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Southampton Village Hopes To Relieve 'Number 1' Problem

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go..just not outside!" Feb 10, 11 10:24 AM

Eyeing Broader Demographic, Southampton Village Funeral Home Adds Funeral Directors

I googled it. Not sure what to think, but it will give us another choice about what tot to with Uncle Fred." Feb 18, 11 1:01 PM

What to do with Uncle Fred. Hate when my fingers slip." Feb 18, 11 1:02 PM

East End Residents Affected By Uprising In Egypt

Not to cause more grief here but the Egyptians are NOT our friends!! They hate America, and all we stand for. Countries choose democracy because they are ready to embrace it. These guys want no part of it. " Feb 18, 11 1:23 PM

Sag Harbor Mother And Children Injured In Southampton Car Crash

Everyone drives like maniacs on 39. It's nuts!
" Feb 22, 11 8:58 AM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

Time to make some noise, uncleronk. Count me in" Feb 23, 11 10:14 AM

Not a bad idea, harbor. We have some of that nonsense going on here but no one wants to do anything for fear of being called 'racist.' " Feb 23, 11 1:01 PM

Thanks, SisBoom. Nice to know someone's in my corner" Feb 25, 11 11:24 AM

Fond farewell to John Duck Jr.'s

Rats. Another icon down the toilet. Still miss those burgers and slaw!" Mar 4, 11 10:09 AM

Man Pushes Girlfriend Onto Train Tracks In Hampton Bays, Both Arrested

Wow..never knew the Bays was such a rockin' town!" Oct 27, 11 2:54 PM

Angry Residents Want Answers Before Hampton Bays Shelter Opens

Since we've been living in the Bays, we have seen many improvements to the area. One of the biggest eyesores was the old shelters on Ponquogue where the new firehouse is. Now, I am not against homeless people, they have to live somewhere, but think of the quality of life issues. I'm just saying..." Nov 16, 11 10:04 AM

Cops: Flanders Man Charged After Having Sex With Teen

I agree with Frank W. Send the bum home, save our tax dollars" Dec 7, 11 9:46 AM

Popular Polar Bear Plunge Set For Saturday At Coopers Beach

I'll be there, this'll be my 6th time in the water for a great cause. Stop by the UPS store in HB to donate, see youse at da beach!
" Dec 8, 11 9:07 AM

Bill Frankenbach Remembered By Family And Friends As 'Colorful Character'

Man, I remember when Bill would come to John Duck's He was funny, yet sincere and humble, a true East End icon. Still miss those Thursday Rotary meetings...Rest in peace, soldier..." Jan 5, 12 11:16 AM

Westhampton Beach ATM Users Bilked Out Of Money

There might be cameras on the ATMs but no one will really notice a scanner gadget where you insert your card. My advice--LOOK at the slot before you dip your card, and be vigilant about where you are. CHECK the screen for anything affixed to it. If you're worried, just take your money out the old-school way.But in these desperate times, people will do anything for a dollar bill, so we have to do our part and pay attention. " Jan 5, 12 11:36 AM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

IDK. I Googled it and found an article on Dan's Papers' website, but no word on who was who, just a lot of snarkiness. " Jan 11, 12 11:10 AM

Latest Round Of Changes To Immigration Rules Heighten Hassles For Business

Ehhh.not all of them do. I worked at a resort out here; 10 clams an hour. I was one of a handful of 'natives' and most workers had 2 jobs going into May, June. 10 clams isn't enough..sigh..
p.s I like your profile pic. where'd u get it?" Apr 13, 12 11:53 AM

Can't seem to reply to double standard. No one is winning, when business owners choose cheap labor over paying a fair wage. They'll pass over a local experienced grill-chick to save their bottom line, every time. I've applied at the local delis, etc...they never call but I'll see someone new in there and 10 out of 10 it's not anyone local. I can't call them 'illegal' or I'll get in trouble, but it's true. " Apr 13, 12 1:43 PM

That's true, and I understand as a businessowner you have to take care of your bottom line, but it still sucks." Apr 14, 12 1:47 PM

Amen, bro..
" Apr 18, 12 5:16 PM

Local Firm Brings New Phone App To Southampton 7-Eleven

Hey Dave!! I'll have to stop by there and say 'hi'. A 7-11 app might sound silly, but someone's making money off them. " Apr 19, 12 10:17 AM

New York State Assembly Approves Law To Help Immigrant Students Get College Scholarships

Once again, politicians afraid of being called racists cave in to the illegal problem. We'll get stuck with the bill as usual, like always. Why do we have to be forced to cater to these guys?" May 11, 12 9:26 AM

Amen. " May 11, 12 9:27 AM

New East End DWI Task Force Nets Many Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

Alcohol relaxes the body. The effects of an accident are minimized since the drunk will 'roll' with the motion of a collision whereas as a sober (and frightened) person will tend to fight or tense up." May 30, 12 8:53 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

So that's why I can't even get a local job @ HB 7-11.." Jun 10, 12 1:15 AM

I agree, ICE. The situation in the Bays is at critical mass. Boo-hoo to the sympathizers, we are being overrun. Why should I learn Spanish to communicate with my co-workers? I was born here! Time to make a statement to the lame, PC politicians who fatten up on the tide of illegals and do something. Keep raiding, Mr. Betts, I'm with you! " Jun 14, 12 1:56 PM

Yes, babyboo, but what -can- we do? Rally in the streets? Boycott? How can we harness some of these fine posters into a viable force that folks will take seriously? I'm on board, even if alone. I love the Bays and want my son to benefit from living in such a kickass hamlet" Jun 15, 12 11:03 AM

Let me know when, babyboo. I'm so there
And at the voting booth.." Jun 15, 12 5:03 PM

Inspectors Issue More Than 100 Violations At Converted Motel Properties In Hampton Bays

So right, Reality. Break out the tissues.." Jul 6, 12 10:01 AM

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