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Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

The problem of a religion's restrictive rules are not a problem for either society or government to address. They are a problem for those who embrace that religion and should be addressed as such. What about Catholics who use birth control? Suing everyone in sight will simply add fuel to the fire of hatred and bigotry and the complainants in this action are no less bigotted than the critics. You want war? ENLIST!" Jan 14, 11 11:14 AM

From a Princeton University student paper:
"Symbolic Boundaries" are the lines that include and define some people, groups and things while excluding others (Epstein 1992, p. 232). These distinctions can be expressed through normative interdictions (taboos), cultural attitudes and practices, and more generally through patterns of likes and dislikes. They play an important role in the creation of inequality and the exercise of power. " Jan 14, 11 2:22 PM

Quogue Village Police Chief Collapses At Town Event

This thread is ridiculous. All we should care about is Bob's health and he will be fine. Dehydration from the flu." Jan 19, 11 9:48 AM

Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

I would like to join you in the suit. ENOUGH!" Jan 23, 11 11:06 AM

Vote Paves The Way For Closing Of Sex Offender Trailers

This is, without doubt, one of the most outrageous "vouchers" ever created. We are going to give these convicted criminals $32,850 per year in rent?" Mar 11, 11 3:49 PM

State Closes Shellfishing In Western Shinnecock Bay After Toxin Is Detected

When are we going to wake the hell up and put a stop to the nitrogen that feeds these algae? The answer is to make a donation to the Peconic Baykeeper who seems to be the only one focused on this and NO, I am not the Peconic Baykeeper!" May 7, 11 3:08 PM

Town Looks To Take First Step To Regulate Wastewater

Cesspolls and septic systems are the problem in and of themselves. This is a total waste of time as we should be looking for alternative systems to treat our waste." Jun 4, 11 9:43 AM

Contractor Horror Story With A Happy Ending

The Press should be ashamed of this article. A very good man has been seriously maligned without cause." Jan 7, 13 3:44 PM

Sex Offenders Challenge Town, County and State Restrictions On Where They Can Live

The way this country is going, they will probably get the money." Apr 27, 13 9:41 AM

East Hampton Man Accused Of Trafficking In Child Pornography, Held Without Bail

This guy was out on probation? So much for our system of justice." Oct 30, 13 2:30 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Unfortunate that McAllister found it necessary to go public on this. If Ms. Millar was sexually involved with McAllister why is she still there and he is gone? There has to be more to this story." Mar 21, 14 10:06 AM