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Apr 13, 2011 9:29 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Concerns About Lake Montauk Swirl As Study Continues

Apr 13, 2011 9:29 AM

“There’s nothing wrong with that damned lake,” Mr. Heath said. “I go clamming there every day. There’s more shellfish in that lake than you can shake a stick at.”

Barley Dunne, the bay management specialist who runs the town’s shellfish hatchery, said he was unaware of the recent concerns.

“I was in there a lot last year, but I thought the eelgrass was doing alright,” he said. “I didn’t notice any severe decline, and our shellfish seem to be doing well.”

Mr. Penny said the town has constructed four lakeside ponds since 2005 that catch and purify water before it makes its way into the lake, and is eyeing a fifth. Sediments drop out in the ponds and vegetation takes out nitrates. A pair of state grants, totalling $370,000, helped pay for the ponds, according to Mr. Penny. He also said the 
dredging of the inlet to the lake—which is scheduled for 2013 but which officials are trying to expedite—will increase water flow and help clean out the body of water.

But Mr. Samuelson said the study needs to come before any proposed solutions, and cautioned against hasty conclusions.

“We desperately need the Lake Montauk Watershed Study to go forward and to provide the scientific data that allows us to make intelligent, cost-effective, meaningful management decisions about Lake Montauk,” Mr. Samuelson said. “There’s this idea that if we just dredge the inlet and increase water flow we will dramatically improve the water quality of Lake Montauk. Reaching that conclusion before we’ve even designed the Lake Montauk study is to presume what the data is going to tell us. It’s simply not the way science works.”

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The gulls are dropping them on my house now. My gutters are overflowing with seashells and pieces of crabs. My deck has sharp pieces of mussel shells stuck in between boards and in summer the place smells to high heavens with all the decomposing sea life. Never used to happen years ago. You can have it all back!
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Apr 13, 11 10:44 AM
According to the article two of the oldest and most respected environmental groups in our community said there's something wrong with Lake Montauk. They wondered what the E.H. Natural Resources Dept. director was doing about it and why the watershed study wasn't moving forward and why no meetings of the watershed committee have been held in more then a year. I'm sure thats right. When asked to attetend a meeting of the citizens advisory committee to explain he became ill and begged off. I'm sure ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 13, 11 3:09 PM
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too many boats and too many homes along the water, what do you think will happen to the water quality?
By reality 101 (137), East Hampton on Apr 13, 11 7:41 PM
The problem isn't just in lake Montauk or in the peconics the depletion off our see life is in all of our waters. This problem isn't just happening here ether its all over. Maryland blue crab for instance is on the decline as well. We have to fix this problem before its to late if its not already!
By capt. Jack (17), Southampton on Apr 14, 11 12:53 PM
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Its not a question of how bad Montauk Lake is compared to other bodies of water. The question is why isn't it better. There's been a study in place for at least 5 years, paid for with grants, advised by a group of citizens, headed by the supposed primier environmentalist on the Island, and now managed by Wilk & Quig. The Lake should be on its way to being pristine. But what we have is incompetance, bungeling, and excuses. And that goes for CCOM and The Group For the East End. Some years ago when ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 14, 11 3:58 PM
Sounds like Facts Man is either MicGintee or Loewen or a relative. In any case, believe Stuart Heath. He is non political...unlike Facts Man... and he is in that water everyday. A very large portion of local clams sold at fish markets in the area come from Lake Montauk. Ask those fish market owners if there has been any problems with the shellfish coming out of the lake. If there has been a problem it is because McGintee never focused on the issue...the lake...and was more interested in helping ...more
By connwatcher (112), east hampton on Apr 17, 11 6:32 PM
OK conn speculate all you want and try to divert everyone from the facts of this article by blaming Loewen and McG.for everything. Penny, Wilk and Quig have accomplished nothing for the Lake in the years they've been in charge except try to sell the fish docks and condone illegal dredging of their friends marina. Don't forget this project was run by Penny during the last admin. and he accomplished nothing then either but when they tried to do something about it political people like you beat up ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 18, 11 9:00 AM
Well I'm not Murphy -- the guy who had the McGintee and the finacial nightmare NAILED. Spota has let Levy stay in office but not run again for the pay to play scheme he was part of. Spota forced McGintee to quit so we now can put into perspective how deplorable McGintee's actions were. Levy in the middle of a illegal contribution scandal and he gets to stay. McGintee in the middle of a financial shell game and Spota forces him to resign. Murphy had it NAILED from day one. The arrogance that ...more
By connwatcher (112), east hampton on Apr 18, 11 10:02 PM
“There’s nothing wrong with that damned lake,” Mr. Heath said.

If there's nothing wrong with the lake, why does Mr. Heath refer to it as "damned"?

