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Apr 14, 2010 11:25 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Financial investigation unearths $3 million deficit in Southampton Town beach fund

Apr 14, 2010 11:25 AM

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It just keeps going on.
By fix-it-now (216), sag harbor on Apr 14, 10 12:09 PM
Jim Malone is leading so far in the competition for the Lame Defense Award of 2010, with his statement, "It's not like someone ran out the door with $3 million." OK, Jim, assuming that's true, then what happened wasn't a crime of theft. It was a crime of negligence, carelessness, reckless loss of $3 million of the people's money, but it wasn't a crime of theft. You couldn't set the bar much lower, could you? Again and again, we see what happens when one party -- in this case, the Republicans ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 14, 10 12:34 PM
OK - I'm a bit confused - I thought the forensic audits said there were no deficits - soooo is there a deficit or not? Oh, those were capital accounts, this an an enterprise account. Understood, but does this mean there needs to be a forensic enterprise accounting? did anyone else note the ATH comment:

"She added that there will also be less money available to stabilize the tax rate in the town."

tax increase anyone?
By diogenes (57), westhampton on Apr 14, 10 4:38 PM
It is important to point out that this was not a part or intention of the original audit process that was taken on when the fund deficits were uncovered. What is important to remember is that it would not have been discovered were it not for the keen observation and talent of Town Comptroller Tamara Wright. And as for Mr. Malone, his comments are exactly those that would have been used three years ago to bury the issue. It appears thus far that the old Republican log-jam cover-up/head-in-the-sand ...more
By EastEndHomie (27), Southampton on Apr 14, 10 4:57 PM
Is the comptroller sure? She can't seem take care of her own money problems.
How does someone end up owing the IRS $650,000. If she gets canned she could apply for a job with the Obama admin. she would fit in perfectly.
Also, ATH should know better than to discuss money issues in an Executive Session. I do not believe for one minute that Ms. Wright did not tell her in advance about the deficit.
Again, where were the democrats during the years this deficit happened?
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 14, 10 7:27 PM
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Ok, reg rep, here you are again with your oh-so-tired talking points, but they have to be answered every time, just in case some innocents are logged on who haven't been exposed to the virus before.

Actually, your first one is new because Ms. Wright's dispute with the IRS is recent news. As soon as I read that piece and then read this one, I just knew you would try to conflate the two, and sure enough, you're doing that very thing. Of course, the one has nothing to do with the other -- ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 14, 10 10:39 PM
By john o (34), southampton on Apr 14, 10 9:49 PM
Maybe someone can get intouch with LAST CALL LINDA. But she will blame Skip. Lets look at the person handeling this she owes the IRS $650,000.00
The Town is really doing a great job.
By sjd (420), Westhampton Beach on Apr 14, 10 10:42 PM
O Turkey
The same old, same old from you is boring and so are your talking points.
It is so transparent how you cover for all your democrat friends by blaming everything on everyone else. I guess its ok not to pay taxes as long as you’re a democrat.
BTW your democrat buddy ATH is not worth defending, she's a phony and a user.
Anyone who gets romantically involved with a fellow board member is very unprofessional in my book.
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 14, 10 11:47 PM
Reg rep, how about working up your own material instead of just using a mirror image of mine? (I guess, though, I should take it as some sort of compliment.) One thing, of course, that doesn't reflect my remarks is your utterly irrelevant reference to people's personal lives. Trash is what that is. There is apparently no limit to how low you will sink in the futile effort to make black out of white.

Getting back to the point of the above news article, one thing you can't change, no ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 15, 10 10:13 AM
This town is a joke. The finances are like a shell game of move the money.
By Real Conservative (9), Hampton Bays on Apr 15, 10 7:43 AM
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It's gone far past the town finances being a joke.

When the money was rolling in, no one wanted to hear from anyone how it was going to blow up in all of our faces. Even the words of yours truly were dsmissed, or he was a "crackpot".

This is probably the largest, most far reaching Recession in History, and the only reason it is NOT a Depression is the infusion of U.S. Treasury dollars.

