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Westhampton Beach Mayor Won't Check Out Supermarket Proposal

One of the filthiest supermarkets on all of Long Island. Why anyone shops there is beyond me. Buckets catch the rain water when it pours. A new and beautiful Fairway just opened in Douglaston, where an old Waldbaum's once stood. The building is an eyesore and needs the wrecking ball." Nov 23, 11 12:52 PM

Heated Exchanges Highlight East Quogue School Board Meeting

I agree with Ms. Combes. This is an excellent opportunity for the district and it would be foolish to let this opportunity slip by." Jan 18, 12 2:29 PM

East Quogue Land Referendum Set For February 28

This is a great opportunity for the district. This opportunity should not be missed. We have the ability to make a great school even better." Feb 22, 12 7:06 PM

East Quogue Residents Vote In Favor Of Purchasing Property Adjacent To Elementary School

Thankfully, this passed for our great school. Let's hope we can now concentrate on getting the new cell tower for the fire district." Mar 2, 12 2:14 PM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

If the accident would have been cleaned up in a timely manner after the patient was removed from the scene, this would have never happened. " Jul 28, 12 1:20 PM

East Quogue Teen Charged With Harassing Hampton Bays Man

Is this Bed - Stuy or East Quogue? What is going on here?" Mar 8, 13 9:24 AM

East Quogue Fire District Drops Cell Tower Discussions, Proposes Antenna

The sooner this is built the better. The safety of our first responders should be top priority. With a huge response area, communication is vital to our responders and to our residents whom they protect." Mar 26, 13 7:05 PM

East Quogue School Board Trims Another $600K From Budget; Spending Plan Won't Pierce Cap

Spend the 40 bucks a year to support this paper which does a great job getting the information out there." Jun 7, 13 11:25 AM

Oddone Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Charge

This sentence sets a horrible precedent for all members of law enforcement. Suppose a correction officer is off duty and runs into one of their former guests while out shopping and gets attacked by a former inmate. The inmate now feels that he will not face a just punishment. As somebody who has a family member in law enforcement, I worry everyday for their safety. This sentence is a travesty.

" Feb 22, 14 9:43 AM

As Expected, Oddone Sentenced To Time Served

I am hoping Oddone ends up like Shavod Jones." Mar 25, 14 2:00 PM

Former Casey's Building Razed In Westhampton Beach

I hope Waldbaum's is next." Apr 11, 14 9:03 PM

Southampton Town Considers Fines For Leaf Piles On Right-Of-Ways

I agree with GoldenBoy. It is very inconsiderate to rake your leaves into the street. I am fed up with my neighbors who think it is ok to have their leaves just blow down the street. Is it really asking a lot to put them in paper bags? Stop whining and being so lazy. Keep up the good work Mr. Gregor." Apr 26, 14 10:14 AM

A Journey Back To Prominence, With A Familiar Name

Good luck to the Killer Bees. Super article." Feb 9, 15 10:31 AM

Elderly Speonk Woman Says Highway Workers Won't Pick Up Her Leaves

Thank you, Mr. Gregor, and the entire highway dept., for your hard work this winter." Feb 17, 15 11:14 AM

'Bluebirds' Flies, But Has Long Way To Go

Well worth the price of admission. Sophie Vanier was amazing." Feb 28, 15 8:27 PM

ATT Will Test Tower Site Off Spinney Road In East Quogue

please build it. the more bars the better." Apr 5, 15 4:57 PM

UPDATE: Sunrise Highway Reopened Following Garbage Truck Fire

How does it take 4 hours to put out a dumpster fire?" Apr 18, 15 8:08 PM

Best Yet Chain Will Take Over Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's

Best Yet recently moved to the old Burlington Coat Factory building in Lake Grove. They did a great job fixing up the building and the store is amazing.

" Oct 18, 15 8:10 PM