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Oct 21, 2010 12:47 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton School Officials Call Meeting For Parents To Discuss Recent 'Incidents'

Oct 21, 2010 12:47 PM

Southampton School District officials will meet with parents on Monday night at 7 p.m. in the Southampton High School cafeteria to discuss recent incidents at the high school, including fighting among students and a recent threat of violence targeting the school that has been dismissed as “unfounded” by police.

High School Principal Timothy Mundell, Ed.D., said the purpose of the meeting is to address parents’ concerns over recent events and to share appropriate information so that everyone is on the same page.

Late last week, two Southampton High School senior girls were arrested by Southampton Village Police and accused of attacking a freshman girl on the football field during a fire drill last Thursday, October 14, Detective Sergeant Herman Lamison said. The seniors, both 17-year-olds, were each charged with assault in the third degree and endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors, and harassment in the second degree, a violation. The 14-year-old victim, who was treated for her injuries at Southampton Hospital and released, was issued an order of protection, according to Det. Sgt. Lamison, who said police believe the fight took place over a boy and that tensions had escalated over the weeks leading up to the fight.

Also last week, in an unrelated incident, Dr. Mundell and Village Police received an anonymous call from a parent who said his ninth grade son had told him that a former student planned an act of violence at the school, according to police reports. Several students reported receiving text messages stating that an incident would take place on Tuesday, October 19, according to police.

Det. Sgt. Lamison said police investigated the incident and concluded Monday that the allegations were “unfounded and unsubstantiated to any credible sources of information.”

He said police have stepped up their presence at the school in recent days, but he does not believe parents or students should be concerned. “I don’t feel that there is any concern, for a parent not to send their child to school tomorrow, or any other day, for that matter,” he said.

Dr. Mundell, meanwhile, said on Monday that it is “absolutely” safe for students to attend school on Tuesday. “I’m confident that whatever rumors are out there are baseless,” he said, declining to elaborate.

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After attending the meeting at the high school monday night, I am so disappointed in the community!!! The only comment that made sense all night was when a gentleman asked the parents "Are you afraid to discipline your child?" Parents need to communicate and discipline their child(ren) at home FIRST!! It was pretty disturbing watching and listening the parents literally attack Dr Mundell the high school principal! Parents fail to understand that we have about 600 students and he cannot be there ...more
By whatsup1963 (3), Southampton on Oct 18, 10 10:26 PM
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The violence that has occurred at SHS has not been random. They were students mad at students who got physical-and they waited for an opportunity to pounce.
I agree with the above comment, Parents need to step up and stop being afraid to discipline... teach your children how to solve problems without resorting to violence !!! To blame the Principal for a fight in school is absurd. If a fight broke out in a movie theater would you blame the manager?
With all of the social networking..cell ...more
By RUOK2 (15), Water Mill on Oct 18, 10 11:51 PM
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What happened to the principal at the meeting with the parents?

Did he fall ill after heated criticism from parents and was he taken out of the auditorium for medical treatment? And what about the website where
“Dr.” Mundell earned his “Ed. D” ?

For the safety of the victim, should not the girls charged with assault be suspended as long the criminal order of protection is in effect?

This, following the bizarre exit of the previous principal, “Dr. Fine” and his ...more
By PTO5 (3), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 12:45 AM
There is nothing bizarre about going where the money is. Maria Mondini was hardly Mr. Fine's "aide" she was the assistant principal and Linda Bruno earned her Dr. and deserved every bit of respect that comes with the title. You are either resentful because you are a doctoral program flunkie...or you think medical doctors are the only ones who deserve the title...either way - get over yourself
By whodat5 (12), southampton on Oct 19, 10 5:29 PM
I remember "Mouthampton", causing similar issues back in the early nineties.

We didn't need all the modern tech for tempers to flare, and I agree that all it does is amplify it.

