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May 6, 2019 3:04 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Riverhead High School Principal Accused Of ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Female Student

Anastasia Stapon leaves the press conference with her attorney John Ray and her parents. GRANT PARPAN
May 7, 2019 2:17 PM

Riverhead High School Principal Charles Regan, a Quogue resident, faces accusations of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old female student last week, according to an attorney representing the woman and her family.

Attorney John Ray of Miller Place, who said a $10 million lawsuit will be filed in connection with the accusations, said Mr. Regan “predatorily groomed” the student, a senior at the high school, for months. He allegedly sent her “sexually charged, licentious texts, a porn meme, and near-naked selfie.”

The victim, Anastasia Stapon, who was adopted from Russia, agreed to speak publicly.

“I am here to expose this evil, dirty man,” she said at a press conference Monday alongside her parents, Maryanne Wojcik and Theresa Stapon. “I am a victim. The Riverhead Police have done nothing. Charles Regan and the Riverhead school have destroyed me.”

Mr. Regan, who formerly worked for the Eastport-South Manor School District, was accused of encouraging Ms. Stapon to masturbate and then assaulting her in his office last Tuesday, April 30, according to the attorney and court filings.

The notice of claim filed against the district, superintendent and board members claims that Mr. Regan assaulted her in his office. He allegedly pulled her by her neck into his embrace and “shoved his tongue into her mouth.”

“She was confused and appalled,” Mr. Ray said in a press release.

She went into the office with a friend, and shortly after the friend left is when he kissed her, Ms. Stapon said. They “made out for a minute,” and then she “got out of there as quickly as possible,” she added.

The attorney displayed evidence of “offensive photos and texts” at the press conference. One photo shows Mr. Regan wearing only a pink towel around his lower half.

Mr. Ray said he believes other members of the district knew what was going on.

“This foul creature has done this before,” he said in a press release. “But he has been tolerated. The local police absurdly refuse to act because the student victim is 18. The school district has not suspended him, but only ‘reassigned’ him.”

Mr. Ray said there are other people in the Eastport-South Manor School District who had similar sexual assaults but he could not reveal additional information yet.

The principal allegedly tried to force Ms. Stapon to destroy the evidence, the attorney said. Text messages that had been erased were recovered through the cloud, the attorney said.

Riverhead Police Chief David Hegermiller said the “matter is under investigation.”

“I really can’t say much more,” he said. “There’s a lot of evidence to go through.”

Mr. Ray said a Riverhead detective told Ms. Wojcik that there are no criminal charges.

Ms. Wojcik said that Mr. Regan admitted to her, over the phone, that he made a mistake.

The relationship between Mr. Regan and the student dates back to early January, according to court filings. Mr. Regan pretended to counsel her while isolating her from her family, friends and school counselor, according to court filings: “Her principal who had been her mentor, her hero, is in fact just a pervert who used his power over her to ensnare her in his dirty sexual traps.”

On April 19, Ms. Stapon texted her principal about a fellow Riverhead student, a male, who had expressed interest in her. In a text message response, Mr. Regan allegedly threatened to kill that other student.

The school district announced last Tuesday that Mr. Regan had been “administratively reassigned” pending an investigation into a personnel matter.

Assistant Principal Sean O’Hara is serving as acting principal, Superintendent Aurelia Henriquez said.

In the statement sent by the school district last week, Ms. Henriquez said: “While we understand that there will be questions surrounding this matter, the district is legally prohibited from sharing further details on it. We appreciate your patience as we perform our due diligence regarding this matter.”

The district declined further comment, referring only to its statement posted last week on the district website.

Mr. Regan, 48, of Quogue earned $187,693 in 2018, according to SeeThroughNY. He replaced David Wicks as high school principal in 2013 when Mr. Wicks became the district’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. Mr. O’Hara then filled Mr. Regan’s position as the assistant high school principal.

Mr. Regan had been assistant principal since 2006 and had previously worked in the Eastport-South Manor Central School District.

This article was published by the Riverhead News-Review and is being used by The Press with permission.