We have some of the wealthiest taxpayers in the country here in Southampton, and alot ...more
Apr 15, 10 3:53 PM appended by Mr. Z
"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day." -Thomas Jefferson
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 15, 10 3:53 PM
Forgive me for asking both a redundant and obvious question but..... What The Hell have the Officers of this town been doing the last few years??? Sweet Mother of Moses, this really IS a shell game (TY, Real Conservative)!

...And I thought Wall Street held the patent on hustlers and incompetents.
By elliot (254), sag harbor on Apr 15, 10 3:06 PM
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Just because they hold the patent, doesn't mean there won't be generic knock-offs.

I seem to recall an aisle of white bags in the grocery store back in the eighties.

What was that word, again?

By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 15, 10 3:56 PM
SH Press reports here: "The deficit means that the town thought it had $3 million more in the capital fund than it actually did, and will now have to find a way to plug the hole in the enterprise fund."

My Question: Is "Plug the Hole" just a folksy term for increasing taxes, decreasing essential town services, programs and teachers in public schools?

If this happened in the private sector, there would be three little words:
Go To Jail.

Go directly to jail. Do not ...more
By elliot (254), sag harbor on Apr 15, 10 4:11 PM
Most of you are just talking generally about town officials in connection with this disaster, and that's not accurate. To be exact, this crisis was caused by the REPUBLICANS who ran the Town at that time. Remember, we owe all this bad news to the REPUBLICANS. Did I mention that it was the REPUBLICANS who are responsible for the loss of all this money?
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 15, 10 5:19 PM
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strange how the comptrollers have all been democrats...
By ridiculous (214), hampton bays on Apr 15, 10 9:06 PM
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Another Democrate with blinders on.
Just look from Washington to Southampton to see how all you democrate's are doing.Just spend spend spend
By sjd (420), Westhampton Beach on Apr 16, 10 10:13 AM
See below.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 16, 10 11:10 AM
Both democrats and republicans were in elected office at the time this deficit happened.

Turkey regarding your comment to me above, you just can't pass up an opportunity to reply to my blogs. This is ok with me I'm here to accommodate you & having fun with it.
The comment you made that someone's personal life is not relevant is way off base. As you know elected officials personal life and how they conduct themselves in and out of the office is an open book for anyone to criticize. Having ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 15, 10 6:34 PM
See below.
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 16, 10 11:10 AM
Wow, I have the full confidence in my elected officials.!!! The Article reports several "holes" found. Boy thats an understatement! Some of these "holes should be filled with the likes of Ms.Wright and all that are party to this shell game. Shame on ALL of you elected people. Your resignations should start coming in tomorrow. Oh, and the IRS thing....I won't even begin to touch on that story...Take a hike you a "Holes".........
By gallerygirl (29), southampton on Apr 15, 10 9:43 PM
There is no money missing! That is what I heard from a good source. As Mr.Malone put it, the money did not run out the door.
By Real Conservative (9), Hampton Bays on Apr 15, 10 10:09 PM
Whew!!!!, Boy! I was worried there for a moment. Thanks a million for clarifying that.

I'll be SURE to tell the town that when they raise our property taxes ( see bottom of article- Ms. Throne Holt's statement)
By elliot (254), sag harbor on Apr 15, 10 11:05 PM
Ms. Throne Holst is a drama queen. Linda Kabot was a much better Supervisor.
By Real Conservative (9), Hampton Bays on Apr 16, 10 8:28 AM
From were a local bar????
She did nothing but spend more moey and than blamed Skip
By sjd (420), Westhampton Beach on Apr 16, 10 10:11 AM
Kabot spend money????? shes the only one who slashed the budget down from 82 million to 78!!!!

its ath who is spending and slowly rehiring all the bureacrats that were laid.

