intend to throw the subject off track and trigger such "Whoa!" worthy animosity." Mar 25, 11 8:16 PM

highhatsize - Thanks for your input, those are indeed some good points.

My family came here almost 400 years ago, and while settling and building the east end no one in they're wildest dreams considered the idea that we were creating a Monster. Trust me, I've felt frustration and anger about how the area "evolved" in general, watching everything about my small culture right down to the accent get taken over and deemed "redneck". It's been incredibly hard feeling like the outsider even if you have been here the longest, next to native americans; so recently I've learned to deal with it and we'll actually be joining the Bubby Pilgrimage down south.
Since most of us aren't as articulate and/or politcally minded as others, we've been continiously swept under the rug for decades. We've certainly felt taken over the past fifty years or so at the very least, just like those who oppose the eruv are fearing. People tried to fight it, yet still lost miserably.
If the East End remained nothing more than a compilation of fishing and farming villages rather than the resort it's become.. well, that would be my Utopia, but the battle is long lost. Those who recently came here during the last half century seeking solice like we did hundreds of years ago need to come to terms with the idea that the such solice doesn't last forever.
" Mar 26, 11 3:06 PM

Proposed Westhampton Beach Outdoor Dining Measure Pulled

I'm glad it was pulled. "Certain decorum" my foot. Get over yourselves." Mar 26, 11 3:36 PM

Comedy Central Airs Parody About Proposed Eruv In Westhampton Beach

Was that a serious question? No. We didn't. Well off families like the Gardiners and some Millers did, but we were independant fishermen, and still are. Not asking for much, just to be able to work, feed others and continue to live modestly. I'm not really understanding how that is somehow a bad thing..?" Mar 29, 11 9:45 PM

Do you know anything about local history, at all?" Mar 29, 11 9:50 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

I don't even really need to comment, everyone took the words right out of my mouth. That's the last ocean beach locals even have a chance at enjoying, and how dare these people try to take that away and ruin the little bit of Summer we get. The only person involved in the suit who's a real resident is Bernie Kiembock, who owns True Value Hardware in EH Village. As word is spreading he is losing the patronage and overall respect of many, many year round customers because of this, and he deserves it." Apr 6, 11 4:49 PM

The original sale also included what's now Napeague State park, but that area was condemned by the state later on for public use. The snafoo of the deed is that it states the land owned goes up to the "common highwater", which can be interpreted in multiple ways. If it is translated to be the Mean High Water Mark that will still be just the beginning of determining exactly where that boundary will be, especially due to the fact that the beach is always changing. One week it can be a very short walk to the water from someones home.. but two weeks later or after a good storm it can be quite wide and the MHW mark could be completely different for a while.. meanwhile their neighbor, who had a wide beach a couple of weeks ago, are then stuck with a short one.

I hope that made sense.. it's not easy to explain in type. Either way I have a feeling this case can take a while, and I think they're trying to settle by banning beach driving so it doesn't go that far." Apr 6, 11 7:00 PM

Well, apparently that's what we get when we elect a supervisor whose (virtually) entire career was based on keeping tourists happy. Many are very afraid that the board will roll over with their tails between their legs, but the trustees appear more than ready to put their gloves on. " Apr 7, 11 7:38 PM

'Royal Pains' Looking For Local Extras

Oh bummer, I was excited for a second until I read the article. You should of put "Tourist" or "Seasoner" in the title rather than "Local". Or even "Well-heeled" so others won't get the wrong idea." Apr 7, 11 9:16 PM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

I would love to see how those homeowners would react if all of the people they are messing up decided to hand them a bit of Karma; and stopped doing their lawns, upkeeping the homes, fixing their cars, teaching their kids, or, God forbid, come to their rescue when they cal 911. They're spitting in the faces of their own workers, servers, carpenters, firemen, policemen, EMTs, the list goes on... not that they care. Building houses on our sensitive cranberry bogs and beach dunes did ten times more damage than an entire army of trucks. Greed is terrible, they should all be ashamed for this. Any respect they ever had in this area is now lost." Apr 8, 11 9:53 PM

Well, not to get off topic, But haul seining saves a lot more fish than gillnetting. The bycatch with haul seining is larger, but it was live, unlike the bycatch with gillnetting, which is forced by the government to be left dead on the sand.

