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Apr 1, 2009 2:25 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Apr 1, 2009 2:25 PM

Southampton Village Police and code enforcement officers shut down a makeshift soup kitchen at Southampton Tire Center on Wednesday morning that had been serving meals daily, for more than a month, to hungry day laborers who have been struggling to find work.

Carol Whitby, co-owner of the tire shop on North Sea Road, said police told her that she could not serve food without a permit, “even though we’re not accepting money.”

Ms. Whitby started offering the free meals with the help of the Sisters of Mercy on February 16, and they have tried to keep the effort under wraps, she said.

Between 50 and 150 men were lining up at Southampton Tire each day, depending on the weather, according to Ms. Whitby. The food was served mid-morning, after most of the men who were going to have any luck finding work that day had been picked up by contractors.

“The police and code enforcement were just here, and they just shut us down,” Ms. Whitby said Wednesday morning. The police told her she would need permission from the village Zoning Board of Appeals to continue the soup kitchen, and that it could take months to get it.

“I didn’t know I needed a permit,” she later added. “I wasn’t deliberately breaking the law.”

Reached for comment Wednesday morning, Village Mayor Mark Epley said he didn’t know the police had shut down the soup kitchen. “That’s the first I’ve heard about that,” he said.

Mayor Epley, who is also the Village Police commissioner, said he first learned about the soup kitchen at Southampton Tire a week ago, when a reporter called to inquire about it, but that he never discussed it with the Village Police.

“7-Eleven called to talk about it, but I didn’t go any further with it, because I just figured that they were handing out coffee and stuff,” the mayor said. The 7-Eleven is across the street from Southampton Tire.

“Somebody reported us,” Ms. Whitby said. “They wouldn’t say who.”

Ms. Whitby said two Spanish-speaking ordinance inspectors came with the police on Wednesday. She asked them to tell the day laborers the soup kitchen was closed because she couldn’t bring herself to do it, she said.

Southampton Village Police Chief William Wilson said the building inspector’s office discovered “that the service of food at that particular location was in violation of the Southampton Village zoning code, and they were advised to cease and desist.” The building inspector then asked police to accompany ordinance inspectors to Southampton Tire.

“I wasn’t aware of Southampton Tire handing out food until today,” Chief Wilson said on Wednesday. “People handing out food is not necessarily high up on my radar screen.”

“I first heard about this morning, and I immediately went up there,” village building inspector Chris Talbot said Wednesday afternoon. Someone complained to the Building Department staff a week ago, he said, and when he learned of it he recognized it was a zoning violation.

“I’m sure a lot of the people are going to be happy,” Ms. Whitby said, alluding to negative comments she’s heard and read about her charitable efforts.

Ms. Whitby said she knows that the men are in the country illegally, but it doesn’t matter to her. “Their legality isn’t the issue,” she said. “The issue is, they’re hungry.”

On Monday, as volunteers set up the service table in the rear of the parking lot, dozens of workers dashed across the street to the tire store. Once there, they patiently waited in a single-file line until they were given the signal that they could approach the table.

Ms. Whitby, who owns Southampton Tire with her husband, Albert was hesitant about discussing the makeshift soup kitchen, and she refused to let photographs be taken for fear that it would scare the day laborers away.

“The whole idea was to keep this quiet,” Ms. Whitby said Monday. “We don’t want a pat on the back. That was never the point of it.”

She said the first spark that led to the soup kitchen was when she and her husband came across a teenage laborer in February who asked for help, saying he hasn’t gotten work for two months. “You could tell he was hungry, and he asked for one or two dollars,” Ms. Whitby said.

That day stuck with Ms. Whitby, and she wondered what she could do for all the laborers who were going hungry. Soon after, everything came together.

Sister Breige Lavery of the Sisters of Mercy in Water Mill came in to Southampton Tire for an oil change. Ms. Whitby approached her about doing something for the men who continued to line up on North Sea Road despite work being scarce.

“It was just a chance meeting,” Sister Lavery said. “She said she would permit something to be done on her property, and we went from there.” The Sisters of Mercy were serving food at Southampton Tire the very next day.

