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Scaled-down 'Tuckahoe Main Street' Still Finds Opponents

Excellent idea!" Jan 17, 11 5:39 PM

Spyder Roadster Makes Its Debut

I cannot see a public need for this vehicle.It appears to be an expensive toy. Since when do sheriff's do regular traffic control???" Jul 13, 11 9:39 PM

State Will Refund Fishing License Fees

And your point is???" Aug 6, 11 5:35 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Are you kidding me? From what I heard? Be more responsible. Please!" May 4, 12 6:18 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

The golf courses are not the problem. As corporations I don't think they have any students in the school and they pay quite a bit.A big problem is the high high school tuition rates that the Southampton and Westhampton school districts charge for Tuckahoe students. It is something that the Tuckahoe board has no control over. " May 16, 12 9:39 AM

You miss my point. Lets say the golf courses here don't exist and there are sub divisions on the properties. What would be a minimum guess on the added enrollment in the school? 50% ? You would also need a new school . Golf courses should get a break on property taxes as they don't add to the enrollment. They are businesses not residences and should be assessed as such." May 17, 12 8:36 PM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

Maybe adding a road or two at a time and incorporating it into the budget would be the way to go.The worst roads first. Or do 5 or six and split the cost with the homeowners. You need something that could be worked into the budget and not bankrupt the homeowner.I think everyone agrees that this should have been addressed years ago." Jun 24, 12 5:57 PM

Cops: Air And Ground Patrol Nabs One For ATV Use In Pine Barrens

I think it's a warning, don't you?" Jun 30, 12 5:57 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

Well since everyone is guessing at this point I would like to throw my two cents in. My guess is the police didn't release the name and photo of the suspect because they wanted to keep him in the area..I'm sure they had a lot of leads and questioned a lot of his friends. Well that didn't work but it took him awhile to blow town. If they did release his name and photo would that have helped in finding him? I'm sure he was not walking the streets and the people that know him obviously are not talking . When you are on the run you need help and it sounds like he got it.
My guess is that since they know who he is they will eventually find him . Why?
People talk.
" Jul 20, 12 5:21 PM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

I don't think there is much the police can do when there is a horrific accident that closes 4 lanes off the six lanes in or out of here.Reroute you where? There are no other roads and we are over capacity as is. The only thing that comes to mind is better communication with WLNG and News 12. I checked News 12 around 4pm yesterday and they just said that traffic was backed up by Hill Station Road due to an accident.( an understatement) The police could have alerted the news people that this problem will take hours. It would have given the people on the road or those thinking about it an option. " Jul 25, 12 8:58 PM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

That is a real good point!" Jul 27, 12 1:54 PM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

They should implement a law they have in Florida. One cannot enter a bank there with a hat on and wearing sunglasses. It may not cut down on the robberies but you will definitely get a better picture. " Sep 11, 12 10:00 AM

If you come in a Fl. bank wearing a hat and or sunglasses you get a stern warning at the door and they are not to quiet about it. It definitely draws attention. Not something a bank robber wants.
" Sep 11, 12 1:14 PM

I stand corrected. It is a bank's policy not law in Florida. It makes a lot of sense non the less. http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/stories/2008/01/21/daily1.html " Sep 11, 12 8:14 PM

Man Crashes Into Utility Pole In Tuckahoe, Charged With DWI

You are right. The speed limit is mostly ignored. I'm guessing the average speed on CR39 is about 50mph. Way too fast for those narrow lanes.
" Sep 15, 12 10:46 AM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

How the heck did this turn into a political forum? This is a crime announcement. Whatever his political views are he defaced somebody else's property. If you disagree , invite him to your house with some spray paint. 63 years old.God help us. " Sep 20, 12 9:30 PM

Sag Harbor Father Starts Organization To Raise Money For Non-Profits

I'm for anything that draws the crowds OUT of the East End.
" Oct 3, 12 1:40 PM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

Yes, but I don't think anyone guessed the magnitude of the problem. Better late than never.
" Nov 8, 12 7:47 PM

Thieves Continue To Target Parked Cars In Montauk

The police can't be everywhere all the time. Lock your car!
" Nov 14, 12 7:45 PM

Two Pulled From Shinnecock Bay Saturday Afternoon Were Disoriented Hunters

Seems that there are pieces missing to this story. What hunters walk into the bay that is so fogged over that they cannot see the shore. What could they possibly see to shoot? Bizarre! Lucky somebody heard them before they walked into the channel.
" Dec 9, 12 4:55 PM

Gas Stations' Credit Card Surcharge Raises Questions

"Numerous gas station owners throughout Southampton and East Hampton towns were contacted in person or by phone, but none wanted to discuss the practice."
What does that tell you? They do because they can. Saying that they only make .10 a gallon is absurd especially on the East End. Do I know what the spread is? Nope! Apparently it's a secret." Sep 27, 13 5:11 PM

Springs Man Accused Of Burglaries Could Face Life Behind Bars

Seems the guy chose the path of least resistance.He hit a lot of seasonal homes that probably lacked alarms hence the reason he stayed away from the upscale areas. Drug addicts are not usually the sophisticated cat burglar type.
My guess is that he will probably end up with 5-10 years. He has some pretty serious offenses. Time will tell. " Nov 8, 13 8:37 AM

Tuckahoe Exploring Tax Options For School Merger

I think everybody is missing the point here . There is a huge savings to consolidate. If the districts can make it work where Southampton tax payers don't have to pay more for the merger then lets do it. Leaving the Tuckahoe school district as is is not sustainable . If someone has a better solution I would like to hear it. We need one. " Jan 11, 14 5:47 PM

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