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Nov 18, 2009 4:25 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Judge dismisses juror in Oddone trial

Nov 18, 2009 4:25 PM

County Court Judge C. Randall Hinrichs on Wednesday, November 18, abruptly dismissed one of the jurors seated in the murder trial of Anthony Oddone, who is accused of killing Andrew Reister of Hampton Bays in August 2008.

Juror 12 was dropped from the jury before the start of testimony on Wednesday because another juror had reported overhearing him say that his wife was collecting newspaper clippings about the trial. Jurors are prohibited from reading about the cases they are hearing during the trial.

Judge Hinrichs took the jury into his chambers and interviewed them, then returned to the courtroom shortly after 1 p.m. and announced his decision.

The judge did not identify the dismissed juror by name, and outside the courtroom the man declined to identify himself. He also declined to comment on any of the circumstances surrounding his dismissal Wednesday, some five weeks into the trial.

“I’m disappointed,” he said. “I’m disappointed in myself.”

One of the four alternate jurors was tapped to take his place, and testimony resumed Wednesday afternoon.

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Thanks Michael for the timely updates today. Well done.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Nov 18, 09 6:24 PM
How could u applaud such infrequent updates. Days go by and articles are not written.
By HB 4 Life (72), Hampton Bays on Nov 18, 09 8:09 PM
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i agree, this is a huge thing, and no news reported?
By big (14), sag harbor on Nov 19, 09 5:53 AM
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Oh stop b-tching and moaning...the guy's doing the best he can..sometimes there is nothing much to report...there can't be drama everyday!!
By AnonymousSgh (183), Sag Harbor on Nov 18, 09 8:38 PM
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Newsday has a much more complete article with the jurors name and the fact that he was leaning towards guilty as shown by the ada wanting to keep the juror and the defense attorney wanting him excused. Why didn't this author include any of those details? I would say it is perplexing but is no pun intended par for the course when it comes to a second rate publication like the Press. If the Press doesn't want to do a thorough job reporting somebody else will do it and I think people realize this ...more
By HB 4 Life (72), Hampton Bays on Nov 19, 09 8:11 AM
Comment after comment, same thing. If you are so unhappy with the reporting done by this newspaper and website, why do you come here daily to comment and read it?

Do you work for Newsday? Are you a disgruntled ex-employee? What's your point, something else is better? Shut up and take your negativity elsewhere.
By RealLocal (76), Bridgehampton on Nov 19, 09 9:12 AM
I couldnt agree more RealLocal - So many people just want to complain about something - So what that Newsday had more information and the name of the Juror
By jacks (70), hampton bays on Nov 19, 09 9:21 AM
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In fairness to The Press -- a MUCH fairer publication than Newsday -- I don't believe that the trial is in session every day,

Is this really all some of you have to gripe about???
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Nov 19, 09 9:21 AM
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The trial is EVERY day and I wish there was an update EVERY day. It is 2009 not 1999 and u old media folks who think there is a weekly local news cycle and a daily national news cycle are sorely mistaken.
By HB 4 Life (72), Hampton Bays on Nov 19, 09 10:28 AM
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Newsday does not do a daily update either. Did you tell them about your beef?
By AnonymousSgh (183), Sag Harbor on Nov 19, 09 4:58 PM
I've said it before folks...this is a weekly paper...You should not expect daily updates from a weekly paper, even on the website. The Press is not trying to be anything more than its is...and that is a local paper.

I do agree that other reporting agencies tend to have more detailed information than the Press. The press should also keep in mind that this is an important topic to its readership and perhaps try to provide more timely and accurate information.
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Nov 19, 09 10:40 AM
Those of you who are unhappy with the coverage might consider sending donations to the Press, so that they could pay Michael Wright to cover the trial exclusively. Michael has posted other articles this week, including a fine one with lots of photos in eastern Southampton Town of the severe beach erosion from the last Nor'easter.

Local weekly papers are publications with limited financial resources and staff.

If you want better coverage, please put your money where your mouth ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Nov 19, 09 3:08 PM
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I will have to say this is probably the first time I've ever heard anyone complement Newsday about local coverage of something in Southampton. I have seen numerous instances in the past where a story has appeared in either The Press, The East Hampton Star or The Independent long before it ever appeared in Newsday. On average, their East End news coverage sucks! Unless, of course, it's a big story like the Oddone trial. Then, they act like they cover the east end so well. Just like News 12 whose ...more
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Nov 19, 09 3:29 PM
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Well, you DO understand that Newsday and News 12 are in common ownership, don't you?

They cater their coverage to those who live in Western Suffolk and Nassau, and they don't cover anything on the East End unless it will titillate their primary readership.
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Nov 20, 09 5:25 PM
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I wonder if HB 4 Life works for a competing news organization. Who else but a newspaper person would think that circulation figures were important?
By easthamptoner (34), easy hampton on Nov 19, 09 4:05 PM
Thank you INS. Everyday I read articles on here and all everyone does is fight with each other, they never address the article itself. 15 comments and not one is about the article.
By MD (22), Southampton on Nov 20, 09 4:08 PM
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I'll address the article. I feel bad for the dismissed juror. He is 70 years old; that is a lot of life experience to bring to the (jury) table. He feels disappointed in himself, yet he isn't clear on what he did wrong. I feel he did nothing wrong. He said he didn't read the articles, that his wife knows more about the case than he does because SHE cuts out the articles. After each member of the jury was interviewed by the judge, the "rat" juror (for lack of a better word) was the only person who ...more
By maryb123 (84), east hampton on Nov 20, 09 6:57 PM
I'm so tired of the "I'm a local and you're not" crap. INS, you're still descended from immigrants. The true locals got wiped out by the White Devil, his liquor, his weapons, and his diseases. So get off your high blue-blood horse - You're not that special.
By Undertow (64), Southampton on Nov 22, 09 9:00 AM
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World Peace starts here,.This was a commercial announcement.
...Now back to the trial....
By gonzorip (3), Southampton, New York on Nov 23, 09 8:52 AM