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Aug 14, 2013 10:24 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

Aug 14, 2013 10:33 AM

Regardless of the cost, North Haven Village residents want to stop living in fear of ticks.

That truth was evident to Mayor Jeff Sander following the August 6 Village Board meeting, where about 40 residents and members of the village’s deer and tick committee voiced their concerns about ticks and shared ideas about how to eradicate them.

After months of debate and study—most of which focused on whether the solution should be to cull the deer that attract and carry ticks, or a more costly option of spraying the deer with permethrin, a chemical that kills ticks, as the deer feed at stations—the solution appears to be implementing a mix of both programs.

The new plan, according to the mayor, is to permit professional hunters to thin the herd in the fall and the introduction of a law in October that will allow residents to apply for temporary hunting permits. The village also will purchase the feeding stations, which cost about $5,000 each, from the 4-Poster company and deploy them throughout the village. The village also intends to apply for state funding to help offset the costs of the program. It is unclear how many feeding stations would be needed.

In the past, Mr. Sander has been reluctant to endorse the 4-Poster program because he believes it is too expensive and does not address the growing deer population. In an interview last month, he said, “You get rid of the deer, you get rid of the ticks. You are still just feeding the deer [with the 4-Poster program], which is the root of the problem. They’ll keep coming back.”

But after last week’s meeting, Mr. Sander said he is open to the idea if it is part of a larger plan that includes the culling of deer. He said the plan is to start introducing the feeding stations this fall and winter, even if residents have to pay higher taxes.

“Everyone at the meeting said they were willing to spend the money and pay for these things through their taxes, because they are already spending so much money on prevention and treatment of tick bites,” Mr. Sander said. “We are talking about a couple of hundred dollars per family and if we can really make a difference, it is well worth it.”

The 4-Poster program is currently being utilized on Shelter Island at a cost of about $5,000 per unit, according to Jen Zacha, a member of the Shelter Island Deer and Tick Committee. She explained that the ideal rate of deployment would be one unit for every 40 acres.

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The Town of Southampton knows there is a tick epidemic this year. More antibiotics have been dispursed this spring and summer than ever before. Just ask the pharmacists. To date Southampton is ignoring the problem. The Town should be authorizing deer culling and tick spraying. Time to stop pretending that the deer are Bambi. There are too many of them. Besides tick carriers they destroy the gardens on our property. Homeowners should be able to defend their properties. Deer should be considered ...more
By auntof9 (159), Southampton on Aug 14, 13 3:02 PM
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Yes, deer are, in fact, the most deadly animal on Long Island. The ecosystem is imbalanced, we need an animal to take the ecological role of Regulator. We have no top predator here since Mountain Lions were all killed off in the 1800's, plus we clear land which creates more light hitting the ground and more fast-growing plants for deer to eat. We need to encourage hunting instead of using chemicals, I'm glad they are allowing temporary hunting permits. We need hunting and ecology education programs ...more
By LegsArmstrong (16), Amagansett on Aug 19, 13 9:54 AM
Just curious, but who keeps "us" in check?
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 19, 13 10:16 AM
If we consider ourselves to be "at the top", then the things at the bottom should be our control, and bring that energy back to the bottom. So, disease would keep us in check, maybe we should encourage that! ...Or discourage the overuse of medicine. We used to have larger animals that kept us in check, but humans killed them all off over the last 50,000 years.
Aug 19, 13 10:36 AM appended by turtlepeople
By turtlepeople (2), bridgehampton on Aug 19, 13 10:36 AM
"Deer should be considered ...more wild and deadly". I'm guessing the deer feel the same way about us.

While deer are popular carriers of ticks - it's the white-footed moose that's responsible for Lyme's disease in ticks. Ticks can just as easily hitch rides on rabbits, fox and birds as they can deer. While reducing deer will reduce tick's to a certain extent, it will not solve the problem, I can guarentee that.
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 14, 13 4:25 PM
While I agree that " wild and deadly" is quite a stretch, deer contribute mainly to the tick population because they are such large hosts and don't groom themselves. Most of the smaller mammals that carry ticks, a) don't carry that many, and b) groom themselves to get rid of the majority that they do carry. It might not solve the problem totally, but if you can cut down the tick population, that's a win. I have friends in north haven who are basically shut ins because every time they go outside, ...more
By bubby (236), southampton on Aug 16, 13 8:53 AM
Maybe we could do something to increase or encourage the populations of native snakes to help control the mice. Milk Snakes have declined considerably, not exactly sure why, but maybe we could introduce more of them. We have no venomous snakes, so let's encourage these important animals somehow.
By turtlepeople (2), bridgehampton on Aug 19, 13 10:31 AM
Tick spraying does work. Compared to the cost of homes in this area paying for a monthly tick control program for their properties should be an easy decision.
I guess because there is no voice for the beautiful deer they become easy to blame for all our problems
Who was here first?
Who began planting lush lawns and ornamental shrubbery that deer would love to eat?
Who drives around speeding, preoccupied by their iphone, crashing into a defenseless deer and blaming the animal?

By llimretaw (118), watermill on Aug 18, 13 9:15 PM
Matt Lauer?
By V.Tomanoku (790), southampton on Aug 19, 13 12:33 AM
He lives in Water Mill
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 19, 13 9:15 AM
On the larger pieces of open land in the Village, maybe a control burn would be a good thing to consider. Not only would it kill a large number of ticks, but it is also good for nature. Like the trees and plants in the area. It is also a good way to protect homes from future fires that are not controlled burns. All the fuel that has built up over the years near homes may really cause a problem one day. Here is a link on why controlled burns could help on many different levels.


