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Quogue Attorney Responds To Verizon, LIPA Over Religious Boundary

The EEEA's fatal error was to proceed in such an aggressive manner as to require a response from Village and Town. Of course, some form of approval is needed for a private organization to appropriate telephone poles for its private use, and EEEA, by blatantly asserting a limitation on Quogue's and Southampton's general police powers, practically compelled Quogue and Southampton to defend their respective legal rights. This controversy is now squarely presented - must any government cooperate in an effort by any religious organization to mark out religious boundaries? The answer, under our Constitution, is clear. " Nov 24, 10 1:34 PM

Federal Judge: Westhampton Beach Village Cannot Block Religious Boundary

Unless NO signs are allowed, lichis should be allowed. That's all the decision established. No governmental "approval" is needed in this case, only LIPA's and Verizon's, and, having permitted signs before, they had no reason to decline now.
To the extent an eruv requires some form of government approval or endorsement, which certain sects or groups of Jews assert, the mere posting of lichis will not be effective. It is that governmental involvement with sectarian religion which must be avoided under our Constitution.
That issue is worth the time and energy, and this decision does not pretend to address it." Jun 21, 14 10:43 AM

Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

The Westhampton Synagogue lacks an essential requirement, at least according to most practitioners:
"Kinyan Kesef Required document to obtain permission/rights to the area contained within the Eruv. This must be obtained from all executive powers (towns, state, etc."
If all the Synagogue has done is tack up some plastic strips in the imaginitive belief that God thereby allows different conduct, well, Mazel Tov, I say. Christians could tack up medallions and thereby earn indulgences by passing by. But neither faction should be able to enlist the government, by lease or other document, in their fantasies." Aug 8, 14 4:37 PM

Southampton Town To Preserve Small Slice Of Parrish Pond, Sacred To Tribe

One must compare this story of a $900,000 Town purchase to preserve in perpetuum a plot of land "sacred" to a group of people either because some ancestors may have been buried there at some unknown time, or because it's an ancient site of "wampum-making" (an early Wall St.?), with the controversy surrounding the Town permission to allow the erection of some plastic strips (at no cost) to preserve the even more imaginary wall within which some Orthodox Jews will allow themselves to carry on the Sabbath.
One must then worry whether the Town, collectively, or certain of its residents have lost their minds." Sep 12, 14 12:28 PM

Hampton Synagogue Blesses, Celebrates Eruv In Westhampton Beach

If EEEA has withdrawn any requirement of a public proclamation or similar action, please tell me why I should resent a few plastic strips, invisible for practical purposes, to which some religious adherents assign the power to exempt them from their obligations? None of this affects the surrounding communities any more than the usual lack of attention to signs and other symbols celebrating other religious or ethnic events/expressions.
Absent any governmental endorsement, there's no Constitutional issue." Aug 26, 15 11:46 AM