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View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

I have been followed before by cops, and they ALWAYS "run" your plates via the computers in the squad car long before they pull you over. Once they punch in your plate #, in about 1 minute they have your name (who the car is registered to) your address and any other background info that may be useful (for instance, prior DWI's). So of course the cops knew they had Linda Kabot even before they pulled her over. Question: is this why there is a blackout of any audio transmissions in the car while they were trailing her? Were these cops gleefully calling HQ to boast about "who they had" in pursuit; and were possibly even asking a Supervisor what they should do about it before actually stopping her? This audio omission makes is very suspicious. Regardless if she was actually intoxicated or not, the beginnings of this episode could emerge as a witch hunt if the jury is ever allowed to hear the early audio portion. This would naturally get the case thrown out, and maybe Linda and her lawyers are taking the gamble on this?" Feb 3, 11 1:20 PM

Hmmm.....this is starting to stink to High Hell. Why was Anna T.H. called on this night - was she supposed to drive over and bring Linda home? Take her for some coffee to sober her up? If police officials tipped Anna T.H. and told her that she basically won the election that was coming up because of this, then it's guaranteed Linda's case will be THRONE out of court!" Feb 3, 11 3:49 PM

Yup. I'd say odds of acquittal are now 10-1 in favor of Linda. The cops screwed the pooch on this one." Feb 3, 11 4:13 PM

Aye Matey......... Kabot will walk. Because the police procedure did not fit; they must acquit!" Feb 4, 11 4:01 PM

AHOY! 4:30 PM - just acquitted of all DWI charges. Called it!
Roscoe, where's my 50 spot?????" Feb 4, 11 4:35 PM

Town Will Investigate Charges Of Code Violations At Springs Home

These Landlords need to Walk The Plank..........the town inspectors should seize the house and turn it into something good for the community." Feb 23, 11 12:17 PM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

Nobody realizes that Anchor Babies are starting to flood the school systems out here and are causing these huge deficits? This problem is only going to get worse over the next several years. Illegals don't pay property taxes, and their kids are in on a free ride and bankrupting the Springs school district. There is nothing "racist" about this cold hard fact. Legit property owners cannot be stretched any further. Tuition may be the only solution, sad to say. Why should good teachers who have lived in this town all their lives lose their jobs because of this?" Mar 10, 11 3:53 PM

Springs Officials Meet With Parents To Explain Cost Cutting Options

Larger classes, teacher layoffs, program cuts and a 12% tax increase- thank you Anchor Babies." Mar 16, 11 10:11 AM

Long Island Farmers Express Concerns To Tim Bishop

E-Verify is a VERY GOOD IDEA. It's time a verification process is in place to flush out all of the illegals who flock here for the free ride. If their sources of income are curbed (earned without them paying taxes on it, and most of it sent out of the country via Western Union, thus the money is not even spent in our local economy) then maybe, finally, there will be a reason for them to go home and apply to come back to the US - the legitimate way!!!" Mar 29, 11 10:49 AM

Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

FINE. The Whinesters want to block our truck access to our beaches, which have been our right for generations? Then how about we block THEM from coming to our stores, bars, restaurants, fairs, fish shacks and farmstands? How about we don't answer the calls when they need plumbing, electrical work, painting and landscaping? It goes both ways, mateys." Apr 6, 11 4:11 PM

Oddone Appeal Will Be Heard By Brooklyn Judges On Friday

Caddies are sacred cows to the rich. They know ALL the secrets when you play 18 holes with them and bare your soul. I'll bet the farm that he's got something on one of these rich golfers he caddies for, and now it's that golfer's turn to do him the favor by bankrolling this appeal and vouching for his "character". Happens all the time in the country club world. Disgraceful that a Murderer can potentially walk away from his crime with the right set of friends and their lawyers behind him." Apr 28, 11 4:58 PM

Headless Body Discovered In Amagansett Does Not Appear To Be Victim Of Foul Play

Awww, shucks. This would have been some good fodder to gossip about over at the Clam Bar. It's just a run of the mill floater - boring. I was looking forward to the NY Post snooping around town looking for a story." May 24, 11 3:18 PM