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Thank you to the Whitby's
By Lefty46 (56), Westhampton on Mar 31, 09 5:47 PM
Can anyone in need in swing by for lunch or do you have to be 'mexican' looking. just wondering

either way, feeding people in need is good stuff. huzzah! to the Whitby's

By C Law (354), Water Mill on Mar 31, 09 7:01 PM
hey i just bought a 200.00 tire there and all i got was taxed,and i was hungry and did not recieve any food.sure sucks to be me.they sure have you people fooled though. hungry i doubt it smart for sure.
By pinga (90), hamptonbays on Mar 31, 09 7:51 PM
I grew up in an area with many migrant agricultural workers. it was not unusual for them to come to our house and ask if we could spare some food.
I was raised to make a sandwich from whatever we had in the fridge, and give it to them (granted, my sandwich making skills were not all that!!)
giving a sandwich to a hungry person, where ever they are from, is the right thing to do

By quioguebirdfreak (25), quiogue on Apr 1, 09 12:33 AM
give a man soup, help him for a day....teach him to be responsible for himself and make his own soup, with his own money and you've helped hiim for a lifetime.
By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 1, 09 7:04 AM
The kindness of the Whitbys is a model for us all. Thank you.
By Viewpoint (26), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 7:33 AM
this is a wonderful story. i am disapointed at the hate loaded comments which have been made
By rabbit (65), watermill on Apr 1, 09 10:44 AM
Actually these migrant workers and illegal aliens DO pay taxes ! They pay sales tax on applicable purchases and Federal and State excise taxes on applicable purchases like alcohol , tobacco , and gasoline.
By PrivateerMatt (390), Weesuck Creek , EQ on Apr 1, 09 11:05 AM
Thank you to the Whitby's. In a month we will be needing all these workers to open our pools, cut our grass, and sweep our tennis courts. They are an important part of our economy. We need to feed and care for these workers in the off season.
By eastquogueguy (22), East Quogue on Apr 1, 09 11:42 AM
It is a great relief to learn about this humane act after reading through the trail of slime left in the comments section following the story of the unfortunate -- and probably terrified man -- who left the scene of an accident. Thankfully, there are some people like the Whitbys who can respond to a human being's hunger and need. As for Sister Lavery being there, Graham Greene always said there are no coincidences in life.
By Phanex (83), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 11:54 AM
Instead of "ARF," the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, we now have" IRF" The Illegal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons.
Do they get spayed and neutered for free too?
By Uncle Fester (61), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 12:06 PM
Bravo to Southampton Tire for reaching out and doing something so nice. All you people that are complaining about immigrants are part of the problem. You sit around and write negative things and complain and yet you do nothing to help solve this problem. Instead of complaining-you should help eduate and empower these immigrants so that they can find success and contribue to our society. When these immigrants come here they do not have the intention of living off our tax dollars and enjoying ...more
By haj80 (11), Chapel Hill on Apr 1, 09 12:27 PM
First of all there are already programs set up to feed the needy, there are called food pantries, and anyone may go and get food if they are hungry. SO now because they cant get there because they are here illegally and cant get a car we are now going to them to feed them. There is a line and the entire cause is over-stepping it. I live in East Hampton year-round(legally) and I cant stand the fact that that now we are incouraging illegals to come and loiter on town propery and now even get a free ...more
By eh point of view (2), East Hampton on Apr 1, 09 12:39 PM
GO BACK TO MEXICO ILL GIVE U A FREE PLANE TICKET(do they still give out free meals on planes)
By eh point of view (2), East Hampton on Apr 1, 09 12:41 PM
are you happy now all you complainers-it was shut down. now you will have to go complain about something else.
By haj80 (11), Chapel Hill on Apr 1, 09 1:14 PM
Hope Mark and others in power in Southampton enjoy cutting their own lawns and cleaning their own pools. The east end needs these people to be here-lets support them.
By westhamptonboy (227), Westhampton on Apr 1, 09 1:37 PM
Hey lets go door to door and search for all "undesirables"... you know, people who will actually work for less than 25 bucks an hour... and those "scumbags" who don't hold out for guaranteed health benefits and lifetime employment. Yeah! Get em!
By littleplains (305), olde england on Apr 1, 09 1:49 PM
There but for the grace of God goes me or you or any of us. No we are not illegal aliens, but any of us could one day find ourselves struggling just to put food in our bellies. This is not about illegal immigration this is about showing kindness, one human being to another. Such hatred and ignorance... why on earth would anyone legal or not want to live amongst you people. You sneer at them, treat them like they are less than human, they might as well be a black person living in Montgomery Alabama ...more
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Apr 1, 09 1:59 PM
Firstly, I can see why faceless chooses to hide behind that moniker. Anyone as fearful and ignorant as he/she should remain anonymous.