its the new highway superintendent who is blowing through his budget.
By ridiculous (214), hampton bays on Apr 17, 10 12:46 PM
She sat right next to Skip when all the money was spent and voted for ALL of it
By sjd (420), Westhampton Beach on Apr 22, 10 12:36 PM
Ridiculous, I'm not sure you're right about all the comptrollers during the bad times being Democrats, but let's say you are right. What does that mean? It means the Republican Supervisors deserve some credit for not restricting their job appointments to members of their own party. Remember, though, the comptroller is not elected but appointed, so party affiliation shouldn't matter in that job. It's about competence, and the elected (Republican) Supervisor was always ultimately responsible as ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 16, 10 11:36 AM
you are he only one who continually brings up political parties. so when democrats are at the helm of comptrollers office. political parties suddenly dont' matter.

instead of being so blind to this party vs that party. how about you look at the big picture and see what both sides are doing.

how do you justify the millions being added to budget to date by the "blank" supervisor and "independent" highway superintendent?
By ridiculous (214), hampton bays on Apr 17, 10 12:50 PM
we can agree that the buck stops with the supervisor. lets see what you have to say when we see the budget go up this year under ath. i dont see us going down from a 78 million budget, i see us going up.

you dont like kabot but she did make tough choices and cut the budget. that is the right thing to do. it was your fleming who pontificated how the budget doubled from 40 to 80 million in under ten years. im curious to see how she works to get the budget down this year.

if you actually ...more
By ridiculous (214), hampton bays on Apr 17, 10 1:01 PM
Malone would be a great Supervisor!
By Real Conservative (9), Hampton Bays on Apr 16, 10 12:03 PM
The Shell Game by Skip Heany and Richard Blowes!
By LUVSH (28), Southampton on Apr 16, 10 2:55 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 16, 10 6:36 PM
Wait.....who are the two remaining board members who were on the Town Board during all of this incompetence??
We do not hear too much from tham.
Thank goodness we have people from both parties on the town board now.
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Apr 17, 10 8:16 AM
If we want to play the blame game during the years of this so called mismanagement Suskind and Kenny were on the town board during that time.
Also the democrats did hold the majority during the years this deficit happened.
We had Zenk, Suskind and Kenny, what did they do? So we did have members of both parties. Sir, your point is moot.
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 17, 10 12:11 PM
Reg rep, you should know by now that every time you roll out that old car, I'm going to tell the people it's a clunker, and why. Sure we had the folks you say on the Town Board, but the fault here lies with the Republican Supervisor, Skip Heaney, as the chief financial officer of the Town, and as the top Town official, the guy to whom everyone answered, especially the accounting people who were supposed to watch the money and didn't.

Your constant reference to Dems on the Town Board ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 17, 10 1:54 PM
Responding to Ridiculous up above (Apr. 17, 1:01 PM), you say, speaking of the Republican Financial Follies, that "much worse could have happened." Come again? The very article on which we're commenting reports a brand new $3 million-dollar loss, just now discovered. When you say much worse could have happened, you're talking as if it were over, but it's not over -- the bad news is still coming in from the Republican fiasco that keeps on taking our money.

Besides, even if it were over, ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Apr 18, 10 11:06 AM
Drastic measures and hard decisions need to be made NOW in cutting the budget further. I have not seen anything so far from ATH. All I see is a part time person in the court being given a full time position with benefits. It should not matter that this position was needed. The town needs to start doing will less, with other employees doing even more.
I want to see how the police contract negotiations go; no one should be getting a raise. The regular employees received nothing last year and so ...more
By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 18, 10 10:34 PM
Turkey then the legislative branch (as you say) a majority of them democrats during the time these deficits happened were not watching over the executive branch OK fine. Now that I used your words do you feel better now.
Its you that keeps saying it was Kabot and Heaney or the republicans. If you want to say it was Heaney and the accounting people, fine lets blame Heaney and the accounting dept.

By reg rep (408), Southampton on Apr 18, 10 11:41 PM
Anna should spend more time at Town Hall and less time doing other things.
By Real Conservative (9), Hampton Bays on Apr 19, 10 10:14 AM
Have you ever tried to contact Mr. Malone at Town Hall? He is seldom there except when necessary to vote. Hmmmm? Now where could he be spending most of his time?? Let me think!

By EastEndHomie (27), Southampton on Apr 20, 10 9:57 AM
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