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Teachers and school administrators need to root out the predators and pedophiles in their midst. The profession attracts monsters because of the access to children. It's the least they could do considering their lavish salaries and benefits.
By Babyboo (293), Hampton Bays on May 6, 19 4:04 PM
What is happening to our School Boards with investigations for teachers, supervision and employees???
Seems mistakes are made and everyone goes out with the Golden Parachute... Please stop the trend, Please...
By knitter (1941), Southampton on May 6, 19 7:17 PM
2 members liked this comment
There's a special place in hell for pedophiles.
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on May 6, 19 8:22 PM
I am not defending what this extra creepy scumbag did but she is 18. Not pedophilia.

By C Law (354), Water Mill on May 7, 19 9:40 AM
It is horrible that these sort of events occur. I wish the schools would really consider spending more money in financially protecting the interests of students and by keeping security cameras as great as possible for legal purposes.
By moonind (1), South Gate on May 6, 19 9:10 PM
The best part is the guy is on paid reassignment.
By chief1 (2800), southampton on May 6, 19 10:05 PM
1 member liked this comment
What student texts her Principal to say a boy likes her? The whole story sounds cuckoo.
By Infoseeker (280), Hampton Bays on May 6, 19 10:54 PM
1 member liked this comment
And here we go blaming the student. Real nice.
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on May 7, 19 11:57 AM
Infoseeker: a vulnerable one.
By Fore1gnBornHBgrown (8265), HAMPTON BAYS on May 7, 19 12:13 PM
What you wrote is a logical fallacy: questioning the story is not the same as blaming the alleged victim. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Like it or not, in our legal system the burden of proof is on the accuser.

As another poster stated, she is 18 so this cannot be a case of statutory rape. What does that mean? It means that legally the only route the girl and her legal counsel can take is a charge of sexual assault and that is exactly what they are doing. What remains to be ...more
By Nukiepoo (123), Southampton on May 10, 19 11:00 AM
1 member liked this comment
Let's all take a deep breath.

This is a claim of dubious substantiation which the police have yet to find sufficiently persuasive to warrant an arrest. The reactions herein to date have been to a press conference staged by the accuser's attorney in furtherance of his $10 million civil suit.

Best to wait until the facts are in before we cast aspersions.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on May 7, 19 10:09 AM
1 member liked this comment
That’s right, HiHat, the accusation of sexual assault is the only charge that can work because she is 18. If she were under, it would be a statutory rape charge. The burden of proof is on her and her council, like it or not.

Now that the charge has been disclosed, the guys is branded a ped and he hasn’t even been indicted yet. At minimum that guy is an idiot and that may be all that he winds up being in the end. I smell a hefty settlement that we the taxpayers will have to ...more
By Nukiepoo (123), Southampton on May 10, 19 11:09 AM
Where did the last one go from Southampton??? To some other school unknown to the district....
By knitter (1941), Southampton on May 7, 19 10:50 AM
Hopefully the girl In this picture is NOT the victim!?
If so -victims identities should be protected-if not-the photo is misleading and should be removed!
By VMC (7), Hamtpon Bays on May 7, 19 8:37 PM
Why doesnt the dirt bag get sued for ten million and not the school?
By chief1 (2800), southampton on May 7, 19 11:08 PM
Because he doesn't have $10 million. The school district does, and by "school district" I mean "taxpayers of the Riverhead school district".

Probably (hopefully) the district has liability insurance that covers this with a $10 million malpractice policy (hopefully).

Who hired this clown? And if the Eastport School District knew he was a clown of epic proportions and didn't warn the Riverhead School District when they asked for a reference, they bear some responsibility for this ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on May 10, 19 4:42 AM
1 member liked this comment
They “made out for a minute…” That’s a long time to be kissing somebody your disgusted with. The guys's a pig. The girl is old enough to know better.
By pigroast (100), East Quogue on May 10, 19 12:03 AM
She did know better. She stopped it before something criminal happened (so far as we know) and told her parents.

Once they found out (I'm guessing this part) the extent of the relationship -- the back and forth text messages and pictures of a middle aged man holding a towel over his genitals on their daughter's cell phone -- they hired an attorney and since they are probably not flush with cash he's probably on contingency.

He smells pay dirt and pulls out his copy of "What ...more
By dfree (818), hampton bays on May 10, 19 5:02 AM
1 member liked this comment