Carol Whitby should be commended for what is truly a selfless act of charity and humanity. If we were all more like her and less like faceless then this community would be a better place.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 1, 09 2:04 PM
Thanks to the Whitbys
By deKooning (106), southampton on Apr 1, 09 2:10 PM
See what I dont get is if the Whitby were doing " a good thing from their hearts" then why go and tell the world????? When I saw this the other day in the paper I knew at that moment it would be shut down. You plaster it in the paper what do you think is going to happen?? Right now people are hostile towards people not hear leagally because so many people that are here legally are suffering and they blam them for taking work we need. You have a man with a 5 foot sign right infront of your store ...more
By Crankypants (34), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 1, 09 2:50 PM
I like idea of the IRF that Uncle Fester posted above. I stay take it a step furter and let littlplains and similar thinking folks begin a program called "adopt an illegal." Go to 7-11 and pick up and illegal and bring him/her to your house to live and take care of. In the mean time you teach them english, help them learn important job skills and help them become legal.

Thank you to the Whitbys and Sister Lavery for helping people in need and I know that you will soon find another location ...more
By ridiculous (214), hampton bays on Apr 1, 09 2:51 PM
It's amazing to me that people are complaining about taxes and money when the Whitby's and sisters were doing this on their own. I commend the Whitby's for opening their hearts and their business despite possible backlash. They will be my first choice for tires from now on :)
By LMVT (56), Hampton Bays on Apr 1, 09 2:56 PM
Feeding another human being who is hungry is just the right thing to do.
By eastquogueguy (22), East Quogue on Apr 1, 09 3:07 PM
I expect now Sr Bridge Lavery will find another location to feed the hungery,,,,we encouraged these poor people to come here to Long Island to do our hard work now that we do not need them they are treated with less respect then ferile cats and dogs,,they can be fed in the open,,but no these poor people must be fed in secret,,,a caring community is right ,,
By Tianard (6), Hampton Bays on Apr 1, 09 3:45 PM
Whether you agree with immigration policy or not, these people are HERE. Comments that they should be sent home or never should have come in the first place have no meaning. If a human being is starving, it is compassion and our AMerican way to make sure they are fed. The Whitby's chose to do this on their own, get off their backs. You will be blessed...remember all, what goes around, comes around. AND there but for the grace of God....
By nauti lady (25), Sag Harbor on Apr 1, 09 4:21 PM
To the commenter above (nauti lady),

I couldn't have said it better myself. Very well put.

We've got to all ask ourselves: Who among us hasn't had tough times? Who here has never asked for help? In this country legally or illegally, it really doesn't matter, does it? We're all just people trying to get by.

I applaud the Whitby's for their selfless act.
By Agawam Yacht Club (69), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 5:44 PM
I came to the US as a legal immigrant after waiting for 3 years to get a green card. I came here and received my green card at Kennedy Airport and had my picture taken right there. Someopne had to say that they would help me when I arrived. I had to be able t work. There were no free rides for health care or employment- I had to find my way - I had to speak English and work hard to make my way in life. When I bought my house - I had to have the 20% down payment and pay for all of the costs. ...more
By Legal Immigrant (11), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 5:56 PM
I would gladly buy them a value meal and give them a bus ticket home(my selfless act),but I must add this:
I for one will not be buying my tires there anymore because the Witby's chose to perpetuate the ongoing problem. If they just included the bus ticket home they could have mitigated it.
By Boomer (6), southampton on Apr 1, 09 7:19 PM
I coudnt agree more with Boomer and Legal Immigrant. Theres the right way to do things and there is the illegal way. Illegal is just that Illegal. Hey I need some help too can the Whitbys give me money for my student loans, car, and a meal to boot. I was laid off due to the downturn and barely have enough to eat. I will stand on the corner for work as well. Can they help me too? I should start our own group standing outside the 7-11, the illegals would be pissed.
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 7:38 PM
To "Crankypants":

