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Noyac Road Restrictions Not Viable Some Say

Great reasoning, Mr. Z - let's allow over-loaded dump trucks to go 60 mph on a residential street because if they have to sit in traffic (like everyone else) they'll waste gas & pollute. Who really cares if they accidentially hit a child crossing the road - as long as those truckers can get to their TVs by 5 p.m." Apr 26, 12 1:33 PM

UPDATE: Water Mill Man Charged With DWI After Police Chase Ends In Single-Car Crash

19 arrests & 4 DWIs and he's still on the road because?! This is appalling. Thank goodness no one got in his way. It is way past time to do something about the speeders & DWIs in this Town. These should be the number one priority of all police departments. " Jun 8, 12 8:43 AM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

Wait - you buy a house on a dirt road for next to nothing, then pay low taxes because you complain you have no services, now you want ME to pay for a nice paved road for you? Take all your savings & install your own road. My taxes are high enough, thank you. Or, get together with your neighbors & split the cost. In order for Town to do this, someone has to pay for a survey, title work to find out who owns the roadbed, then get deeds if necessary, recording charges, then grading, paving, drainage, curbs, probably want public water with that as well. Then Town needs to hire more folks to plow, do drainage cleanouts...oh, then we'll want street signs, street sweepers, lights, leaf pickup. The Town can't maintain the paved roads they own now! " Jun 27, 12 11:04 AM

DePersia Pleads Guilty To Probation Violation; Sentenced To DWI Alternative Facility

Ever hear of AA? Absolutely appalling...." Jun 27, 12 11:09 AM

Police Say 30-Year-Old Hispanic Man Is Being Sought In Fatal Hit-And-Run; Name Still Not Released

Give me a break here! We have a woman who devoted her life to helping others vs. a low-life coward or drunk (most likely) who has either crawled under a rock to sober up or fled the country by now. Post his photo & let's get some justice. I am sick and tired of sleaze bags getting away with murder. " Jul 13, 12 9:12 AM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

While I commend the Press for posting mug shots of drunks, I have to wonder why someone else can kill a nun and we get a photo of a car. " Jul 17, 12 9:48 AM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

Great - now we get the photo - after he's left the state. This is such a sad tragedy - in more ways than one. While I know our churches teach us to forgive & forget, I really do not believe they could have ever imagined a crime such as this. Who knows if Sister Jackie could have been saved if this criminal called 911 before his boss. How much time went by between the accident and the first call to the police? We need to change some laws here. Too many good people are dying because of selfish, self-centered scum. " Jul 23, 12 10:32 AM

ARB Denies MetroPCS Cell Phone Tower Application

Perhaps I missed the article on how the Village approved itself to have these things installed on their own buildings. And now they're denying everyone else? Will the Village be happy when this church has to sell? Just what we need - more retail stores. Better yet, perhaps those ladies in Sag Harbor can move into this church & bring their legs back home. Sag Harbor has already lost a couple of their churches. We need to work with our churches - not fight them. They are always there for us. We need to be there for them. " Jul 27, 12 9:08 AM

Cops: East Quogue Pair Nabbed For Stealing 30 Candy Bars

What - no photos of the candy bars?" Aug 9, 12 12:55 PM

SPCA Investigating Alleged Poisoning Of Cats In Eastport

This sick, disgusting individual must be brought to justice. I shop in that area, but will not patronize any stores until this individual is punished. My neighbor used to hide rat poision out in his woods because he didn't like animals. The ironic twist of fate was his own dog ate the stuff. The fines should be increased ten-fold for anyone who sets out to deliberately kill another living being. " Oct 17, 12 3:38 PM

Henry, Hairy Hardware Store 'Mascot' In Sag Harbor, Dies

Finding a pet at a business is always a pleasant surprise - whether it's a cat in a bookstore, or dog in a hardware store. Henry was special & will truly be missed. " Nov 20, 12 3:41 PM

Gregor Proceeding With Noyac Project Despite Official Roadblocks

This area is in serious need of attention - Alex is right. The only people objecting are the store owners, who could care less about their patrons. There are truck bodies behind Cromers, vehicles blocking Cedar to the east, and cars parking on the front lawn of the house behind Cromers. There's vacant land behind these stores. There should be a rear parking lot - in via Cedar, out via Bay. Close off Elm. End of story. " Apr 10, 13 1:25 PM

