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Jul 16, 2019 4:31 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Village Residents Fed Up With Nightclub Noise

Susan Hovdesven expressed concern about nightclub noise near her house in the village to Southampton Village Board members last week. GREG WEHNER
Jul 17, 2019 10:46 AM

Southampton Village residents who live near the handful of nightclubs between Post Crossing and the northern end of Elm Street made their annual appeal to the Village Board last week, with repeated complaints about noise, garbage and traffic that results in endless sleepless nights.

With new faces on the Village Board, including Mayor Jesse Warren, residents hoped that their complaints would not fall on deaf ears, as they suggested had happened under the past two mayors, Mark Epley and Michael Irving.

“Two previous mayors and trustees—yet here we are again,” village resident Jay Fitzpatrick said at the meeting.

Mr. Fitzpatrick said hundreds of partygoers and clubbers are lured to the village from points all over the island, by way of social media and the bass that pulsates through the speakers. Alcohol fuels the parties, and the result is yelling and screaming outside from people who are not permitted to enter the establishments. Once rejected, they head to the next club, he said, leaving behind trash, empty whiskey bottles, condoms, undergarments and urine.

“Do I sound pissed off?” he asked the board.

Another resident, Susan Hovdesven, targeted the owner of Blu Mar, Zach Erdem, and his opening of AM Southampton—a nightclub that was once located along County Road 39 near Tuckahoe Lane—at Blu Mar.

Ms. Hovdesven said Mr. Erdem has made no effort to disguise the activity that comes as a result of his nightclub. If he did, she said, he would do his best to clean up solo cups, beer cans, bottles, vomit and left behind cocktails that get scattered throughout the village.

Mr. Fitzpatrick showed a video of the activity at the social club, which included numerous vehicles dropping off or picking up passengers, and a club being raided.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen this before,” Mr. Warren said. “It’s not good. I have to clean up the mess in front of my own store.”

Linda Stabler-Talty, another village resident, spoke on behalf of many of the residents who deal with the late-night shenanigans. When she and other residents hear the noise after 11 p.m., they often call the police to complain. Once the police arrive, the noise level lowers, and Ms. Stabler-Talty said she is able to go to sleep. But around 2 a.m., she is awakened by the noise again.

“Why are the clubs that exist in that area … allowed to flaunt village codes?” she asked the board. “It’s not fair.”

Ms. Stabler-Talty also said the music can easily be heard from 50 feet away, and multiple complaints about the noise have been reported to the Village Police. Village code prohibits the use of amplifiers and speakers on the outside of commercial buildings because it results in noise pollution.

“Those are some valid points, and we will be taking them very seriously,” Mr. Warren told the residents.

As the new mayor listened to residents, he asked if they had any suggestions on how to address the issue with the nightclub owners. Other than enforcing the code, the recommendations came up short.

On Tuesday, Mr. Warren said he has followed up with the residents and plans to keep an eye on the situation. He also said he wants to try to get the club owners and residents in a room together to communicate.

“I think this personally comes down to good communication,” he said. “I think a lot of the residents are exhausted as far as this process, but, hopefully, again, because there is a new administration, we can bring everyone together and try to communicate first before taking any measures.”

He added that the Village Police Department is in the process of reaching out to the clubs and is also constantly monitoring the situation.

Still, residents hope something is done to address the noise.

“A nightclub is so inappropriate for this community,” village resident Bob Coffey told the board. “It’s wildly inappropriate.”

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The Village banned gas powered leaf blowers an put on cap on the times during the day. But it's ok to allow whats happening during the night to ruin the quality of life an the property value of a small area in the village bc there aren't enough ppl in the vicinity of the clubs to complain. Silence during the day. Noise at night ?!!

Do something about it already.
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Jul 17, 19 7:18 AM
3 members liked this comment
Incredibly simple solution. Have the cops double ck the ids and arrest owners who don't comply with the age requirements. Half the occupants will disappear overnight. End of story.
By realistic (472), westhampton on Jul 17, 19 8:42 AM
2 members liked this comment
psst...village people....strategically place Piping Plover nests near each of these establishments. ;)
By foodwhiner (148), Southampton on Jul 17, 19 8:52 AM
Hands down, BEST comment ever!! Cant stop laughing
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Jul 18, 19 7:19 AM
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If you keep closing clubs you will have many empty places and less money coming into these establishments. Things are Not the same as 30 years ago, get over it or move to Montana to a 5 acre ranch if you want total quiet.
By Resident tax (186), Hampton bays ny on Jul 17, 19 12:41 PM
2 members liked this comment
Let me guess, in your daily life you could care less about your fellow citizens, strangers...people in general. Screw em' it ain't my problem.
By lirider (288), Hampton Bays on Jul 17, 19 4:06 PM
Couldn’t be more wrong. I guess if you or you friends ever have a celebration it is in silence.
By Resident tax (186), Hampton bays ny on Jul 17, 19 5:39 PM
Couldn’t be more wrong. I guess if you or you friends ever have a celebration it is in silence.
By Resident tax (186), Hampton bays ny on Jul 17, 19 5:39 PM
Polish Hall might be pre existing non conforming use and that this current use is consistent with its non conformity> so even though residents may not like it perhpas not much can be done about it, with exception of the noise level and what happens out side of the building.
By North Sea Citizen (568), North Sea on Jul 17, 19 2:02 PM
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One warning then large fines. Fine the band and owners....
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Jul 17, 19 3:34 PM
Music? And ...dancing?! Not on my watch!
By HB2NYC (6), Manhattan on Jul 17, 19 6:57 PM
2 members liked this comment
Music? And ...dancing?! Not on my watch!
By HB2NYC (6), Manhattan on Jul 17, 19 6:57 PM
Fines are a cost of business to Zach. And he usually pleas them down at the end of the season. There was a previous article about “Club AM” being at 75 Main, Irving approved it about the same time when he banned gas powered leaf blowers. Now, all of a sudden it’s been moved to the Post House?

Sounds like a bait and switch played on the Village board.
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Jul 18, 19 7:32 AM
The article cites a "handful of nightclubs between Post Crossing and the northern end of Elm Street."

What ???

Are there clubs between Post Crossing and Layton Avenue?

Between Hampton Road and Pulaski Street?

Aren't the clubs ALL between Pulaski and Powell on the east side of Elm Street?

By PBR (4956), Southampton on Jul 18, 19 9:24 AM