Full disclosure: Our newspaper contacted Ms. Whitby for the story, not the other way around. And to be clear, she was very reticent to talk about the charitable effort and was emphatic that she did not, in any way, want to draw attention to it. Nor did she seek any praise for it. We did the story simply because it was becoming a topic of discussion in the community.
By Joseph Shaw, Executive Editor (206), Hampton Bays on Apr 1, 09 8:42 PM
I feel the United States has more illegal immergrants willing to work than their are jobs for them especially now.

Carol East Quogue
By Carol (109), East Quogue on Apr 1, 09 8:50 PM
OriginalLocal- The Press story was about a local family helping those in need, which, if you are as hard-up as you say, means you too. Do you believe enough in the American dream to actually go out on the street by 7-11 and ask for work?
By Agawam Yacht Club (69), Southampton on Apr 1, 09 9:07 PM
I just can't believe the hatred and condemnation expressed by some of you. You live in a country where free speech is permitted - your opinions, while abhorrent to me are nonetheless allowed without fear of persecution by your government. These folks are doing what your ancestors did - coming to a new world to make a better life. I don't hear anyone asking the Shinnecocks how they feel about it -- I bet they'd share their food before any of you would -- and as a community they've endured ILLEGAL ...more
By sghmomma (5), sag harbor on Apr 1, 09 9:38 PM
We're all in tough times folks. I am sure if you wanted to look for work on the corner, you could. Not to change the subject, but if there was a worklink center and anyone fell on hard times, this service would be available for you, but there was so much drama over it that it never happened. Yet many of the same people who were against the worklink center are now exactly the people who could use it most.

If you were literally starving, heard of a soup kitchen and went in, they would feed ...more
By LMVT (56), Hampton Bays on Apr 2, 09 12:16 AM
Question: has the "patriotic" guy in front of 7-11 spent a single day looking for a job in the last 5 years? I strongly doubt it. Point is - as much as people like faceless whine about legal vs. illegal, the fact is that they do the jobs that few legals would even consider.

By the way - "spanish" is a language, not an ethnicity. So please stop bragging about IQ
By littleplains (305), olde england on Apr 2, 09 9:34 AM
In this "economic downturn", I implore everyone who is unemployed, hungry and needing a job to stand at 7-11 and offer your services.....just thinik: contractors would love to work with people that can understand them and not worry about doing anything illegal....what a concept.
By cat (18), Riverhead on Apr 2, 09 9:37 AM
Unbelievable - having the police come down on you for providing a sandwich to someone less fortunate. I guess we should stop handing out coats and gloves to the homeless in the city, too, and shut down all the soup kitchens. After all, somone might slip in without a green card on them. Then we can raid HRH next. My heavens, they're actually helping folks, too - regardless of who they are. Gee, I buy my fellow co-workers and friends lunch all the time. Guess I need to get a soup kitchen permit, ...more
By Ms. Jane Q. Public (147), Southampton on Apr 2, 09 11:01 AM
Your kindness and compassion does not go unnoticed, even though you tried to "stay under the radar". I thank you on behalf of those who appreciate your self-less efforts to make a small difference in the life of those less fortunate.
By lol@hb (20), hampton bays on Apr 2, 09 11:31 AM
I'll be buying my next set of tires there, even though I would normally go to someplace closer.
By Terry (380), Southampton on Apr 2, 09 1:59 PM
are they really less fortunate? no federal or state taxes on any wages they may earn, no prosecution for breaking the law, free healthcare and legal representation, living in the fashionable hamptons, enjoying fresh air and sunshine each day at their own free will.