If I owned a store where there were a multitude of accidents, I would make some immediate changes so my customers didn't get killed. Like BEG the Town to make the area safer. Fully support widening & moving the road. Clean out my rear parking lot of garbage so folks could park back there & not along Noyac Road. GIVE the Town a useless lot I owned to help with traffic circulation. These owners refuse to help. So, yes, they could care less about their patrons. Folks will continue to stop here regardless of the parking issues because it's the only food store in that area. I used to live in Pine Neck & walked there all the time. I refuse to go anywhere near it now. " Apr 11, 13 9:00 AM

What's not mentioned in this article is that the Town Board paid for (with your tax dollars) a traffic plan & received several from qualified engineers. Why did we waste all that money if we're not going to listen to experts? Who knows more about road safety - Alex & professional engineers, or a broker & food store owner? It was the Town Board who proposed the "round-about" on Scuttle Hole Road. Try getting around that one with a horse trailer! " Apr 12, 13 9:37 AM

Pylons Installed To Slow Traffic On Noyac Road

Nice idea. I give them another couple of weeks before they all disappear. This road needs STOP signs. Even if everyone just taps their brakes, it will slow things down. By the way, the speed limit on Noyac is 35-25 mph, not 40. " Jul 31, 13 12:57 PM

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

My neighbor and I did an experiment about 10 years ago. He put up a 6' "deer fence" and I did not. He got Lyme disease, I did not. If he walks from his front door to his car, he has about 20 ticks on his clothes. I've had 2 in the past 10 years. I believe it's the deer that take the ticks AWAY from your property. If you fence out the animals, who else is there to latch on to? You and your dog, of course. Ticks do not "come from deer." They start as parasites on mice. No fence will keep mice out. The people in North Haven need to educate themselves. How on earth do they deal with mosquitoes? " Aug 21, 13 4:44 PM

Officials Recommend Traffic Light Cameras, Lower Speed Limits To Reduce South Fork Car Crashes

Speed cameras are the only solution. People won't change or slow down unless you hit them in their wallets. " Aug 21, 13 4:56 PM

Springs Man Accused Of Burglaries Could Face Life Behind Bars

I know two folks that were robbed. They are hard working locals, desperately trying to make ends meet. For some piece of scum to break into someone's home and take what they worked so hard for is appalling. What would have happened if an elderly person or child was home? Get off your butt, seek help & get a job. Being robbed is devastating. You never feel secure again & live in fear every time you hear a noise in the middle of the night. " Nov 8, 13 8:37 AM

Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

This is insane. The problem isn't the deer - it's the people who come out here, buy in the woods, cut down every tree, then erect 8 foot high fences or 20 foot high hedges to keep everyone & everything off their lots. I have deer in my yard. I plant stuff they don't eat & we all get along. I have a friend who owns adjacent to open space. One morning we heard 82 gun shots! There are thousands of hunting accidents each year. We do not need to send more idiots out with guns. " Dec 2, 13 11:17 AM

So that would be why this article says they are only going to kill females "so as not to upset local deer hunters by taking bucks prized as trophies?" Guess you haven't heard of the reports of an increase in chronic wasting disease from deer meat. " Dec 2, 13 2:43 PM

According to the USGS web site, cases of CWD have been found in NY since 2005. Each year hundreds of folks (& children) die at the hands of hunters - see Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, which maintains a website of SOME of those incidents. Studies now show that areas with less deer show MORE cases of Lyme disease (see studies done by Penn State, National Academy of Science, Harvard, Ecological Society of America). Numerous food kitchens do not accept deer meat due to the detailed method of processing the meat, which must be done in the filed (see Erie County PA Dept. of Health website). " Dec 3, 13 9:12 AM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

I have one word for this entire matter: disgusting. It covers the "justice system," the attorneys, the judge, and the defendant and his behavior. A good man is lost - and a nun - and their killers get to enjoy life and party at their rich employers' troughs. My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew's and Sister Jackie's families." Dec 23, 13 4:12 PM

Wainscott 'Welcome' Sign To Be Moved

None of these "welcome to" signs are in the right locations. Who decides these things? " Jan 16, 14 8:36 AM

Southold Cull Begins After Lawsuit Against Town Is Thrown Out

Great example we're sending our kids: Hey, got a problem? Just blow it away. And you wonder why children are taking guns into schools, etc. They're learning this from their supposedly more intelligent adults. I, for one, will not be visiting any North Fork farm stand in the future. This is yet another example of Hamptons greed. " Mar 7, 14 1:17 PM

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