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Southampton Town Approves Annexation Of Land By Village; Kills Political Ban For Regulators

How very disappointing. Don't the GOP and Conservatives realize the people are entitled to a hearing on this issue?" Sep 26, 13 5:46 PM

If a fellow board member asks for public discourse on a topic, as a courtesy you grant it, to do otherwise is DENYING THE PUBLIC TO HAVE A VOICE in local government. so what are Nuzzi, Scalera & Malone hiding during a year one of them is running for office at the county level? For starters: 88% of the sitting members of the land use boards they appointed (Conservation Board, Architectural Review, License Review, Planning Review, Zoning Board of Appeals) are members of the republican or conservative parties. 88% indeed. mums the word ... Republicans & Conservatives represent about 1/3 of registered voters but hold 88% of appointed officeholders. " Sep 27, 13 10:36 AM

it's actually much worse then you think .. it turns out that 12 of the 32 members of the Conservation Board, Architectural Review, License Review, Planning Review, and Zoning Board of Appeals are also Republican Committee members while 0 of the 32 members are members of either of the Conservative or Democratic Committees. that's 38% of the members of those boards are from the committee who decides who to put on the town council who decides who is going to sit on these boards. sounds like a perfect circle to me" Sep 29, 13 9:22 AM

lest we not overlook Republican candidate Mansfield's recent letter to the editor in which he states ... "A fundamental question Southampton town residents should ask themselves is this: Who does the town belong to, and who should be making the decisions that affect the present and future of Southampton?"

"belong to", really? If we elect any of Kabot, Glinka or Mansfield .. there is no reason to believe we shouldn't expect more of the same old same old leadership." Sep 29, 13 8:47 PM

Throne-Holst Will Lead New Independence-Democratic Majority On Southampton Town Board

is there a reason why Kabot's photo appears as the first with this headline? Another obvious indiction of the Press's bias. " Nov 7, 13 2:02 PM

Architect Reveals Plans For Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

I'm glad to see Deputy Supervisor Zappone actively involved. That gives me confidence the follow-thru will progress under his watchful eye. " Aug 14, 14 11:18 AM

UPDATE: PSEG Officials Will Present Plan To Bury Power Lines In Eastport

by the way, 59 of the 79' poles are in Southampton where CR51 crosses into North Hampton" Jul 13, 17 11:13 PM