if standing on north sea road is not paying the bills, perhaps another strategy will bring another result. but it ain't cheap to live in southampton only the truly fortunate know that!
By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 2, 09 2:06 PM
These people know what they are doing.. They learn about all of the free things they can get before they even bother to learn anything else. Dont let them fool you they are very smart when they have to be. I am sick and tired of all of you using god and saying things like your so heartless or we did the same thing. My Italian grandfather did the same thing bull. My Italian grandfather came to this country when the boarders were open and he came here and either had the choice to Open a productive ...more
By Crankypants (34), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 2, 09 2:57 PM
For those of you who might have missed it, here is the parable of the Good Samaritan

A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he fell into the hands of robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead with no clothes. A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan, as he traveled, ...more
By number19 (111), Westhampton on Apr 2, 09 3:41 PM
I agree Crankypants, your ancestors were immigrants, not illegal immigrants. Mine came from Germany and Ireland thru Ellis Island, given health exams and had to learn English. They did not crawl under a fence with their hands out. Within 2 years they were citizens , spoke english and worked hard. Never once stood on a line for a handout. Who would mind more legal taxpayers coming here to take some of the burden? Thats not whats happening. I would love some of you bleeding heart liberals to see ...more
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 2, 09 3:42 PM
The Town of Southampton has Human Resources department. They have a food pantry on Hill Street for exactly the purpose of feeding the hungry and also have many other resources available for those who are in need.
By MsHampton (7), Southampton on Apr 2, 09 5:43 PM
did you know at the end of the mcdonalds night shift 11 pm whatever is left over for that day is thrown in the dumpster in the back corner,apple pies hamburgers etc.so i dont want to hear about being hungry there full of it.i know ive done it.so why doesn't mcdonalds donate it?we may never know. there taking a free ride on your backs.
By pinga (90), hamptonbays on Apr 2, 09 7:34 PM
Now we know the Hamptons are finaly dead. People used to come here to live and be themselves. Bet you there won't be anyone out there tomorrow, flaunting the law to do what they think is right. What are the police going to do?
Take away your birthday.
Walk on by.
Walk on by.
By dollarbill (1), wading river on Apr 2, 09 10:07 PM
WOW! Imagine if the Native Indians had not fed the Pilgrims - or other early English "settlers". Or imagine if Ellis Island never existed and SH Towns ignorant & racist attitudes were the norm back then...........

If that was the case, most of us (Whitey) would not be here to make the ongoing cracker comments. Hmmmmmm.......makes you think - or maybe not....

Racist attitudes here make me embarrassed to live out here - almost as embarrassed
as I am for Voting for Kabot.....
By G (342), Southampton on Apr 3, 09 9:38 AM
yo G. that whole thing about the lowly pilgrims needing the native americans for food is not all together accurate. native americans were actually the nomads who travelled from russia and alaska. luckily, th pilgrims had fire power and were more than capable of securing vittles.
By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 3, 09 11:23 AM
... pretty heavy post, totally applicable, number19. I am serious.

... and I thought you were Willis Reed.
By William Rodney (561), southampton on Apr 3, 09 11:25 AM
yes #19 hit the nail on the head. what would the comments be like if we all signed our real names? are all of you bigots out there willing to put your names on your posts??? kristina lewis
By rabbit (65), watermill on Apr 3, 09 11:44 AM
pinga wrote :
" so why doesn't mcdonalds donate it?we may never know. "

They probably don't donate it because of liability issues , IMO.

By PrivateerMatt (390), Weesuck Creek , EQ on Apr 3, 09 12:10 PM
My apologies hampton surfer - I should have been more clear. The Pilgrims did not need the Native Indians for food - they needed them to help get food........Check your history bro - or are you a fan of intelligent design too?

From your comment - should we only recognize Russians & Alaskans as citizens? The fact that Native Indians were here for a thousand years does not matter? Maybe we should let Sarah Palin settle this one - she lives in Alaska & can see Russia from her house - or maybe ...more
By G (342), Southampton on Apr 3, 09 12:54 PM
Anyone who still wonders how Hitler was able to convince all the good people of his country to do the things they did should read these comments. The bigots are out in full force trying to convince people that some people are different (are they hungry in a different way?) and should be treated as less than human, and what seems to be most important: getting something for free. Only the rich enjoy that morons, not the poor.
By Phanex (83), Southampton on Apr 3, 09 1:11 PM
I can't believe people can't differentiate between 2 seperate lines of thought;

1. feeding hungry people is good. no matter what size/shape/color/religion/ethnicity. We should not need quotes from books of fiction to illustrate this point for us.

