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West Hampton Dunes Village, Residents Challenge Authority Of Town Trustees

Does anyone know what SPECIFICALLY these 2 lawsuits are about? From what I have read, its not about septic systems or architecture or even public access (which as anyone that has sat in traffic in the village of WHD during the summer waiting to get into the multiple PUBLIC parks or the fishermen riding 4x4's ON THE BEACH in the winter can tell you ) is not an issue. It appears, these lawsuits are being brought on behalf of ALL Southampton Town taxpayers, alleging a very open misuse and mishandling of public funds by the trustees. Is anyone concerned about the current state of financial crisis in Southampton Town? Every week we read about funds missing or mis-allocated. The comptrollers office was overhauled and the town was forced to endure an expensive forensic audit for a very good reason. Did anyone here read last week that the board did not have $1.85 million to fill a deficit in the town's beaches and wastewater managemet budget and approved amendments also decreasing the Municipal Works Department budget by $680,000 for the 2011-16 capital budget, while also reducing vehicle-purchase capital projects by almost $460,000. All of this, and the trustees are potentially maintaining "illegally opened accounts" and spending taxpayer monies on lawsuits and other expeditures without the knowledge or blessing of the town board? No one see's the irony in the fact that town beaches are running at a deficit which translates to lower quality services while the trustees (the guys who WE elected to watch over our beaches and bays) prefer to spend our money on outside lawyers to fight lawsuits that have no tangible benefit to the residents of Southampton? Has anyone asked why the trustees are paying for private lawyers to represent them instead of using the town lawyers. Last I checked the town has two very competent lawyers on the payroll already. Why are they spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside attorneys? Seems like an incredible waste of money to me. --- Do what you want its a free country and first amendment guarantee's free speech. You can sit at home and blindly bash WHD and do nothing and watch your taxes go higher and your benefits go lower. OR , you can educate yourself and start to question what you are being told by some of your elected officials. Think about this, what if the guys you elected and are defending are actually not doing the right thing? An elected official doing the wrong thing? Wow theres an original thought. Do your homework." Dec 3, 10 1:45 PM

That sir is exactly what the judge will decide." Dec 3, 10 3:38 PM

Ruling Could Strip Authority Of Southampton Town Trustees To Regulate Village Beaches

And if you allow mother nature to wipe out the dunes than we won't have anything to argue about because the beach will be gone. " May 17, 12 4:47 PM