If you don't have the cogliones to say it to someone's face, don't bother to say it at all...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Oct 19, 10 12:45 AM
The issue that arose back in the nineties was entirely misconstrued by the administration, and their actions at the time (to make things "right") caused problems where none had existed before. I certainly hope that's not what happening here...if it is, we all need to take a break and LISTEN to our kids, because what we adults THINK is the problem is often not even close to the actual problem.
By LocalMom (36), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 5:34 PM
its a new ethnic gang problem. the girls got the problem, not the school. community didn't ask for this hassle. the federal government did.
By dylan32 (64), east hampton on Oct 19, 10 9:00 AM
I know this will be removed, but it needs to be said, You are an idiot.
By fcmcmann (417), Hampton Bays on Oct 19, 10 9:28 AM
Nonsense...no ethnic gang problem...just some angry teenagers
By RUOK2 (15), Water Mill on Oct 19, 10 12:50 PM
Ethnic Gang...seriously...do you have any idea what you are talking about...if white girls are a new ethnicity unto them selves then sign me up and put me through the initiation. The fights have no common link other than angry kids who have not been taught at home that violence is not the answer. That's something they need to learn before 9th grade, and is not a lesson Dr. Mundell, or any other person in SHS should have to teach them.
By whodat5 (12), southampton on Oct 19, 10 5:26 PM
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This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Scooby (12), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 10:16 AM
This could be a case where the Varsity Basketball Coach & Chief Criminal Investigator (SAME PERSON) might have to arrest one of his star athletes and doesn’t want to do it. In the Suffolk County PD a case is either FOUNDED, UNFOUNDED,Exceptionally Cleared, Cleared by Arrest or Pending new evidence. No such classification as “unfounded and unsubstantiated to any credible sources of information.” exists.

This is typical of the Southampton School system. In the past school staff would confiscate ...more
By Scooby (12), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 10:16 AM
I attended the meeting on Monday evening and neither incident that was discussed invlovled any student athlete. Maybe if they were involved in some sort of afterschool sport they wouldnt so much time on their hands. In order to address the drug issue, we need more than a Monday evening meeting.
By lbeeti (6), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 1:06 PM
way to make up stuff because you have a personal agenda - maybe you should run for the school board or better yet mayor so that you can straighten out all the problems...while you are at it take your screenplay one step further and say that the administration would confiscate the drugs and use them themselves - crazy people make crazy accusations and draw crazy conclusions - good job reppin' the crazies...
By whodat5 (12), southampton on Oct 19, 10 5:16 PM
Athletic and Wellness Director Phillips told 2 former school board members that

10 of his football players drank beers on a Friday night before a

Saturday football game.
By PTO5 (3), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 10:35 AM
PTO you can join scooby on the crazy train...what does Darren Phillips have to do you a graduate supposedly threatening violence...absolutely nothing...how about all of the good things Darren does for the school as head football coach and athletic director. Let's not mention that because GOD FORBID we say anything nice about anyone...let's just slander them all. I bet if you dig real deep you can make up something about the food service people serving cereal thats a day past its expiration date. ...more
By whodat5 (12), southampton on Oct 19, 10 5:21 PM
"I know this will be removed, but it needs to be said, You are an idiot. "

What else do you know ma'am? In case you hadn't noticed, parents are the problem. hopefully you don't speak like this in front of any of your spawn.
By dylan32 (64), east hampton on Oct 19, 10 10:37 AM
Blogs, like this one, and all other forms of modern technology that allow us to hide behind a persona and sling salacious arrows while bearing no responsibility for the lies, exaggerations and falsehoods we create are the reasons why Southampton High School is experiencing turmoil. Every slanderous, hateful comment made on this sight and others like it are indicative of the spineless society of hate mongers and sensationalists that has been created. Perhaps rather than continuing to spin rumors ...more
By Silence Dogood (3), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 11:36 AM
Did you not just post here anonymously?
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Oct 19, 10 12:19 PM
I agree 100% !!!!!! Silence Dogood I was sad to hear there where soooo many parents that shoulded up for such a negative meeting. II wish that many parents would come out and support the students/teachers for positive more events such as Class Night, Talent Shows, Sports Events, Soup Suppers Fundraiser, etc. I guess they would rather complain about the bad and not suppport the good in the school. Our studetns are soooo lucky to be part of a small community and school district where people ...more
By whoknows (5), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 2:15 PM
good point - you're a quick one
By Silence Dogood (3), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 5:00 PM
PTO5 Does it really matter what happend to Dr. Mundell? The man fell ill, have some compassion. Bet you could do a better job right? Where you at the football game that night to support the football team to really see what happened or just a rumor starter? I take it you were one of those parents shouting. Maybe take your child out of the school and put him in a bubble or another school because it wouldn't happen their right. If we all took responsibility for our own children, the world would ... ...more
By whoknows (5), Southampton on Oct 19, 10 1:48 PM
hysterical parents=hysterical kids.
By mackt (73), montauk on Oct 19, 10 1:58 PM
More Punishment !!! make a few examples.
Have some intestinal fortitude, lest you end up like Riverhead in the early 90's.

By year round (22), southampton on Oct 19, 10 2:36 PM
Not necessarily punishment, perhaps anger management would be better. Clearly these girls have zero skills in that department. What will happen when they are out in the real world and get mad at some slight at work? Too many kids waste their time watching idiotic reality shows and get their values from them, rather than from their parents - who, come to think of it, might not have very good ones themselves.
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Oct 20, 10 12:18 AM