And to think four (Yes, four.. you can count them on one hand) teams of fishermen are wiping out the bass population, compared to the hundreds of thousands of sporties, is quite frankly laughable." Apr 8, 11 10:17 PM

Great posts! We always bring a 30 gallon garbage can with us, for ourselves and neighbors who are parked nearby. When that fills up I direct everyone in need of a place for trash to toss it in the bed of my truck. The worst I've seen when it comes to activity is the occassional speedster, and they don't get very far before people (my hubby included) flag their arms at them to slow down, and they comply. Getting more informed with SABA is also a great idea, since they have more experience in this.
Rumors of Georgica? Goodness, I'll have to see if I can get some confirmation on that." Apr 9, 11 3:32 PM

Beachgoers Must Now 'Await The Decision Of The Courts'

Board - That may be true, but pulling everyone who feels strongly over this together on a united front certainly doesn't hurt. Think about it.. if there was no public outcry at all, with the financial problems we're experiencing, the town may of swept this issue under the rug and let the litigants win. The Town Board and Trustees are the ones who have to fight it, but they need the vocalization and support of their constituents in order to do so, or else they may not really fight it at all." May 1, 11 6:58 PM

East Hampton Town Weighs 'Carry In, Carry Out' Policy

Horrible idea! There are way too many lazy people who can't seem to make it to the garbage cans as it is. Take the cans away from those responsible enough to use them and this will make the problem fifty times worse. Plus, there is no comparison between our tourists and those who visit Vermont. Vermont is overall blessed with laid back travellers who actually care about the place they're visiting, unlike the hustle and bustle partiers we are stuck with, who expect others to clean up after them already." May 5, 11 1:02 PM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

If she wasn't intoxicated and simply took a breathalizer test that night this mess never would of occurred. Now she's off to sue, without realizing the people she will be hurting the most are tax paying residents who have nothing to do with this mess." May 5, 11 2:37 PM

Vampire Weekend, Bright Eyes Will Headline MTK Festival

Hahahahaha. Half of Brooklyns pot smoking college age hipsters are going to invade the Hamptons. Why would this be called a "Family Event" when the target age for these bands are 15-25?" May 10, 11 8:02 AM

East Hampton Town Board Scraps Vendor Law At Last Minute

Great news! Last night a facebook group was formed, "Save the Ditch Witch", and it gained over a thousand people in under 24 hours. Many of us called and emailed each member of the board all day today until things were set right. The Ditch Witch and the Beach Dog, among others, are a small pleasure we have been able to enjoy for decades, so who in the world would rather have a Manhattan Taco or a 17 dollar lobster roll? One can't take the opinion of four people over that of a thousand. Thank you again, Town Board, for giving logic a chance." May 19, 11 3:34 PM

Headless Body Discovered In Amagansett Does Not Appear To Be Victim Of Foul Play

Thank you! But I'm not surprised that people will surely jump to the more violent conclusion. Not to mention this isn't the first body found in that general area the past couple of years. I say, no one panic unless the ME and police say this isn't another suicide or drowning victim." May 23, 11 7:20 PM

Just make a joke that Bin Laden wasn't weighed down enough at his buriel at sea and you'll still find plenty of entertainment there!" May 24, 11 7:37 PM

Fog-Stranded Clammer Rescued By Paddleboarder Off Shinnecock Indian Reservation

Great job, Miss Brennan! The fog the past week or so has been terrible; I can't believe how many people got lost and had to call the police while just taking a walk on an ocean beach." May 25, 11 11:43 AM

He's quite lucky he didn't step into deeper water. I'm not a subscriber and can't read the full story but best wishes to your brother.. I hope the cold water didn't catch up to him too much." May 25, 11 11:50 AM

Cupsogue Beach Remains Closed Even Though Sharks Are Gone

I agree Bigfresh. I saw some footage this morning and they're indeed most likely just large basking sharks. Totally harmless but I guess it's easy for our guests and second homeowners to panic. After all, the only sharks they look out for in Manhattan and Jersey are financial ones." Jun 1, 11 7:37 AM

East Hampton Village Goes Green

Overall, It's a great idea, I hate disposable plastic bags to begin with. But, tread the vehicle issue lightly. It's bad enough that innocent residents were punished by giving up some much needed programs in the name of saving money to begin with... so updating police vehicles should be the last of your worries. You have awesome mechanics doing a great job on your cars for their relatively small pay, and many officers of our police department already get paid more than enough without even living here. Just please go easy if it means hurting your actual residents any more than you already have.
" Jun 9, 11 5:29 PM

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