2. People have a right to be upset about illegal immigrants. You don't have to be a racist or a bigot, and shouldn't be called such. These are not terms that should be thrown around casually. In fact, they are usually used to keep ...more
By C Law (354), Water Mill on Apr 3, 09 1:40 PM
Bravo to Carol Whitby and Southampton Tire. Next time I need tires for my car, I know where to go.

By gimanasih (2), Cutchogue on Apr 3, 09 2:21 PM
Well said CLaw. My opinion is not based on anyones skin color. They are here illegally and with a hand out. Thats my problem with the whole situation. Schools now need seperate classrooms for kids who don't speak English! The school office needs translators! Press 1 for English....
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 3, 09 3:09 PM
thanks to Carol Whitby and Southampton Tire. It's appalling to me that this beautiful operation was shut down--I can only think of all the other events where food is served (to those far less needy) and nobody is asked for their license.
I hope that our town and village officials will follow the lead of Riverhead in helping to find a place for serving the hungry.
By compassion (1), hampton bays on Apr 3, 09 3:32 PM
Faceless, the mere fact that you do not know what is wrong with saying, "there's a reason they tell you not to feed the bears in national parks...." indicates that you are even worse off than I thought. You say you have "plenty of Spanish friends" What does that mean? Firstly, the Spanish are from Spain, the immigrants you so clearly hate and fear are South and Central Americans who speak Spanish. See the difference. The fact that you so forcefully attempt to delineate between legal an illegal ...more
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 3, 09 5:13 PM
how can southampton town shut down someone giving away free food?
By pinga (90), hamptonbays on Apr 3, 09 5:31 PM
The misinformation on here is alarming and makes the locals look ignorant....so let me help you out:

1) Many undocumented immigrants DO pay taxes and DO NOT receive services in return. Through the efforts of McCain/Kennedy who tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform, the discussion focused on how to determine who has been here and for how long. The government setup a tax identification number for undocumented immigrants to pay taxes to prove how long they have been here and that ...more
By LMVT (56), Hampton Bays on Apr 3, 09 6:07 PM
Faceless, I do know something about you - I know you are filled with fear, hatred and ignorance. The more you try to defend yourself, the more your ignorance shines. You may be able to out shout most, but you can't hide your lack of understanding.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 3, 09 6:20 PM
the biggest racists on this board are those that think that young strong latino men need their soup to live...that without a half a sandwhich, a young manl with fully working legs and arms can't find work anywhere and will starve on corner of hilcrest and north sea road without their help. now THAT is racist.

