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Carrying on a family gardening tradition

Very interesting. I also like daylillies and a number of years ago I noticed a house being knocked down in Westhampton Village and a daylilly garden about to be buried - there were some beautiful canary yellow lillies that looked like an old variety. I convinced the back hoe operator to take a break (along with coffee money) and let me dig them up, which I did and now enjoy them in my own garden. A nice article indeed!
PS - the Lusitania postcard probably is worth a bit of money - check on EBay!" Aug 28, 08 3:43 PM

Housing Authority Chair Blasts Southampton Town Board For Skipping Survey

The driving force behind the rentals is the fact that the Housing Authority has to be sels sufficient according to ATH's State of the Town speech. That means the the Housing Authority needs recurring money (i.e. rent) and not one shots from housing sales, unless the Authority wants to get into the mortgage business. Since Section 8 pays in excess of $2,000 a month a rental can generate $24,000 plus a year. Since the Authority will have these properties"in perpetuity" they will be revenue streams as long as Section 8 continues.
Forget the surveys folks, I think the people in Flanders, Riverside, Northampton and Hampton West have made it clear; ownership only." Jul 18, 12 9:11 AM

put it to a referendum on the ballot. Who will be surveyed?
Who will select those to be surveyed? The Housing Authority?
Turkey Bridge doesn't live in Hampton West Estates, I have for 33 years. I can tell you all sorts of horror stories about absentee landlords and Section 8 renters themselves. This neighborhood has improved itself by going after absentee landlords and encouraging people to own, rather than rent. I wish the same for the Flanders folks. " Jul 19, 12 8:00 PM

We asked at a recent meeting with the Housing people how many Section 8 vouchers were there within Hampton West. They were able to tell us the Southampton Town total, but they had no idea if other housing authorities on Long Island had any (such as Community Development Corporation of Long Island, or Community Housing Innovations - or Riverhead Town. (Pssst, they do.) So in terms of saturation they have their vouchers only, and no idea how many others there are. Can they really set policy when they do not have all the facts. I think they are very sincere people, but the previous managers of the program made such a mess all the previous mistakes are falling on the new administrators." Jul 19, 12 8:07 PM

Police Task Force Busts 'Hollywood' Heroin Ring In Riverhead

"Released on their cognizance"
Come on, these guys are career criminals , get them off the streets, also , anybody getting housing vouchers ?
Get them off as the law allows." Feb 19, 14 8:17 PM