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Jan 14, 2009 12:27 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Francis hopes to find a new home in the new year

Jan 14, 2009 12:27 PM

Ms. Lynch explained that she set out to find a family for Francis and decided to visit Tricia Kluge, a former employee of North Sea Plumbing and who had previously adopted a dog from her. It was during that visit last month that Ms. Lynch met Ms. Arresta, who works as the office’s comptroller.

Ms. Arresta then discussed the situation with her husband and children and, ultimately, decided to care for Francis over the holidays to see how she would get along with them before making a long-term commitment. Ms. Arresta said her family has no other pets because her youngest son, Louis, had a childhood allergy to pet dander that he has since outgrown.

Though Francis is no longer in their care, the Arrestas still hope to find themselves at the top of the adoption list. “She’s very smart and she obeys,” Ms. Arresta said. “She’s a wonderful little dog.”

Ms. Lynch explained that RSVP entrusted her to find a permanent home for Francis. “I am the one who has dealt with it every day,” she said.

Ms. Lynch said a final decision as to where Francis will be placed will be made by her and Dr. Turetsky. In the interim, Francis is being cared for—at a cost of $40 per day—by a dog-sitter in East Hampton. She also noted funds to pay for Francis’s care are running short.

Those interested in filing an adoption application, or making a donation to help care for Francis, are asked to call Dr. Turetsky’s office at 324-7900.

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If this family is willing to give this dog a loving home they should be allowed to adopt the dog. They obviouly learned a lesson and sound like they will provide a good home for this dog. There are so many homeless animals that need attention and someone shouldn't be told they can't adopt for one incident.
By animallover (2), southampton on Jan 14, 09 2:42 PM
The Arresta family often cares for my dog while I am out of town. He absolutely loves going to their home and comes back exhausted from all of the playing and attention they give him. Any dog would be lucky to get adopted by the Arresta family! What a shame! (Lucky for me and my dog, though!)
By laur913 (1), Southampton on Jan 14, 09 8:05 PM
So let me see if I got this right...a family takes this injured and abused dog into their home, cares for, feeds, loves, and plays with the dog and they should not be the adopted family? umm....and this is all because the dog snuck out of the house??? So, my question to Ms. Lynch is what should we do about all the pet owners who lose their pets on occasion or parents who lose their kids for a few minutes. We'll take them all away from these imperfect people and put them in orphanges and dog ...more
By golfnut (1), flanders on Jan 14, 09 8:47 PM
I have known the Arresta family for over 15 years. They are very active in their church and community. I have also left my 10 year old son in their care on many occasions. I couldn't think of a better family to adopt Maddie than the Arrestas. I such a shame that even when you try to do the right thing, you still have to deal with such obstacles. I don't know of anyone personally (including myself) who hasn't had their dogs or pets get loose at one time or another. I can't help but wonder, Mrs. ...more
By nadine (1), southampton on Jan 15, 09 1:33 PM
I work in the community and have drove past pat lynches house several times noticing a sign on the fence to "close the gate there are dog's". what is funny to me is she will trust complete stranger's to be responsible to close the gate and she think's she can't trust the arresta's. She commented she "lost the dog" so it should be taken away, well pat lynch lost her mind so should we send her away? "maddie almost got killed" by who ? who saw this ,no one
once again Pat Lynch spoke too soon. ...more
By french drain (1), southampton on Jan 15, 09 2:00 PM
I don't know of anyone who has a pet (cat or dog) who hasn't had them slip out once in a while, and whether she admits it or not, I'm sure it's happened to Mrs Lynch. I don't know the Arrestas, but from the other comments, they sound like the perfect family to adopt Maddie. It sounds like Mrs Lynch has more authority than she can handle. Some people get very arrogant when given some power- I hope Dr. Turetsky has the sense to overule her. I'll bet that - if she had a choice -Maddie would pick ...more
By Avatar (15), Westhampton Beach on Jan 17, 09 1:03 AM
Wow - Ms. Lynch's sense of self importance is spectacular. Bottom line is to get the dog adopted to a good home. The Arrestas are a wonderful family, as I'm sure Maddie would agree. It is ironic that many rescues/shelters require fenced-in yards, background & reference checks for dogs that were thrown away, while anyone can go to a pet store and get a puppymill dog without getting personally judged or attacked. No one is perfect and it is often easier to get a job or credit card than to adopt an ...more
By doggygirl (1), bridgehampton on Jan 20, 09 12:03 PM
Where I come from we have kids living on streets, not just animals. They don' t have anyone to take care of them. The Arresta's were just trying to help out an animal. Judging people just because of a small incidente will not solve the problem for this dog. It sounds like Mrs. Lynch has more to say about the Arrestas than about the dog.I know the Arresta's ,and I know how big their hearts are and what good people they are. About the pool as you know dogs are good swimmers and they are not stupid ...more
By Jasmim (2), Brazil on Jan 25, 09 6:18 PM
Pat Lynch is out of line and out of touch. While I do not know this family, the circumstances were innocent and could happen to anyone. Pat Lynch would like to find the puppy a home with an older couple?? That is a very bad matchup and poor judgement - a puppy should be with a family ... the elderly are no match for the energy of a puppy. Ms. Lynch needs a reality check - she may mean well, but she is way off base here. Give the dog back to the family.
By pkf242 (6), Watermill on Feb 12, 09 1:11 PM
I worked with Lou Arresta for ten years at Pastor Chevrolet in Westhampton. I met his wife Gina and their two boys on many occasions. As a college educated professional, I believe I am a good judge of character. This doggie was cheated out of the opportunity of a lifetime, to be adopted by the Arresta family. Being part of the Arresta family would have been equal to "Maddie" winning the doggie lottery. SHAME ON YOU PAT LYNCH!
By Finance Manager (1), Brookhaven on Mar 9, 09 3:24 PM
What a shame that a dog that needed some TLC was robbed of just that. Maddie had been through quite an ordeal and wouldn't it have been a fairy tale ending for her to have stayed with the Arresta's. I quess Pat Lynch does not believe in fairy tales. I am a happy to say I have a dog and three boys that adore her and she them. We adopted our dog as a puppy and over the years she has scooted out the front door and I am certainly glad Pat Lynch was not outside my home to take my beloved dog away. As ...more
By Tink (1), Southampton on Mar 16, 09 2:51 PM
I have been fortunate enough to adopt Francis/Maddie/now Sadie into our home on March 23, 2009. I lost my beloved dog to Cushing's disease back in November and my home has been so empty without the love of a dog. I looked for about two weeks in different shelters and saw many dogs that I could have adopted. However, when we went to the Southhampton shelter and saw Frances/Sadie, it was love at first site. She came over to us and gently took food out of my hand, licking, not showing one once ...more
By jobo1254 (1), ronkonkoma on Mar 25, 09 2:02 PM