By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 4, 09 6:07 AM
Faceless, I agree, you do not need to attempt to defend yourself. The blatant ignorance, hate and racism displayed by you, hamptons surfer, icecreamman, et al is indefensible. The truth is that you and your peers are living in a world that you do not understand. You have been left behind intellectually and culturally and so you fight and scream and hate. I would suggest you try to overcome your hate and find a way to accept the world in which you live. Adapt or implode.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 4, 09 10:47 AM
Listen LMVT why are people who are saying that they are breaking the law so ignorant? THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW HELLO why is this ok? I am sure that there are many more of them in need in the countries they are from yet they were not lucky to be able to sneak in here what about them? What about the people who do all of the right things to get here? Dont you dare assume your so high and mighty when you dont know me or many of the others on here. I feel for anyone who is in pain, hurt or hungry what ...more
By Crankypants (34), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 4, 09 12:12 PM
I am sure that some poor hungry kid from appalacia would love to attend southampton schools but guess what they cant.
By Crankypants (34), SOUTHAMPTON on Apr 4, 09 12:15 PM
dagdavid, feel free to debate the issues. not only are you just plain wrong when you call us dumb, fearful, full of hatred etc... when my 5 year old gets mad and doesn't have the words to express themselves...he gets very frustrated. like you. you are the one that needs to adapt. the soup kitchen was shut down...our viewpoint prevailed....it appears you need to adapt, and quick...you are imploding now!
By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 4, 09 3:39 PM
dagdavid, feel free to debate the issues. are you just plain wrong when you call us dumb, fearful, full of hatred etc... when my 5 year old gets mad and doesn't have the words to express himself...he gets very frustrated. like you. you are the one that needs to adapt. the soup kitchen was shut down...our viewpoint prevailed....it appears you need to adapt, and quick...you are imploding now!
By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 4, 09 3:39 PM
surfer, I didn't call you dumb, so that is clearly your own insecurity shining through. What I called you is ignorant. An ignorant person is one who lacks knowledge or comprehension of a certain thing. You do not understand modern society, therefore you are ignorant of societal trends. You do not understand immigration and immigrants, therefore you are ignorant of the facts of immigration and the lives of immigrants. You do not understand the kind act of one human being feeding another, therefore ...more
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Apr 4, 09 5:36 PM
my father was an immigrant from south american. nice try.
By hamptons surfer (79), southampton on Apr 4, 09 6:30 PM
Yes, many of our parents and grandparents were immigrants, but they had every intention of becoming law abiding, tax paying citizens. These illegals have already violated that and many have no intentions of becoming citizens. The young man who carries that sign in front of 7/11 says "when they jumped the fence they broke the law" A law has been broken and there is no reprocussion. If "You" break the law they put you in jail. We will see Mr. Whitby's mind set change when he is feeding the illegals ...more
By Vbalchunas (11), Southampton on Apr 5, 09 6:53 AM
What is so sad is that because an opinion is not PC it's deemed ignorant. We should look around our own country, better yet go up to the reservation. Put a new roof on someone house up there. They can't get home equity loans. The illegal immigrants are sucking up your generosity and sending the cash home. Stand on line at King Kullen on Fridays and watch the long line of cash heading south. I'm all for feeding anyone who is hungry .
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Apr 5, 09 8:43 AM
The anger expressed here is truly saddening. In my opinion, the Whibys are humanitarians. Now, as to the REAL issue of "illegals", why not place the blame on those who are truly responsible - the federal government. While the whiners are screaming "no amnesty" the floodgates stay open and more and more people sneak through. Why not have every illegal alien here register for a green card, pay a fine and go through the process of legalization? In exchange, they receive a government identification ...more
By quogue (12), southampton on Apr 5, 09 2:39 PM
Nicely done by the soup kitchen but these illegals need to go back to where they came from....
By slamminsammy (104), Hampton Bays on Apr 5, 09 5:43 PM
Just beforre WW11 a local jobless hungry man came to my Mothers door begging for food. I remember she made him a baloney sandwich . He started showing up daily . Than he brought along a friend who was also down and out. My Mother had no alternative but not to answer the door. What I am getting at is I wonder just how long with the economy and cutbacks will doors again have to go unaswered. Than what?

Carol East Quogue
By Carol (109), East Quogue on Apr 6, 09 11:58 AM
Carol theres a lttle bit of a difference. the jobless hungry man was a citizen of the US, not someone coming here asking for handouts and demanding respect/equal rights before they even touch foot onto foreign soil tat they are not even supposed to be on. Equl rights/US Privledges are fo US citizens not anyone else. Come here legally and youll get those rights. I dare anyone to go to another country, illegaly, and do what these people are doing and while doing it demand rights and kickbacks. See ...more
By OrignialLocal (34), Southampton on Apr 7, 09 8:01 AM
i love krystal whitby!!!!!!! l love soup!!!!!!!!! i love tires!!!!!!!
By Aimee Seabury (1), new york on Apr 8, 09 6:48 PM
Squeaky the RESERVATON you have got to be kidding me! Sure so let’s have a big truck of cocaine for them I tell you they will be happier.
By SHcitizen (10), Southampton on Apr 15, 09 8:33 AM
I am profoundly and deeply saddened by the comments on this story. Our country was founded by immigrants. "We the People" includes Europeans, like myself, Asians, South Americans, Middle Easterners. Our ancestors all started on the bottom rung if they came to the US without an education or without money.

When did we close the doors to America?

When did we stop feeding the tired and the hungry?

I am truly horrified. My heart goes out to the Whitby's who should fight ...more
By vanlexi (8), Southampton on Apr 18, 09 9:19 PM