Just ...more
By EH123 (22), East Hampton on Aug 18, 13 10:34 PM
seems that only 40 residents of the population of about 900 of North Haven are going to determine the fate of the deer by launching a killing spree. You don't want deer on your property eating your precious plants? You're afraid of ticks? Move to NYC. Living on the East end, One has to appreciate nature, learn to co-exist and adapt with all that there is...good or bad. Thou shalt not try to alter the course of nature. As with all things, there are cycles and maybe this is just a peak in the amount ...more
By Jaws (245), Amity Island on Aug 18, 13 11:31 PM
Lets hope your right that this just a "peak in the amount of deer in the area". Once we have an effective culling and sterilization program in place we will hopefully live in harmony with the deer population. Many locals are fed up with the tic problem and the deer hitting our cars as they run across the road. Its not just about our precious gardens, but the health and life or our children and ourselves. Unfortunately, the solution is not just a Village problem, but an East End problem that requires ...more
By V.Tomanoku (790), southampton on Aug 19, 13 12:52 AM
the Gov Cuomo said we don't need 30 round mags to hunt...so he banned them :/
By Jaws (245), Amity Island on Aug 19, 13 10:24 PM
I have an idea. Lets cull the people! As a kid Stock Farm was great wilderness in North Haven. Then the greed came in build ugly Mc Masions and now all complain about the deer. You people created the problem. Live with it. Or MOVE! You all took the beautiful home of the deer and now complian. And then I ask why should the rest of the town pay for this BS. I do not have this problem where I live and I've lived here for over 40 Years!!!
By J. Totta (106), Sag Harbor on Aug 19, 13 8:25 AM
I think we should avoid using chemicals, spend money to encourage hunting with educational programs. Maybe rifle and bow rentals would be a good way to allow more people access to hunting if they don't own a rifle or bow. Just avoid chemicals, even if it's just Permethrin. It all comes down to an ecological imbalance due to human population increase and displacement of native species. We need more predators of mice, and of deer. There used to be Puma, Rattlesnakes, and Black Bear on Long Island, ...more
By LegsArmstrong (16), Amagansett on Aug 19, 13 9:34 AM
Rifle rentals?! First off, you can't hunt with a rifle on long island. Secondly, you want to rent a gun to someone? As a lifelong hunter and outdoorsman, that thought goes down as the worst idea I've ever heard.
By bubby (236), southampton on Aug 19, 13 1:27 PM
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I've got to add to this. You would want someone, anyone, to be able to rent a firearm or a bow to be able to hunt? Let's first look at the fact that you must take a hunter safety course to get a hunting license. So you bypass that? Then you have any old person just winging slugs or arrows at a deer? You would end up with wounded suffering animals all over the place. Good grief that's a crazy idea!
By bubby (236), southampton on Aug 19, 13 1:34 PM
I think you took his bait . . .
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 19, 13 2:12 PM
Actually, has anyone tried building a roach motel for ticks? Something to which they would be instantly attracted. Like the ant bait mini-cans and traps?

that's the tick-et!
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 19, 13 2:16 PM
I remember those green/black tubes that had cotton, or something like it in them.

Not sure how effective they were...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 19, 13 3:38 PM
They are heavily utilized at Fire Island communities - though I can't speak to the effectiveness
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Aug 23, 13 11:55 AM
Fox, hawks, and owls eat small mammals. Don't poison the mice, as that will disrupt the health of their natural preators. How can we encourage more fox and raptor birds?

Deer culling won't solve the problem since the deer that remain will not have to compete for food, will therefore be healthier, will then breed more.

Introduction of pemithin to kill ticks seems like a difficult way to control disease. Maybe a combination of culls, permithin stations and sterilization (is that ...more
By davidf (325), hampton bays on Aug 19, 13 10:21 AM
We have choices.
Do nothing and let the deer population explode. Result = more ticks, lyme disease, accidents with cars.
Spray the heck out of the ticks which is temporary control of a symptom.
Kill the source. The source being cute and just doing what they do.
But we have to live someplace too so.... cover your eyes kids.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Aug 19, 13 3:32 PM
I have gotten ticks on many properties properly deer fenced in, some being horribly infested. Any mouse, chipmunk, squirrel, turkey, raccoon, opossum, fox, coyote and BIRD can carry and spread these ticks.

Is there any local food pantry or organization east of the canal that will take legally harvested deer during the hunting season? If there was a such a place I could guarantee enough deer brought in that could fill a few freezers with healthy tasty venison! Lets fill our food pantries ...more
By llimretaw (118), watermill on Aug 19, 13 6:52 PM
Guinea hens.
By M. O'Connor (147), Southampton on Aug 20, 13 6:39 AM
Does anyone want a 60 yr old bowhunter help thinning the deers in their yard?
After a few weeks of hunting they will be in back yards only. Not the main woods.
By rchamb1203 (8), east northport on Aug 20, 13 11:45 AM
I haven't seen any ticks since guinea hens came into my neighborhood. But they are prone to predation by dogs, hawks, owls, racoons, foxes, etc. They need a safe place to sleep at night instead of roosting in trees.
By btdt (449), water mill on Aug 20, 13 8:59 PM
My neighbor and I did an experiment about 10 years ago. He put up a 6' "deer fence" and I did not. He got Lyme disease, I did not. If he walks from his front door to his car, he has about 20 ticks on his clothes. I've had 2 in the past 10 years. I believe it's the deer that take the ticks AWAY from your property. If you fence out the animals, who else is there to latch on to? You and your dog, of course. Ticks do not "come from deer." They start as parasites on mice. No fence will keep ...more
By Ms. Jane Q. Public (147), Southampton on Aug 21, 13 4:44 PM