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Jan 12, 2016 6:54 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

UPDATE: Kenneth Yerves Died In Tuckahoe Accident

Kenneth Yerves, the driver in the Tuckahoe crash on Tuesday evening, had a medical emergency at the time of the accident. Mr. Yerves, 60, of Montauk suffered a medical emergency while he was driving eastbound on County Road 39 and lost control of his vehicle. DANA SHAW
Jan 13, 2016 12:42 PM

UPDATE: Wednesday, 11:40 a.m.

Kenneth Yerves, the driver in the Tuckahoe crash, had a medical emergency at the time of the accident, according to police, and was pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

Mr. Yerves, 60, of Montauk suffered a medical emergency while he was driving eastbound on County Road 39 and lost control of his vehicle. He veered into the westbound lane and hit a Suffolk County bus that was letting passengers off. None of the passengers were injured.

Southampton Town Police Officer David Banks, who was the first responder at the scene, performed CPR on Mr. Yerves at the scene before he was brought to Southampton Hospital, Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa said.

Mr. Yerves’s death was caused by the medical emergency, not the crash itself, Det. Costa said. As a result, there was no crash investigation.

She added that Mr. Yerves’s 2012 Acura was impounded for a routine safety check.

UPDATE: 7:10 p.m.

Westbound traffic on CR39 was diverted at Magee Street. There was one lane of CR39 open to eastbound traffic only.

Southampton Fire Department and Southampton Volunteer Ambulance crews are on scene.


County Road 39 was closed in Tuckahoe near Tuckahoe Road Tuesday night after a car accident that left at least one driver with serious injuries.

The accident occurred about 6:30 p.m. in front of the Speedway gas station on CR39, just west of Tuckahoe Road.

Police requested a Medevac helicopter for a patient officers on the scene described as “unresponsive.”

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When will the police actually police CR-39? Where are they? They're speeding down the roadway with all of the other aggressive drivers who know very well that that there are no consequences for their actions. It's like a NASCAR race out there and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being brutally tailgated when I'm going 45 in a 35. Enough already.
By kiddio (16), SOUTHAMPTON on Jan 12, 16 9:15 PM
The speed limit for decades was 45. Social convention on the highway is 70 in a 55 on Long Island, and as of late I've seen many people 70 is no longer good enough for.

To quote the Shawshank Redemption:

"The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry."
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jan 13, 16 4:49 AM
totally agree...a horrible road...
By native68 (20), southampton on Jan 12, 16 9:36 PM
People are doing 50-60 and look at you like your crazy if your doing 40.
By adczeta (78), southampton on Jan 12, 16 9:46 PM
2 members liked this comment
Then you will complain about being ticketed for doing 45 in a 35. I agree that people doing 55 should be ticketed, but that will only lead to me getting a ticket at 45.
Even though this road was rebuilt a few years ago, the design is terrible. There is no room for error... If your tire catches a curb you then over correct and this causes accidents. Look at how many tire marks are on the curbs. God forbid you hit one of the telephone poles 12 inches from the road. The double lanes are better ...more
By deelove (152), Bridgehampton on Jan 12, 16 9:48 PM
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As soon as the Tuckahoe Center was conceptualized, traffic reinforcement on CR39 came to a standstill. There used to be daily enforcement. Then politicians bent over backwards to keep traffic flowing at the expense of safety. They even wanted to make our police to risk their lives daily by standing on CR39 directing traffic. Let's pray for honesty about the traffic risk of a CR39 Tuckahoe Center. Otherwise it will be built and traffic will become intolerable. Enough is enough, don't allow the ...more
By TheTurtle (143), Southampton on Jan 12, 16 10:22 PM
Traffic, traffic, traffic...Marsha, marsha marsha! Tuckahoe Center would not add to traffic in this area.
By Rickenbacker (257), Southampton on Jan 12, 16 11:01 PM

Survey says:
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jan 13, 16 4:45 AM
Speeding will NEVER stop until there are CONSEQUENCES. The road is a death trap! Put up cameras.....
By sandydog21 (195), Southampton on Jan 13, 16 8:09 AM
This is sickening for two reasons.
1) The police in the beginning were policing the road and everyone wined and cried. now that people are inconvenienced by an accident they are complaining that the police are not doing their jobs. Enough is enough
2) the unfortunate incident has started a conversation about the police, speed, road design , and I think I even saw a Tuckahoe comment, was in the end an accident that had nothing to do with any of the above.
Lets keep the driver in our thoughts ...more
By MACK (50), Southampton on Jan 13, 16 9:21 AM
If there was ever a road that needed speed cameras CR 39 is the one.
By watchdog1 (543), Southampton on Jan 13, 16 2:03 PM
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BRAVO SIERRA RICKENBACKER, BRAVO SIERRA! I know you have to post here whenever your handler's project is mentioned but the facts are the facts, traffic merging into east bound traffic would be problematic as will changing the timing of the North Magee light, you know, the light Suffolk County wants to keep blinking yellow to keep traffic moving.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jan 13, 16 9:51 PM
That driver died due to a medical emergency - stroke or heart attack one guesses. He has passed to the next dimension - so your prayers will be for him on the other side MACK. Rickenbacker - a shopping mall means more cars, more density and more traffic - DUH. Considering the number of empty vacant buildings in the village and all around - abandoned and derelict - why not renovate these instead of building new ones? Eh? Stop Southampton from becoming like "everywhere America" gentrified and ...more
By Vikki K (490), Southampton on Jan 14, 16 12:40 PM
You know, I have commented many times before on the traffic fiction bigfresh and you peddle (see those other articles), but this really isn't the article to do it with. A medical emergency could have happened on any road, at any time, with similar consequences. I'm not commenting further on this one, hope you will do the same.
By Rickenbacker (257), Southampton on Jan 15, 16 8:53 AM
As a former executive and safety officer for a responsible, “Safety First”, billion dollar trucking company I can say with authority that CR-39, given its width parameters, is NOT up to the maximum safety level that can be achieved by road design and is definitely NOT policed to ensure compliance to speed and other traffic standards.

Some would be cowboys that think the road is fine, that they are alone are skillful and excel, then they blame the poor driving of everybody ...more
By TheTurtle (143), Southampton on Jan 16, 16 8:31 PM
" A medical emergency could have happened on any road, at any time, with similar consequences".............. Bob Morrow, er, Rickenbacker I mean.

It doesn't matter what the cause of the dangerous accident was It was this, so it's different. It was that, so it was different, and also that, and that, and that one so none of them caused the problem with CR 39. "It is pure coincidence that it just happens again and again, and yet again ad infinitum repeatedly on CR 39, our "Highway of Death" ...more
By Obbservant (449), southampton on Jan 20, 16 8:07 AM