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Sep 3, 2016 4:04 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Investigators Bust Illegal Montauk Share House With 18 Tenants Saturday Morning

Sep 5, 2016 3:30 PM

East Hampton Town Code Enforcement discovered an illegal share house, which was carved up into rooms for 18 occupants and violated dozens of town code violations, in Montauk on Saturday morning after a months-long investigation.

Code Enforcement officers, along with the East Hampton Town Police Department, building inspectors and fire marshals, entered the house at 13 Beech Hollow Court just after 6 a.m. and found that a tenant had rented out rooms, parts of rooms, and an illegally converted basement and pool house for as much as $1,800 per weekend, according to town officials.

The house only has a certificate of occupancy for three bedrooms, according to the town.

Investigators found the basement and pool modified to provide a total of nine bedrooms. The basement spaces lacked sufficient windows to escape through in case of a fire, as well as smoke detectors.

In addition to those violations, investigators found several others, including rental registry violations that provide that the landlord notify the town building department when the number of tenants change and when new rental periods begin and end. The 18 tenants, as well as the property owner, were all also charged with illegal selling of shares, building without a permit, conversion of a house from single to multifamily use, along with violations related to the converted pool house and basement. They were all issued tickets to appear East Hampton Justice Court later this month.

"As we start this busy holiday weekend, all of our Public Safety staff, especially the Code Enforcement Department who lead this investigation, deserve commendation for all their hard work and vigilance in protecting our community," East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell said in the press release. "Our town will not tolerate violations of our town code, especially those sections designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our single-family neighborhoods and community at large."

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This is good news - keep it up code enforcement!
By jperrier (53), Springs on Sep 3, 16 7:17 PM
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Any Taco Trucks?
By Toma Noku (616), Southampton on Sep 3, 16 10:23 PM
Repeat prior offenses at this address. Same thing happened there in 2015. Prosecutor went easy on owner 1st time, curious to see how it plays out this time.
Sep 4, 16 7:55 AM appended by Jay_Z
Correction: same owner, different address in 2015 offense, has 2 share-rental properties.
By Jay_Z (11), southampton on Sep 4, 16 7:55 AM
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Throw the book at this guy! Its high time an example is made out of him !
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 4, 16 8:09 AM
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He is as bad as the Prince of Montauk.....just another arrogant jerk!!!!
By mtkfish (59), montauk on Sep 4, 16 3:01 PM
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Not surprising that they found something like this. What I do find surprising is that it took months to do something about it.

I would guess that this is not the only illegal rental out there but, at this rate, I wouldn't expect much to change.

By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Sep 4, 16 11:08 AM
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By mtkfish (59), montauk on Sep 4, 16 11:20 AM
Great quote from the EH Town Supervisor - I hope I live long enough to see a similar one from the Southampton Town Supervisor.
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Sep 4, 16 1:04 PM
Unfortunate it took all summer to bust this house. The profit is already made and once again the question is did code enforcement force them to leave or do they just stay and the owners pay the fines as part of the cost of business? Why doesn't the reporter ask this seemingly basic and obvious question when reporting on this type of story?
By bird (829), Sag Harbor on Sep 4, 16 1:12 PM
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Call for The Guardien Angels they will assist Code enforcement to locate law breakers.
By watchdog1 (543), Southampton on Sep 4, 16 2:12 PM
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This is the same owner as 16 Gates Ave. Montauk who was fined last year for doing the same thing at Gates Ave. His name is Thomas Mahl and he and his wife own both residences and have no regard whatsoever for their neighbors. Last year the Parties were out of control and kept everyone up all night while this greedy and arrogant jerk collected his money. I get up at 4 A.M. to work each day and had to deal with it. Mahl is a self centered, egotistical, showoff who is reportedly in dire financial ...more
By mtkfish (59), montauk on Sep 5, 16 9:50 AM
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WOW ! Unbelievable ! Clearly no disregard for ANYONE other than himself. An example should be made out of this guy!!! These share houses need to stop!

By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 5, 16 10:00 AM
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"no disregard for ANYONE other then himself"translation please toes in the........
By watchdog1 (543), Southampton on Sep 5, 16 3:50 PM
What is your problem with me watchdog and ur recent personal attacks on my comments on articles ?

This guy doesn't care about anyone but himself .... Why is that hard for u to understand ??
By toes in the water (884), southampton on Sep 9, 16 6:44 AM
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