   [damd] Show IPA adjective, superlative damned·est, damnd·est, noun, adverb –adjective

1. condemned or doomed, especially to eternal punishment:
By HappyQuahog (5), East Hampton on Apr 19, 11 8:44 AM
conn you can guess at my identity all you want. It's not important and I really don't care who you are. What is important is not who but what you are and I've got you pegged. But the question at hand is Montauk Lake. Not L&M or Spoda, or Levi, or Heath. So lets keep on subject. I say the Lake has deteriated due to incompetence or politics of Wilk, Quig, and Penny. You disagree so give us a list of what they have accomplished not what they say their going to do. As a reminder refer to my post here ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 19, 11 11:54 AM
It's deteriorated due to the incompetence of HUMANITY.

Just take a look at our PLANET. This lake is just a small snippet of the defilement perpetrated by people. Sure, you can single out a few in the local area, but it just goes to prove these words, spoken so long ago:

"Man is the only animal who deliberately fouls his own nest & then calls it profitable to do so."
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Apr 19, 11 4:08 PM
Facts Man...you cite no facts from the article that even allude to any problem getting worse over the last yearin the lake. In fact if you read the article it cites experts and users who say the lake in in good shape.

Stuart Heath, a user, says:
“There’s nothing wrong with that damned lake,” Mr. Heath said. “I go clamming there every day. There’s more shellfish in that lake than you can shake a stick at.” Heath uses the word damn because he is disgusted ...more
By connwatcher (112), east hampton on Apr 19, 11 9:24 PM
"Stuart Heath, a bayman who fishes the lake, said there are about six men who make their livings entirely off the lake’s shellfish."

At $0.20 to $0.25 per clam wholesale and each man considering they are single with no family would need to earn at least $40K/year to cover their living expenses (at the very minimum) that's between 160,000 to 200,000 clams per man per year.

Multiply that by "about six men" that amounts to 960,000 to 1,200,000 clams a year being harvested out ...more
By HappyQuahog (5), East Hampton on Apr 19, 11 10:41 PM
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My error, I ment a list of their accomplishments pertinant to the Lake. Here are some facts. R Kahn, Montauk resident says the Lake has deterioated. (E H Press). Rav Friedel CCOM and watershed committee member critizes town in handling of watershed study (EH Press). J. Samuelson of the Group For the East End reports eelgrass die off as well as diminished shell and finfish populations (EH Press) Reporte of shellfish die off on private bed (EH Press). MCAC asks Penny to explain but is a no show ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 20, 11 8:12 PM
I can't remain silent any longer on this. This guy Facts Man is nothing more than a political hack. He first accuses someone of being Rick Murhphy. Then when that person identifies Facts Man he says he is not playing the identity game. He says give me some facts. When someone cites the actual observations of users and caretakers of the lake he discounts those opinions. Facts Man has a factless based answer for everything. He is a politcal boob who obviously will make up anything to criticize ...more
By factsandtruth (42), East Hampton on Apr 22, 11 8:14 PM
A political hack is a person in the employ of a party or polititon who defends slavishly every actiion or idea and praises and adores blindly for political reasons. Sounds exactly like you! I've critisized Wilk many times with facts. That makes me a target of those who disagree with me and instead of making a reasonable counter argument they spend their time guessing who I might be and calling me names. The question is still what has Wilk done for Montauk Lake? Fact
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 23, 11 7:39 AM
factsman -- just read all your posts. Everything is based on your opinion and self proclaimed facts. You use your fabricated "facts" to attack one particular political group. That is a true hack because you make things up from hole cloth in order to argue your positions. You seem to be a very bitter and angry person.
By formertbm (76), east hampton on Apr 23, 11 10:30 AM
As a former town board member you must have some insight. If you have "facts" counter me with them. I'm laying myself open to you. Prove me wrong and then we can have a debate instead of a playground name calling fight. I can only assume i've hit a nerve and the truth otherwise you wouldn't be throwing spit balls at me. 27 East is giving you an oppertunity to be an adult. The question is still what has Wilk done for Montauk Lake? Fact.
By facts man (148), east hampton on Apr 23, 11 11:12 AM
So what is the solution? Can we all put our heads together and find one? I am interested. We have to demand they in TB seats put environment first. Until we do, we get the staus quo. My two cents, lads.
By honor trees (14), east Hampton on Apr 25, 11 3:58 PM
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We presented our all natural Lake Restoration Approach to Mill Pond recently. Our story is published in 27 East. We would be happy to provide a town hall meeting to Montauk resident's to provide all natural solution through our Clean-Flo and Floating Islands International engineering. (914) 260-5678 Jack Mosel, Lake Restorration Consultant, Lake Saver's
By moseljack (3), Carmel on May 18, 11 11:17 PM